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Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements
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My personal story with keto started over 5 years ago now, and things have changed so much since then. Back when I started, there were practically no exogenous ketone supplements; in fact, I didn’t even know such things existed back then.

Unfortunately, that ignorance resulted in quite a few failed attempts to get to ketosis, and even when I got there, the struggle wasn’t over.

Fortunately, my dietician (shout out to Susan) was able to help with a lot more than just my meal plans. Over the years she’s helped me analyse countless keto products out there to provide some advice on which ones are most likely to work (and which ones are just shiny objects with professional models).

Whether your goals are weight loss, mental clarity, appetite suppression or you’re looking for a way to gain control over your blood sugar, keto can provide the answers.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Rather than being a martyr for the cause, get your hands on some ketone boosters, that have the potential to make the journey just a bit easier without losing your motivation.

1. E'ryday Labs

E'ryday Labs is a high-potency keto efficient supplement that is powerfully formulated with BHB super salts.

It contains 14 travel sticks per pack for everyday use.

It's an amazing pair for anyone looking to retain their state of ketosis. It helps  you combat keto flu, curb hunger, and restore energy while burning fat!

But most of all, it can also serve as fuel for your brain, heart, and muscles. Made to be vegan-friendly and gluten-free, it's perfect for anyone on a strict diet!

E'ryday Labs has helped me stay in ketosis even in times when I thought I slipped up. It's definitely a must have for me!

Brian Henge



  • Type: BHB salts + MCT
  • Content: 14 packs
  • Serving: Mix with  water


  • Combats keto flu
  • Helps keep you in ketosis
  • Curbs hunger
  • Helps restore your energy
  • Easily bring when you travel


  • None

Bella Hardy

1. Perfect Keto

The first product we would recommend based on all our research into exogenous ketone boosters is Perfect Keto; the online reviews speak for themselves, and our own tests confirm these.

It has a blend of proprietary beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts and MCT oil powder. This combination is important as the ketone salts have a tendency to increase your ability to metabolise more fat. 

And when you have a higher ketone production along with easily digestible MCT oil, then this can increase your overall mental and physical energy levels, according to the makers.

The first product we would recommend based on all our research into exogenous ketone boosters is Perfect Keto; the online reviews speak for themselves, and our own tests confirm these.

It has a blend of proprietary beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts and MCT oil powder. This combination is important as the ketone salts have a tendency to increase your ability to metabolise more fat. 

And when you have a higher ketone production along with easily digestible MCT oil, then this can increase your overall mental and physical energy levels, according to the makers.

For anyone starting this new lifestyle journey, it can play a role in how well you cope with the early keto-flu symptoms.

Through our personal tests and having reviewed feedback online, we have found that the flavors are actually rather good. Believe us when we say that this isn’t that common. You’ll also be able to mix it with just a shaker, rather than having to get out a blender every time.

What I’ve noticed was that Perfect Keto raised my blood ketone levels slowly. On the first day, I noticed minor changes and after a few days, my ketone levels have gone from 0.3 mmol to 1.4 mmol.

Bella Hardy

Senior Editor


  • Type: BHB salts + MCT
  • Content: 15 servings
  • Serving: Mix with 10 ounces of water


  • Available in multiple flavors: coffee, peach, salted caramel, vanilla
  • Test results show it can increase ketone levels
  • Improved gym performance reported by many athletes
  • Can reduce brain fog during keto induction
  • No blender needed for mixing, shaker will do


  • None

2. Keto BodyTone

If convenience is high on your list, then Keto Bodytone could well be the solution you need.

Rather than a powder form, it comes as capsules and all you need is to keep two of these in your lunch bag or purse, and you’ll have the flexibility to take it the time you need it most.

It has a proprietary blend of BHB that is said to speed up your induction process.

It creates a ketosis-like state that can help you overcome those early keto symptoms.

In all the research we’ve done, we found many people reporting higher levels of energy and less brain fog.

Overall, this is a product worth trying for the convenience factor alone.

You will find that you will have greater control over your eating that will ensure you keep with the ketogenic diet easier and for a longer time.

Jeremy Stone



  • Type: BHB salt
  • Content: For 30 servings
  • Serving: Swallow 2 capsules with water


  • Small capsules are easy to swallow
  • Helps switch your metabolism into fat burning mode
  • Increases mental and physical performance
  • No problems with mixing, blending or horrible flavors
  • Available in bulk order options to save money


  • No caffeine boost

3. Onnit Total Keto Daily

One of the most problematic aspects of the keto diet is that you can inadvertently bump yourself out of ketosis if you accidentally consume a few too many carbs. And with hidden carbs everywhere that’s easy to do. So how do you stay keto compliant under such circumstances? Onnit Total Keto Daily. That’s how.

