Is Brown Rice Keto-Friendly?

​Is Brown Rice Keto-Friendly?

You might’ve learned that white rice is high in carbohydrates in your bid to switch to keto. Now, you’ve sworn it off completely and are thinking of using a much nutritious whole grain—brown rice.

But is it a viable option for keto dieters? Or should it be removed from your list, too?

To answer that, it’s essential to understand what keto is and dig deep into how brown rice can affect your keto diet. 

​Is Brown Rice Keto-Friendly?

You probably have read a lot about keto diet from different articles and books on the market.

It’s simple and straightforward: ketogenic diet (a.k.a. Keto) is a high-fat, low-carb diet.

It generates ketosis, a process in which the body utilizes stored fats as the primary energy source instead of glucose. This causes you to slim down.

With that being said, a person in a keto diet should only consume foods that are generally very low in carbs but high in fat content. Brown rice, however, is not included in the low-carb, high-fat food category. 

Despite the relatively high nutritional value of brown rice, it’s still a poor choice for the keto diet. And although it’s considered healthier than white rice, it still doesn’t have a place in the keto world. 

Consider this: half a cup of brown rice contains 23 g of carbs, 109 calories, 2.3g of protein, and 0.8 g of fat. This nutritional makeup of brown rice shows that it has more carbs than fat, which is something that wouldn’t be helpful in the keto diet. 

The number of carbs in a small ½ cup serving of brown rice has about twice the carb count of one slice of bread and has almost the same carb count as one large sweet potato. 

If you must have rice, you must try to intake minimal amount and sneak it in only if you haven’t consumed any carbs throughout your day yet.

Brown Rice Health Benefits

There’s no reason to hate brown rice. As discussed earlier, they have relatively high nutritional value and are even considered healthier than white rice because brown rice has more fiber than white rice. 

Fiber is essential not just for healthy digestion, but also because it helps maintain blood sugar levels. 

It also has high levels of manganese and magnesium—essential minerals that help improve body functions and encourage weight loss.

Brown rice can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and improve cholesterol levels. 

​The Bottom Line

So, is brown rice keto-friendly? 

If you’re eating any more than half a cup then it’s a NO and a big no-no at that.

Brown rice is high in carbs and low in fat. This can mess up your keto diet. So, with all your might, try to remove brown rice off your list. 

But if you must have rice, make sure it’s the only high-carb food you will eat throughout the day. 

Brown rice may not be a common staple in your keto diet, but it has notable health benefits. It’s high in manganese and magnesium—minerals that can encourage weight loss. 

Keto is like marriage... It doesn't work if you cheat.


Still Prefer Brown Rice? Cut Down on Your Portion Instead

If you still prefer to eat brown rice, you can always cut down on the portion you eat.

Instead of eating one cup of brown rice apple, eat a half cup you’ll only consume 23g of carbs.

However, make sure that you haven't eaten or won't eat any kind of carbs throughout the day.

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