Ethan Klein on the Keto Diet - Should You Buy Into It?

Ethan Klein on the Keto Diet
4 Important Things to Understand

Ethan Klein on the Keto Diet

The Internet has made more information instantly accessible to the average person than Einstein, Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and all their contemporaries combined had access to throughout the entirety of their lives. It’s also made it possible for every halfwit with a camera to create their own YouTube channel and suck the life out of the human enterprise with self-indulgent, misinformed drivel. Take one Ethan Klein for example.

In a just, progressive society where social visibility was regulated by the merit of your ideas and/or your ability to communicate those ideas in a coherent, informative manner he would be cleaning toilets in the basement of the municipal parking garage. However, because of the Internet, he has his own YouTube channel wherein people can watch him slide out of his chair while babbling about things he knows nothing about. Like ketosis.

It’s Not Really All Bad...

Klein's babblings are an excellent example of the kind of intellectual oatmeal that swirls around many essential topics of the day, thanks to the fact that lots of people with nothing to contribute have a way to provide. The good thing about this YouTube channel is that you can switch it off. Which of course we did shortly after clicking on it. So it's not all bad.

it's not so bad chat from ethan

The experience was entirely forgettable except in the sense that it pointed out what people are trying to get useful information regarding the keto diet often find themselves confronted with. 

Finding Actual Reliable Information

If you’ve heard about the keto diet and you think it might have something to offer you it's essential that you can find honest, accurate, reliable information on the topic before proceeding. The keto diet is going to require you to change the way you eat and the way your body processes food, so it's vital you know what you're getting into before you get into it. And that means finding the information above.

Ignoring people like Ethan Klein is a good start unless of course, you have precious moments of your only life to waste, which most people don't. So where can you get real answers to the essential questions Klein plays with, such as why does the keto diet seem to suggest that apples are bad for you? And, how can eating fat result in losing weight? We’ll be happy to save you some time and effort by addressing those questions ourselves.

Does the Keto Diet State That Apples are Bad for You?

woman holding a green apple

No. The keto diet (more details here) is designed to transition your body from burning carbohydrates for fuel (its default state for powering itself) to burning fat for fuel (the body's natural backup system for powering itself when carbs are not available). Because the fructose in some fruits (like apples) could tip you out of ketosis, it's advised that you avoid them. But that doesn't mean that all fruits are forbidden under the keto diet.

To clarify things a bit more let's take a step back and look at the big picture. In the case of keto, the big picture is the elimination of most carbs from the diet to force the body to start producing ketone bodies that will metabolize fat instead of carbs. Because many fruits - such as apples - are high in fructose they are correspondingly high in carbs.

Here is a chart showing the carb content of favorite fruits:

Type of Fruit

Serving Size



1 cup

​26 grams


​1 medium

​24 grams


​1 medium

​22 grams


​1 medium

​21 grams


​1 cup

​17 grams


​1 medium

​9 grams


​1 cup

​8 grams

Mostly if you ate a banana and an apple in one day, you would be at your carb limit for the day and have to make sure there were zero carbs in the rest of the foods you ate. That's a lot easier said than done. The simplest solution is to either avoid fruit or to choose low carb fruits.

As you can see when you get near the bottom of the above chart, there are fruits with lower carb loads.

Here are some other tasty low-carb fruits you can safely enjoy on the keto diet:

Type of Fruit

Serving Size



1 medium

​​8 grams


​1/2 an avocado

​8 grams


​2 wedges

​8 grams


​1 medium wedge

​7.5 grams


​1 medium

​​3 grams

As you can see all is not lost when it comes to fruit and keto. We'll take a sweet juicy peach any time, and there's nothing like avocado to fancy up a salad. At the same time, if you want to sneak in half an apple here and their chances are pretty good, it's not going to bump you out of ketosis. Just be careful to limit the amount and frequency.

How Can Eating Fat Help You Lose Weight?

As we state above the keto diet is designed to transition your body away from its default setting of burning carbs for energy to its backup setting whereby it burns fat for energy. To force this transition, it's necessary to virtually (not entirely) eliminate carbs from your diet. Once you do that, the body will spend a couple of days expending the last of the carbohydrate reserves and then waiting for a fresh supply. When it doesn't get that new supply, it will start producing ketone bodies that will enable it to metabolize fat for energy. Once the body is burning fat for energy, you're going to start seeing weight loss as your fat stores are expended to keep your body running.

weighing scale and woman eating

Once this is happening, you are in a state of ketosis. Your job now is to continue to provide your body with the fat it needs to keep running in this fashion. At the same time, you need to avoid consuming carbs. That's because carbohydrates are the body's default fuel so as soon as it detects sufficient levels of carbohydrates, it will quickly abandon ketosis and switch back to carbs.

We hope this information has helped answer these critical questions and good luck with your keto efforts. 

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