It provides the exogenous ketones you need to cover yourself in case of accidental carb overload. And when you're being a good boy or girl and staying within your carb limits, it'll help you burn off fat at an even faster rate.

There's no secrets here. Just 1,700+ mg per serving of high-density exogenous BHB ketone salts. Mix it with your favorite low carb beverage and drink it every morning. You'll get an immediate energy boost and to write yourself a keto insurance policy for the day. As for taste well, it's a keto supplement, not mom's fudge brownies.

Not only does it give you an energy boost but it’s easy to digest. It’s easy on the stomach, it boosts the immune system, and it helps to balance the hormones.

Bella Hardy

Senior Editor


  • Type: BHB ketone salts
  • Content: 30 servings per container
  • Serving: Mix 1 scoop in a shaker with your favorite low-carb beverage


  • A hefty dose of high-quality BHB ketones
  • Mixes well with water or other non-carbonated beverages
  • 1 net carb per serving
  • Helps smooth over those bad carb days


  • Taste won’t win any awards

4. Keto Drive

One of the most actively reviewed options online is Keto Drive, and I have personally used it over the years as an energy booster for high-intensity exercise days. It can sometimes be a struggle to get all the fat intake before a training session, so combining this with some MCT is a good option to consider.

A lot of the reviews are quite positive when it comes to fast increases in energy, so you can plan to take it about 20 minutes before you hit the gym.

On the fat loss side, there are some mixed reports from this particular powder. 

Analyzing the comments, we did find though that a lot of people didn’t have the right nutrition plan in place and were still heavily relying on glucose as fuel.

From the reviews it seemed like either it worked for people or it didn’t; there wasn’t much in the middle ground. That’s why we’d still recommend Keto Bodytone.

This supplement tastes great when mixed with water only, but it can also be added to shakes as well. Cold beverages also mix well with this product.

Michael Wight

Health And Fitness Specialist


  • Type: BHB ketone salts
  • Content: 16 servings
  • Serving: Mix with 8 ounces of water in a shaker


  • Available with and without caffeine
  • Zero carbs and only 5 calories per serving
  • Ketosis-like effect is ideal for early stage dieters
  • 3 flavors currently available: black cherry, matcha lemonade, orange mango


  • Only black cherry is available with added caffeine
  • Not available in bulk packaging beyond 16 servings

5. Instaketones

Promoted as keto supplements that gets you to a state of ketosis faster, we do have to throw one comment out there about Instaketones. You will get to a ketosis-like state, not the actual full benefit that a ketogenic lifestyle will bring.

That doesn't make it a bad product though, and a lot of the forum reviews we have researched do comment positively that it supports your efforts in those first weeks.

What we like about it as well is that its gluten and dairy free. With a lot of people suffering from food intolerances, that makes this a good option. 

Not only that, but the company also has made sure that no animal products are added, making it one of the few options that are vegan-friendly as well.

The added mental alertness you can experience is probably due to the caffeine, and unfortunately, a lot of people are commenting that the flavor leaves a lot to be wished for.

Basically, for maximum results and the added bonus of MCT included, you should try out Perfect Keto first.

This is why we experience an increase in mental alertness (increased ATP energy) and lifted brain fog when our bodies use ketones for fuel.


Professional Blogger


  • Type: Exogenous BHB salts powder
  • Content: 30 servings
  • Serving: Stir a scoop into water until dissolved


  • Gluten-free makes it ideal for celiacs 
  • Also suitable for paleo
  • Due to package size containing 30 servings, it works out quite reasonable
  • Suitable for vegans as it contains no animal products


  • Taste is very bitter
  • No caffeine free option
  • Currently only available in orange burst flavor

6. Pruvit Keto OS

Pruvit KET​​O OS stood out for us because it comes in very handy pouches, each containing one serving. You can keep in in your coat pocket or a handbag so that it’s ready to take wherever you go.

Unless you go for one of the capsule products, it doesn’t get more convenient than this.

It is also quite reasonably priced considering that you get 30 pouches in each order. But keep in mind that while it does contain some fat, it’s not the same as Perfect Keto above which has plenty of MCT in it.

From our research and talking to some folks on forums, we have found a lot of people reporting decent results for higher levels of energy during exercise. Taken on its own though, it won’t work as the magic fat loss drink; you’ll still have to put in the effort.

And for higher energy levels at the gym, you’ll probably still need a separate MCT product; or check out the top recommendation above.

KETO//OS has side effects, but they are minimal and almost identical to the flu-like side effects that someone may get in the first week of doing the ketogenic diet. The side effects of KETO//OS can easily be reduced by drinking more water and supplementing with sodium, potassium, and magnesium, or simply by decreasing the dose.



