10 Keto Smoothie Recipes You'll Absolutely Love

10 Keto Smoothie Recipes You'll Absolutely Love!

Smoothies are convenient and easy to make, no doubt why many busy keto dieters make keto smoothies to kick start their day. You can enjoy indulgent keto smoothies too to fill your tummy. We've listed the ten best keto smoothie recipes you will absolutely fall in love with!

Top 10 Keto Smoothie Recipes

Here are some amazing keto smoothies try so you don't get out of ketosis. These are delicious, healthy, and best of all—easy to make!

Chocolate Mint with Avocado Smoothie 

What better way to power up your day than with a smoothie made with chocolate mint and avocado?

In this smoothie recipe, you will need an avocado (it's low in carbs, don't worry. That means you can use as much avocado as you want according to your preference), coconut milk (to add creaminess), cacao butter, and chocolate collagen protein for that chocolatey flavor. 

This recipe yields one net carb!

Chocolate and Cinnamon Smoothie

There's nothing that can beat the goodness of chocolate and the aroma of cinnamon. 

Start your day with a chug of this smoothie. You will need cinnamon, avocado, coconut milk, and MCT oil. You will also need stevia to add sweetness. In case you're worried about the bitter flavor of stevia, cinnamon does a great job at masking the bitter aftertaste.

Each serving of this smoothie recipe yields just 4 net carbs. 

Green Smoothie

Green shakes are usually hard to drink, but not this one. Prepare avocado, spinach, lemon, and cucumber. Each serving of this smoothie recipe is loaded with 8 net carbs!

Cucumber Green Tea Smoothie

Get the perks of matcha green tea, ripe avocado, and cucumber in one big gulp. Each serving is just 3.4 net carbs. Not only is this smoothie loaded with healthy fats but also with a whole lot of healthful benefits. 

Coconut and Kale Smoothie

Who said coconut and kale don't go well together? They do, actually. Try this no-sugar coconut and kale smoothie to give your body the boost it needs for the entire day. 

Prepare coconut and kale, blend them to your blender, and add a pinch of salt -- it's the ultimate secret to bring out the natural sweetness of kale and coconut. 

Mint and Coco Keto Smoothie

Mint is undeniably refreshing. So do coconuts! Add them together, you'll get a superb delightful smoothie. Prepare some chopped mint, Ceylon cinnamon, avocado, and frozen cauliflower. Mix them all together, and you'll get a tasty smoothie with only 6 net carbs. 

You can take this smoothie to a whole nother level by using grass-fed collagen protein. 

Vanilla Marshmallow Keto Smoothie

If green shakes turn you off, then why not try this vanilla marshmallow smoothie instead? We won't be using real marshmallows in this keto recipe, by the way. Instead, we will use grass-fed gelatin, which mimics the fluffy mouthfeel of marshmallows.

We'll also use vanilla bean to give this smoothie a kick. Add full-fat coconut milk to make it even more delicioso.

Avocado Raspberry Keto Smoothie

Keto dieters know too well that both avocado and raspberry are keto-approved. This keto smoothie recipe uses avocado, raspberry, and lemon juice. The magic here is that you won't taste the avocado at all. This smoothie only has 4 net carbs. 

Pink Lime Keto Smoothie

The pink lime smoothie is pleasing to the tastebuds as it is to the eyes. This tart and tangy smoothie use sunflower lecithin, stevia, MCT oil, coconut milk, organic strawberries (frozen), and grass-fed collagen. Just wow. 

Blueberry Wonderland Keto Smoothie

Get a handful of blueberries and blend it with vanilla, MCT oil, coconut milk, and whey protein. You'll get a glass of low-carb blueberry smoothie to fill you up in the morning.

To level up this recipe, you can use yogurt instead of coconut cream to make this smoothie Bulletproof-friendly. 

Final Takeaway

Smoothies are easy to prepare. So if you're a busy bee and need something healthy to fill you up without compromising your keto diet, then keto-friendly smoothies are the way to go!

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