Ketogenic Amino Acids | Knowing The 5 Different Types

Ketogenic Amino Acids
The Importance of it For Your Metabolism

Keto Amino Acids

The ketogenic diet has been around more than 100 years. It was originally devised to help control epileptic seizures in adolescents and is still used in a limited capacity for that purpose today. That much hasn’t changed. What has changed about the diet is that in recent years dieters and nutritionists have discovered that eliminating carbs and burning fats instead (ketosis) is a great way to lose weight, bring blood glucose levels under control and enhance mental acuity.

Amino acids form the foundation of proteins which makes them crucial building blocks in the grand scheme of your physiology. There are 20 amino acids with the majority of them being considered "essential." That is, they are obtained from the foods you eat. These can be broken down into further classifications depending on how your body metabolizes them. Those classifications are glucogenic, ketogenic or gluco-keto amino acids.

About Glucogenic and Ketogenic Amino Acids...

Just as it does with carbs and fats, the body derives energy from the essential amino acids in protein by metabolizing them. Glucose is gleaned from glucogenic amino acids while ketone bodies are produced when ketogenic amino acids undergo a process known as ketogenesis. Those ketone bodies are soluble compounds the body uses as a backup fuel source when glucose is, for whatever reason, (starvation, fasting, deliberately eliminating carbs from your lifestyle) unavailable.

In humans, there are 2 keto amino acids. They are:

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  • Leucine - Leucine produces acetyl-CoA and acetoacetate when it breaks down. Leucine helps to promote protein synthesis and is also essential for providing energy for your muscles to use. Also, leucine plays a regulatory role when it comes to various chemical reactions involved in the mechanisms of weight loss associated with protein-rich meal plans. Peanuts, salmon, lentils, soybeans, and beef are all rich sources of leucine.
  • Lysine - Lysine is essential in helping your body to produce the nutrient carnitine. Carnitine itself metabolizes fats into energy and is also believed to have a role in lowering cholesterol. Research also indicates that carnitine aids in the absorption of calcium as well as in the formation of collagen, which in turn helps produce healthy tendons, cartilage, bones, and skin. When lysine ultimately breaks down, it creates the ketone body acetoacetyl-CoA which is then put to work producing energy. Peas, beans, lentils, and meats are foods that are rich in lysine.

Humans have five amino acids that are both glucogenic and ketogenic. They are:

Glucogenic & Ketogenic on the body
  • ​Phenylalanine - Phenylalanine is thought to be effective in treating the skin condition vitiligo. Though at this point the data is inconclusive.
  • ​Isoleucine - This essential amino acid promotes healing at the site of injuries, helps to repair muscle tissues and also plays a role in clotting.
  • ​Threonine - Threonine helps ensure normal growth by regulating the balance of protein in the body.
  • Tryptophan - Tryptophan is eventually transformed into the hormone serotonin which aids in the ability of nerve cells to communicate. Serotonin levels in the brain are thought to affect mood.
  • Tyrosine - Tyrosine is often used as a supplement to improve attention, alertness and the ability to focus. It is important in maintaining neurological health and, like tryptophan, is thought to play an indirect role in regulating mood.

The 13 remaining amino acids are exclusively glucogenic and therefore have no role in or influence over ketosis.

Ramping Up The Effectiveness of your Efforts

As you can see, there are important connections between certain chain amino acids and the process known as ketosis which is at the heart of the low-carb lifestyle. What if there were a supplement you could take that would help you give those ketogenic amino acid functions a boost? If there was, you would be able to achieve greater efficiency in your fat burning efforts, shorter recovery after workouts and more effective repair of muscle tissue. Then you could truly realize the latent potential of the low-carb diet and help transform your body and mind in a harmonious, well-oiled machine.

Fortunately, there is just such a supplement, and it's called Keto Aminos from BPI Sports.

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The Ultimate Ketogenic Amino Acids Supplement

Keto aminos is a broad spectrum supplement that’s designed to help those on the lifestyle recover more effectively after workouts, build lean, hard muscle and improve their body metabolize fat into energy quicker and more effectively.

Keto Aminos provides an array of ingredients designed to optimize the production of ketone bodies and promote more vigorous fat burning. Those ingredients include:

  • Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB – BHB salts as they're known, promote blood sugar balance and reduce cravings for food.
  • MCT Oil - MCT Oil is one of the most well-known keto assistants because it bypasses the digestion process and proceeds straight to the liver where it acts in a similar fashion to carbs. The net result is a sustained boost of energy.
  • BCAA - BCAA supplements help reduce fatigue, reduce muscle soreness, speed up recovery and enhance the process of turning fat into usable energy.

Why Use BPI Keto Aminos?

  • It helps you preserve and protect muscle tissue while burning fat for fuel. You’ll experience faster, more effective weight loss along with reduced muscle breakdown even when you’re setting new personal bests.
  • They help you spend less time recovering from a vigorous workout. They speed up the process of muscle repair, minimize recovery and get you back out on the gym floor in no time.
  • They supercharge your weight loss. If you are already in ketosis using Keto Aminos is like firing up the afterburners. Your energy levels will skyrocket, and fat will melt away.
  • They turn muscle building into an art form as they help create hard, lean muscles through the twin processes of protein synthesis and catabolism or muscle preservation.
  • They provide you with energy levels and stamina you likely haven’t seen in years. Oligopeptide-enzymatic technology helps bind amino acids to one another for a more efficacious transport into the muscle tissue itself.

Don’t let your keto workouts flounder. Leverage the power of ketogenic amino acids to ramp up fat burning, enhance muscle creation and drastically reduce recovery times.