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Keto-Friendly Chinese Food

Keto-Friendly Chinese FoodIs There Even Such a Thing?While the ketogenic diet is a great way to lose weight and keep it off the idea of cutting out carbs almost completely leaves some people less than thrilled. No more pizza? No more footlong subs? No more piles of piping hot spaghetti smothered in sauce? When you […]

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Keto Workouts/Exercising on Keto

Exercising on Keto DietWorkout Plans & Routines for Low Carb Gym’ersWhen it comes to exercise and the keto diet plan, people’s concerns tend toward the “all or nothing.” They either fear they’re going to have to exercise constantly in order to keep the weight off or that they won’t be able to workout at all […]

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Ketosis and Bodybuilding

Keto Diet & BodybuildingHow to Get More Muscles on a Low Carb LifestyleBefore we delve into the talks of how to get started or maintain bodybuilding while you’re on a keto diet, let us first do a quick recap of what the diet is all about first. Carbohydrates are the body’s default source of energy. If […]

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Can You Eat Fast Food While on Keto?

Can You Eat Fast Food While on Keto?Here are Some Options When You’re On The GoIf you’ve been exploring the possibilities of the keto diet, you may have come to the conclusion that you’ve died and gone to junk food heaven because it seems like a green light to head for the golden arches. After […]

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What To Do When You Can’t Poop on Keto Diet?

What To Do When You Can’t Poop on Keto Diet?With the ketogenic diet, a person starves their body of carbohydrates and forces it to burn fat for energy instead. As a result, people can lose weight and get in shape at the same time. If they are scrupulous in adhering to the diet, their body […]

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MCT Oils: Benefits, Uses, & Side-Effects

MCT Oils: Benefits, Uses, & Side-EffectsMedium chain triglycerides are a type of triglyceride with a shorter total length at the molecular level than other types of triglycerides. MCTs in oil, powder or whatever form are different from long-chain triglycerides because they are water soluble. As such, once ingested they are absorbed faster by the body […]

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Keto vs Atkins Diet Which One Has the Upper Hand?

Keto vs Atkins DietWhich One Has the Upper Hand?The Keto vs Atkins debate has been raging for years with neither able to establish a clear advantage in the eyes of the public. Both have their passionate advocates and equally ardent detractors so trying to find a definitive answer to which is better can be challenging. […]

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Is Taking Creatine Safe While on Keto?

Is Taking Creatine Safe While on Keto?A lot of people wonder if they should take supplements when they start on a new diet. This is particularly the case for individuals who are starting the ketogenic diet because many worry they will not have enough energy to exercise (thanks to the low-carb requirements).This is why a […]

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