Quest Nutrition MCTs (2019 Review): Is it the Right Option?

Quest ​Nutrition Review
Can this Product Take You to the Next Level?

Quest Nutrition MCT oil Powder Review

In nature, medium chain triglycerides are typically found in coconut oil and butter, but nowadays they're also available in keto supplements such as Quest MCT Powder. These products are derived from coconut oil and provides a much higher concentration of the chemical than you’d be able to obtain from any natural source.

Products like these are intended to be mixed with food and certain types of beverages, with a typically popular choice being coffee. People add a bit to their morning joe, and in doing so, they enjoy both an energy jump-start as well as a higher than average energy level throughout the day as the medium chain triglycerides make their way into the bloodstream.

Now that we've recapped what MCT-based products do to the human body, let's do a full review of what Quest Nutrition is all about.

How Does Quest ​Nutrition Work?

With fats composed of long-chain triglycerides, there's a multi-step process the body employs to break them down so they can be potentially used as energy. ​Products like Quest Nutrition, however, are meant to be quickly absorbed as is and transported directly to the liver where they're immediately made available for use as an energy source. Because of the way they're processed by the body, they are typically burned off quicker than ordinary long-chain triglycerides. 

This means that the human body might be able to make more energy that are readily available, reduce the amount of fat that the body collects for future use and also be able to help in stabilizing blood glucose levels. As it happens these characteristics dovetail nicely with the goals of bodybuilders. As such you’ll often find bodybuilders using medium chain triglycerides to achieve a higher level of performance.

What are the Ingredients?

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To produce a stable Quest MCT Oil Powder, other ingredients are added to the product including sodium caseinate, soluble corn fiber, sunflower lecithin, and silicone dioxide. All of these ingredients could have the effect of facilitating the greater effectiveness of the Quest Nutrition formula.

What are the Benefits?

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Quest Nutrition MCTs may be able to provide a multitude of health and wellness benefits for those interested in taking advantage of the keto diet lifestyle. Typical benefits of using Quest may include more effective workouts, greater muscle building capability, higher energy levels, greater alertness, more stable blood glucose levels, and sustainable weight loss.

Is Quest ​Nutrition a Good Option?

There are many other MCT-based products on the market (see the popular ones here) that use fillers such as cornstarch that makes the product more blendable with things like coffee and to help improve flavor (which is often less than outstanding when talking about these products). The problem with that is that cornstarch is a carbohydrate, so right off the bat, you negate any keto related benefits you might otherwise achieve. Quest Nutrition contains no hidden carbs and will allow you to take full advantage of its said fat burning, muscle building capabilities.

So, How Should You Use Quest MCT Powder?

There are several different ways you can use Quest Nutrition MCT oil powder. As we mentioned earlier, the most common way to enjoy it is in your morning coffee. You should get an instant and prolonged energy boost using it in this fashion. Another favorite way of using this product it is to mix it with protein shakes, although you should be aware that it will likely alter the flavor of the shake pretty significantly. Other people simply dissolve a bit in a cup of hot water and sip it like tea, although this approach is only for those with hardy taste buds. Regardless of what delivery method you choose, the product should deliver good results and, at the very minimum, enable you to ramp up your workouts and be more effective at work.

Are There Potential Side-Effects?

While it’s always advisable to discuss any significant changes to your diet with your doctor, the fact is that exogenous ketones have never been known to cause any significant side effects that should prevent you from using them. This is a product that is used by millions of people around the world every day, so if it were hazardous to your health, it would be on the front page news.

That said, there are some typically mild side effects you'll want to be aware of before taking Quest Nutrition MCT or any similar product, and they are:

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  • Drowsiness
  • More frequent urination
  • Occasional dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Intermittent cravings for sweets
  • Insomnia (rare)
  • Flu-Like aches and pains

While it is entirely possible you may experience some of these side effects, it’s just as likely that you won’t experience any noticeable side effects. Who does and who doesn’t will vary from person to person.

Where's The Best Place To Buy It?

Typically a bottle of Quest Nutrition MCT powder will retail for less than fifty bucks on Amazon. It’s also available through the Quest Nutrition website for around the same price. And when you consider the potential weight loss, muscle building, energy delivering the potential of the product, that doesn’t seem like much. Likely less than what you spend at Starbucks every month so buying it shouldn't be an issue at all. 

You can find the product on Amazon, right here.

So, Should I Use Quest MCT Oil Powder?

Quest MCT is one of the better supplements on the market. It’s affordable, dependable and doesn’t make a lot of promises it can’t keep. On top of that, it might help you build muscle mass while retaining a higher level of energy throughout your workout. While all those are positives, from our experience there are other products on the market that are even more effective and also provide a more noticeable cognitive boost than Quest Nutrition's very own. 

Primary among those is Perfect Keto. It’s approximately the same price, gives as good or better results in the gym, will help you burn more fat, achieve a noticeable cognitive boost and doesn’t taste like you scraped it off the bottom of a shoe the way some other ​products sometimes can. It's definitely the product of our choice when it comes to medium chain triglycerides. 

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