Are Cucumbers Keto-Friendly?

Are Cucumbers Keto-Friendly?

Puffy eyes? A pair of chilled slices of cucumber is the answer! But cucumbers aren't just for getting rid of the puffiness in the eyes, they're also a great snack! But the question arises: are cucumbers keto-friendly enough to be included in your diet? 

What's excellent about cucumbers is that you can enjoy them anywhere and at any time of the day. They're easy to take along with and always go well with virtually anything. 

But then again, now that you're on the keto diet, you want to make sure that everything you put into your body is keto-approved. Cucumbers are a huge question mark for you, but that shouldn't be the case after you read the entire post. 

Nutritional Content of Cucumbers

According to the US Department of Agriculture, one cucumber (8 1/4" in length and about 301 g) yields 45 calories, 11 g of carbs, 2 g of fiber, 2 g of protein and zero fat content. 

Cucumbers are fat-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie, sodium-free, and are a good source of vitamin C. 

Maybe this won't surprise you anymore, but cucumbers are actually 96% water, so they're not just good for filling your tummy up but also for hydrating your body. 

Are Cucumbers Keto-Friendly?

Yes, cucumbers are extremely keto-friendly. Even if you consume one large cucumber, it will only provide your body with 11 to 15 g of carbs. 

The general rule is to consume 20 to 30 g of carbs per day only. So as long as you consume cucumbers in a reasonable amount, they shouldn't be much of a concern. 

But it goes without saying that too much is bad for you. 

Eating too many cucumbers in a day may make you exceed your carb limit. You can go crazy over cucumbers, but maybe not too crazy?

Health Benefits of Plums

If we're going to talk about how excellent cucumbers are for our health, then this post isn't going to be enough.

But still, we want to get to know more about how we can benefit from cucumbers. So we've listed a few of the many health benefits of cucumbers:

A. Cucumbers promote hydration

Surprisingly, even if we just lay in bed or sit on the couch the entire day, we still lose water in the body. 

So it's really crucial to drink lots of fluids, primarily if we're engaged in an activity. 

Water is vital in the body as it regulates the temperature and transports waste products and nutrients.

When our body is well hydrated, it functions well; both in performance and metabolism. 

Obviously, drinking water is a common way of filling our body up with fluid. But fruits and veggies, in particular, can be a good source of water in your diet. 

B. Cucumbers help in weight loss

Yes, cucumbers can help you with your weight loss journey. 

Cucumbers could help you slim down in different ways. First, they are incredibly low in calories. In fact, one cup (about 104 grams) of cucumber contains only 16 calories. A 300-g cucumber, on the other hand, yields 45 calories. 

This means that you can eat plenty of cucumbers without ever worrying about the extra calories that can make you gain weight. 

C. Cucumbers are high in nutrients

A piece of unpeeled and raw cucumber is loaded with a lot of nutrients, including vitamin C and K, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. 

In fact, if you eat 300-grams of cucumber, you'll be providing your body with 14% vitamin C of the recommended daily intake (RDI) and 62% of vitamin K of the RDI.

Ways to Enjoy Cucumbers

Eating cucumbers is pretty straightforward. Slice one large piece of cucumber and eat them raw... it's that simple and easy.

But there are many other ways to enjoy them!

Cucumber Salad

Dice one medium-sized cucumber and mix it with cukes, tomatoes, avocados, and... you know... other keto-friendly fruits. Then voila! There you have it, a keto-approved salad!

Pasta ala Cucumber

Cook your favorite keto-friendly pasta, and simply top it off with dices of cucumbers for that fresh and crunchy experience! 

Cheesy Cucumber Chips

Turn your basic cucumber into something that's both crispy and cheesy! This is a great alternative to oily and carb-heavy potato chips and fries. Get the full recipe here

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