  • Type: BHB powder
  • Content: 30 servings in pouches
  • Serving: Serving: Shake up with 8 ounces of water


  • Very convenient packaging in individual pouches
  • Very low carb and small fat boost
  • Many reviews indicate a boost in weight loss when taken as part of ketogenic efforts
  • Supports mental alertness 
  • Reasonably priced per serving


  • No caffeine free option available
  • Only available in one flavor: orange dream

7. BioKeto

Bioketo is a relative newcomer, but it’s talked about a lot in online forums. What we liked most about the marketing is that it’s not full of ripped models and outrageous claims of health benefits that sound too good to be true.

There’s also no hiding behind proprietary blends, so you know exactly what you get.

As for how well it works, all our research shows that there are a lot of people who report it helps with the early flu-like symptoms and that you can avoid some of the fatigue. 

We also found positive feedback in forums that indicate that it can help when you have some cheat days, and you want to avoid being kicked out of ketosis.

Personally, I did notice an increase in physical energy as well, but for high-intensity training, I would still suggest a pre-workout option instead.

The only downside is that it’s quite expensive compared to others, especially if you need an MCT oil as well.


  • Type: BHB ketone salts
  • Content: 16 servings
  • Serving: Mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water


  • Basically has no fillers
  • Clear listing of how much of each BHB salt is included
  • Caffeine free, so you avoid any jitters
  • Good results to counter induction phase symptoms
  • Positive reviews indicate it can help with cheat days


  • Only available in orange mango
  • Works out quite expensive per serving

8. KetoFIRE

Another product that has got a lot of online attention is this capsule based KetoFire.
Now, while capsules are convenient and many people favor them, just keep in mind you’ll have to swallow 6 of these to get a full serving.

At the same time, this can help with getting a slightly lower or higher amount if you want to get a more personalised experience.

What we found as well is that a lot of reviews commented on the fact that it provided a decent mental boost when taken in the morning. 

If you struggle to get your head right after waking up, then wash some of these down with your morning coffee.

Just make sure you pay attention to which option you order, as it’s available with and without caffeine.

And before you get turned away because of the higher than average price, keep in mind that you’re getting 2 for 1, as it also contains MCT.

If the capsules turn you off, then check out Perfect Keto above.

The lipase enzyme blend in KetoFIRE promotes healthy fat digestion, perfect for anyone eating a low-carb, high-fat diet. Lipase helps break down fats into smaller components for digestibility.

Dr. Axe

Doctor of Natural Medicine


  • Type: Caffeine and BHB ketones
  • Content: 30 servings
  • Serving: Convenient capsules


  • Easy to adjust how much you take
  • Includes digestion supporting enzymes
  • Many students have commented on healthy mental energy
  • Good price when you consider you’re getting ketones and MCT
  • Available with and without caffeine


  • Not vegan or vegetarian suitable
  • You have to swallow 6 capsules for a full serving

9. Keto Lift

Keto Lift has the added bonus of containing some vitamins as well as caffeine. Keep this in mind as it’s not the ideal product to take with your morning coffee as that level of boost could give you the jitters.

It’s pretty good value for money as each batch contains 60 servings. The downside is that if this isn’t the product you’d hoped for, then you end up with a lot of waste.

Online reports are somewhat mixed when it comes to the results. The company claims it will boost physical energy and mental alertness, but there are quite a few people that say it did very little.

We found that the caffeine takes care of the brain side of things alright, but overall energy levels weren’t as great as expected.

You’d probably get better results if you combined it with MCT, but then it becomes very expensive. The better choice to make here is one of the first two products on this list. 

No, you can’t just drink a packet of ketones, continue to eat French fries and pizza, and expect a six-pack and laser-like mental focus.

Erin Magner



  • Type: BHB, vitamin, and caffeine
  • Content: 60 servings
  • Serving: Mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water


  • Good value for money due to the large volume
  • Added vitamin C helps the immune system
  • The company fully discloses ingredient amounts
  • Caffeine gives a boost especially in the morning


  • No caffeine free option
  • Cucumber flavor should be avoided

10. Ketond

I’ll be honest and say that what attracted me to this option was a very clever name. Obviously, the marketing worked there. As the name suggests, it’s heavily marketed as a way to reduce fat and get a more toned and ripped appearance.

With a lot of images of very slim models I was immediately suspicious, and based on research and online reviews, a lot of that suspicion was confirmed.

While you do get the exact amounts when it comes to ingredients, it seems like the blend just isn’t effective enough to trigger significant fat burning.

There are a total of 9 Ketond different flavors, but if you check out the reviews, then most of those are listed as very poor in the taste department. 

And if you’re hoping to suppress some hunger feelings, then again there are a lot of comments in forums that it’s not that impressive.

Given the price, you would most likely be better off with the top recommendations above.

