Is Whiskey Keto-Friendly?

Choosing what kinds of food and beverages to consume is greatly essential in attaining an effective keto diet. Too much or inadequate intake of food is not right, you must be able to take just the right amount of the right type of food.

As a keto dieter who loves drinking or more specifically one who loves drinking whiskey, one of your concerns would probably be, “Is whiskey a keto-friendly drink for me?”. We currently don’t know the answer to that yet. 

But, if you’re really curious about the answer, go on with reading this article for we will determine whether you’d be needing to give up your love for whiskey or just maintain it.

Nutritional Content of Whiskey

In determining whether whiskey is good for ketosis or not, it is important to know its nutritional content.

On a normal serving of 100 grams of whiskey, there is said to be a total of 250 grams of calories, 0.1 grams of carb, and no content of fat and protein. 

From that, we can say that whiskey is really a low-calorie drink for it doesn’t contain any sugar, carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

That means the main source of the calorie in whiskey is entirely on the alcohol. 

The only thing you’d have to take note of is that the amount of calories in whiskey varies depending on the brand.

But generally speaking, all whiskey is low in calorie content. 

What Are Some Benefits of Whiskey?

It may seem hardly believable but, whiskey is considered a great aid for weight loss.

Since it’s a low-carb drink, it wouldn’t really have a great impact on your weight.

Consuming just the right amount would increase your energy. 

This drink is also known to help with diabetes, stroke, cancer prevention and even with just treating common colds.

If you’re also having concerns when it comes to your metabolism, whiskey would be good for you because it helps with your digestion. 

However, all these benefits are attainable only with an adequate amount of whiskey. So, make sure to just drink moderately and not to drown yourself with it.

Is Whiskey Keto-Friendly?

As already mentioned earlier, whiskey is a great aid for weight loss and when it comes to ketosis, we could also consider whiskey as a keto-friendly drink. 

What’s essential for a keto diet is consuming foods or drinks that are low-carb or high-protein. 

Whiskey being a low-carb drink, already meets one of its criteria. 

But, like what’s constantly being repeated, you would only observe positive effects when you learn to consume just the right amount. 

This doesn’t only apply to whiskey, but to all other food or beverages, you’re planning to eat or drink. 

Alternatives to Whiskey

If you’re looking for other types of drinks that are quite similar to whiskey, you can opt to try these alternatives:

  • Rum

  • Tequila

  • Gin

  • Brandy

  • Fruit Eau de Vie

These are also great healthy options for your keto diet and have basically the same characteristics as whiskey. You can try all these as you want but only make sure to drink responsibly and moderately!


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