Are French Fries Keto-Friendly?

There's no denying that french fries really make a great snack. They are a quintessential snack that fills us up. And it would be such a bummer if you can't enjoy a bucket of fries in your diet. 

When you're on the keto diet, making changes in your food is a BIG step. You become more cautious about the food you eat. And now you're probably wondering if French fries are keto-friendly.

The answer might surprise you!

Nutritional Content of French Fries

French fries are ubiquitous in various fast food chains. Each fast food prepares its French fries in unique ways to bring off that distinctive taste. 

McDonald's French fries, according to the USDA, carry 323 calories, 43 g of carbs, 3.9 g of fiber, 15 g of fat, 3.4 g of protein, and 596 mg of potassium in every 100 grams (about one medium serving). 

Popeye's fries, on the other hand, are loaded with 305 calories, 35 g of carbs, 2.8 g of fiber, 4.1 g of protein, and 440.4 mg of potassium in every package (101 g). 

Love Burger King? A medium serving of fries from Burger King yields 328 calories, 45 g of carbs, 3.4 g of fiber, 3.8 g of protein, and 546.4 mg of potassium. 

Now, if you want to prepare your French fries at home, the nutritional makeup of that, in general, would be 164 calories, 28 g of carbs, 2.7 g of protein, and 5 g of fat per 100 grams. 

Looking deeply at these profiles, we can say that French fries a high carb content. Why is that? French fries are mostly potatoes, and potatoes, sadly, aren't keto-friendly.  

Are French Fries Keto-Friendly?

After examining the nutritional facts of French fries, we've come to a rather disappointing conclusion: French fries aren't keto-approved. 

Yes, even if you prepare them at home. They would still contain very high carb content, and that is the last thing that keto dieters will want. 

It's easy to give a room for the temptation to eat a serving of French fries, but it's important to note that doing so may kick you out of ketosis. 

The recommended carb intake for a keto dieter is 20 to 30 g of carbs. You can go as high as 50 g of carbs a day, but for best results, it's best to stay at the former. 

Ideal Portion for Eating French Fries

As clearly stated above, the bitter truth about French fries is that they aren't keto-approved. 

But let's face it, a snack that's as good as French fries is not so easy to avoid. They're tempting. They're readily available, and they're bad*ss delicious! 

The good news is that you can still eat French fries as long as you slim down your portion. 

Again, the ideal carb limit for a keto dieters is 20g to 30 g. Eating one medium serving already consists of 45 g of carbs. That's too many carbs!

You can eat up to 50 grams of French fries, that is, 10 strips. This portion contains 14 g of carbs already. And instead of eating French fries from fast food, prepare the fries at your home instead. 

But if you can only indulge in 10 strips of French fries, ask yourself: is it even worth it? 

What are we trying to say here? Instead of eating very little French fries that have a lot of carbs in it, why not opt for French fries alternatives instead that have minimal carbs?

Alternatives to French Fries

Instead of sticking to the traditional potato-made French fries, you can level up your fries and use other low-carb ingredients alternatively. 

Apple Chips

Think of apple chips as a sweet version of French fries. It's quick and simple to make. 

Remove the core of an apple, then slice thinly. Sprinkle the sliced apple with cinnamon and a dash of sugar.

Next, place the thin slices to a baking sheet, then bake on high until they are crispy and brown!

Kale Chips

Say goodbye to French fries! Kale chips make for a perfect alternative. You can buy a packet of kale chips in the market. Or, you can make them at home by seasoning fresh kale leaves with a dash of salt and pepper. Then, bake them until crispy!

Final Takeaway

A diet with no French fries? Sadly, that's the case in the keto diet. But that doesn't necessarily mean you can't enjoy this crispy, delish snack.

If you need to eat fries, make sure to be mindful of your portions. Or, you can tuck into the low-carb alternatives instead. 


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