In other words, taking a ketone supplement after a carb-containing meal will still raise blood ketone levels but not as high as if you fasted, suggesting that your body is using fewer ketones as fuel since there is more available glucose from the carbs.

Gavin Van De Walle



  • Type: BHB ketones
  • Content: 30 servings
  • Serving: Shake up one scoop with 8 ounces of water


  • Pure ingredients with exact amounts listed
  • 0 carbs and low calories
  • Largest choice of 9 different flavors
  • The company claims it will make you feel physically and mentally more energetic


  • Weight loss claims are a bit exaggerated
  • Quite a few people reported no difference in appetite suppression
  • Many flavors are very poor and fake tasting

FAQ & Buying Guide:

What are exogenous ketones?
Exogenous ketones are synthetically created minerals that are not produced in the body.
The natural version is produced by the body during fasting periods to trigger fat storage as a source of energy. The synthetic versions aim to mimic this effect.

What do exogenous ketones do?
Exogenous ketones mimic the effects of natural ketones by targeting stored and dietary fat as fuel.
Essentially, they bring your body into a ketosis-like state that lasts for a shorter period of time. But it shouldn’t be mistaken for the same effect achieved through a ketogenic lifestyle.

Do exogenous ketones work?
Yes, exogenous ketones work as long as they are high quality and easily digested.
BHB salts are the most commonly used source because they are natural and easily absorbed. Ketones can also be combined with MCT supplements for an added booster.

When is the best time to take exogenous ketones?
The best time to take exogenous ketones is first thing in the morning or just before exercising.
With the right product, this will provide a significant boost in brain power and also some increased physical stamina to get you through tough training sessions.

Does taking exogenous ketones help you lose weight?
Yes, taking exogenous ketones can help you lose weight especially when combined with a ketogenic diet and fitness routine.
The effect on their own is limited, and you shouldn’t expect to see miracles by adding them to a fast food meal plan.

Can I take exogenous ketones before bed?
Yes, you can take exogenous ketones before bed, but it may interfere with your sleep.
The extra energy will stop your body and mind from relaxing enough to get to and stay asleep all night. The benefit really is achieved when taken first thing in the morning.

Are exogenous ketone supplements safe to take?
Yes, exogenous ketone supplements are safe to take as long as you don’t exceed the suggested dose.
Most side effects are reported with an excess intake which can cause stomach upset and nausea. If you’re completely new to BHBs, then it’s also a good idea to start with a half dose.

Do exogenous ketones help fight the “keto flu?”
Yes, exogenous ketone can help fight keto flu symptoms.
This is a very common side effect and includes fatigue and brain fog that can last several days to weeks. The extra physical energy and alertness will help to reduce these symptoms and make it easier to get over this phase.

Do exogenous ketones help put you in ketosis?
Yes, exogenous ketone can help put you in ketosis.
However, the ketosis-like effect that it induces outside of the diet should not be confused with full ketosis. It is a temporary effect that will only last a few hours, so if you’re looking to maximize the effects, then switching to low-carbs is the only option.

Do exogenous ketones break a fast?
No, exogenous ketones do not break a fast and can actually be very beneficial at such times.
During fasting, your body will tap into fat storage and produce blood ketone. However, it can take some time to produce enough to provide the fuel you need to keep going. And that’s where these supplements will help.

Can exogenous ketones cause weight gain?
No, exogenous ketones do not cause weight gain.
A lot of the available options are not fully optimized to reduce weight, but they will not directly be the cause of any weight gain. If you are taking these and still increasing your weight, then it’s most likely a combination of your diet and training plan that is the cause.

Are there any dangers to using exogenous ketones?
Generally speaking, there are no dangers associated with using exogenous ketones.
However, just like with all other things that you ingest, if you take excessive amounts, then certain side effects are common, which mainly include stomach upset and nausea.

What is the best exogenous ketone supplement?
The exogenous ketone option that is best for maximizing overall results is called Perfect Keto.
It is our top recommendation above, and a combination of BHB salts and MCT is what has resulted in so many customer reviews highlighting quite a positive effect.

The Bottom Line

You might have noticed that we didn’t cover any ketone esters on the above list. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, they are expensive and generally only used in medical research. Secondly, they’re actually not much more effective than the options in the above exogenous ketones reviews.

And finally, they have a pretty horrendous taste. We honestly couldn’t put you through that experience, so if you do come across advertisements, just avoid them.

The last question you probably have comes down to where to buy exogenous ketones? 

And here are our tips for that. 

Either, buy directly from the manufacturer, or else stick with Amazon. There are too many shady online stores, and when you consider that you will be putting them inside your stomach, the risks are too high.

With all the above links you will be brought straight to the latest offers of exogenous ketones for sale, and once you have found one that works, make sure you take advantage of the bulk offers.

And as always, make sure you let us know how you got on.