The Pruvit KETO OS Story: The Birth of a Great Supplement

How Pruvit KETO OS Started:
The Rise of a Great Supplement

how it all started

Ketone supplements are all the rage these days in health and fitness circles, and it goes with manufacturers began to compete for clients, putting their own versions of the product out on the market.

Whether they offered it in pill, powdered or drink form, every single one of them claimed to be the secret to eternal health and youth. While their early claims may have been a bit exaggerated, the benefits of ketosis for the human body are still taken quite seriously by health enthusiasts and supplement producers alike. Over the last few years we’ve weeded out most of the small-time scams and untrustworthy brands, leaving a few big and respectable names on the market. Pruvit is one such name, gaining traction all over the world with its Keto OS supplement. But who exactly are the people behind the company, and how did they get so far in the industry?

The Birth of Pruvit Ventures LLC

man on laptopTo get right down to business, the company was started back in 2012 and is based out of Melissa, Texas in the United States. It has three founders standing behind it: Terry Lacore, Chris Harding and Brian Underwood. Lacore is actually quite a recognizable name in Texan business circles, being involved in dozens of ventures including Bhip Global, American Mortgage Protection and Tic Energy Group, just to name a few. In short, he can be described as the experienced businessman of the group. The other two bring the knowledge and passion necessary to succeed in this industry, and in less than three years the trio rose to the top, and in no small part thanks to Keto OS, their prime supplement.

Keto OS: An Origin Story

The three partners didn’t just notice theboard meeting trend and decide to jump aboard the bandwagon to grab as much cash as possible. Rather than taking the easy short-term (and unethical) approach, they invested a lot of time and effort in researching the matter and waiting for the results of scientific trials. The amount of investigation they did on the subject before launching their product is quite commendable and you can easily access all of their scientific references through their website.

Among many things, they’ve observed that ketones can help with cognitive function, insulin sensitivity, physical performance, aging symptoms and even weight loss. And so, with all the knowledge they could need on the matter the three agreed on making Pruvit KETO OS a drinking supplement. A few short years later, it is now one of the most purchased and researched ketone supplements in North America. It should also be noted that recently they’ve also launched what they call the Pruvit Partners Compensation Plan, which is essentially a multi-layered marketing venture opportunity.

Can They Be Trusted?

Like with any person or company that makes it big, there will always be a few naysayers and detractors to deal with, something that’s even more prominent in the realm of health supplements; considering how different every person is, any given product is bound not to work on a minority of those who take it. In Pruvit’s case, they’ve been around long enough for us to know they aren’t a scam and the majority of people who buy their products only sing praises; without a doubt, they’ve proven themselves trustworthy.

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