Ballistic Keto MCT Review (2019 Update) What We Found Out

Ballistic Keto Review
An In Depth Look At This Product

If you’ve found this article, we’re guessing you’re looking for the most effective supplement to give you the best results. When we heard the internet was going ballistic for Ballistic Keto MCT, we decided to give it a try and let you know our experience firsthand so you could get the truth about this supplement. We even covered the one thing that surprised us the most…

Trying to make the jump into the lifestyle isn’t easy. The good thing is that there are a ton of great supplements to help make the transition easier so you can lose weight, improve your health, and elevate your mood. The only problem is choosing the right one. With all of the options, finding the right one is tough, and if you get it wrong, you’ll set yourself back on your journey (and your bank account).

Trust us; we were in your same situation. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Ballistic Keto MCT?

Ballistic Keto MCT is a flavored supplement that delivers a full dose of pure MCTs to help you get into ketosis faster. Think of it as the delicious way to into ketosis!

Instead of taking the time to buy, prepare, and cook the right balance of foods containing MCTs, you can save that time by taking the powder directly. One thing we liked in particular was the flexibility of the flavors. Coffee, yogurt, shakes—it goes well with pretty much anything.

mexican mocha flavor

Research has shown these products to have positive effects on the mind and body as well as the benefit of moving into ketosis faster.

What are the Ingredients?

female preparing keto smoothie

Ballistic Keto is well known for its high-quality ingredients, so when we saw the ingredients list, we weren’t surprised to find clean, healthy MCTs. What separates their product from most competitors are the types of oils they use: MC8 and MC10.

MC8 and MC10 are easier for your body to absorb than others, and since the powder is 95% those two ingredients, it’s one of the most supplements on the market. That was a big plus in our book.

The high concentration of healthy medium-chain triglycerides ensures the ketosis is clean. Again, that’s a pretty big plus for us, but they aren’t the only company selling MC8s and MC10s.

What are the Benefits of this Product?

Ballistic Keto’s supplements have been generating a buzz due to claims that their oil powders are packed with benefits for dieters. Research into the product turned out pretty good. After checking claims, we found positive reviews saying:

  • ​Fast and long-lasting energy
  • ​Improved mood
  • ​Better performance at work
  • ​Aided in weight loss from fast ketosis
supplement packaging

To be fair, we did find some negative reviews saying that the product didn’t work. However, it’s hard to tell with reviews like this because you can't say if it didn’t work because of the product or because the person didn’t eat right and exercise like they were supposed to.

What We Liked About the Product:

A few things in particular stood out to us:

  • THE TASTE: Wow! A exogenous supplement that actually tastes good? We were pretty surprised. The cookies and cream flavor made me look forward to taking it every day.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: This product goes well in just about anything, but especially shakes and coffee.
  • ​The Price: Buying a supplement like this actually saves you money in the long run, since it’s cheaper than getting all of the oils from food.
woman after working out

What Didn’t Blow us Away:

It was hard to find fault with it, to be honest. If we had to say anything, it would be the fact that it lacked extra ingredients to sweeten up (like stevia) or caffeine to help with workouts. That’s the price you pay for totally clean ketosis though.

Does Ballistic Keto Actually Work?

According to most Ballistic Keto reviews, the fresh ingredients resulted in instant ketosis and better overall health.

In our experience, we found that to be mostly true... somewhat. After taking this one, we noticed better workouts and increased ketone levels. We’ll see if it leads to faster weight loss soon, but it definitely can’t hurt.

So, yeah, to close out this Ballistic Keto review, we think the product is good but is there something better? Good thing, there is! After reviewing so many different brands, Perfect Keto MCT is still the #1 product in our opinion.

It’s instant ketosis, totally clean, and packed with 95% of the fastest acting MCTs in existence.

Best of all, it tastes delicious without needing any added sugars. Unlike most supplements that are either too bitter to the stomach or packed with unhealthy ingredients, this one delivers.