Is Diet Soda Keto-Friendly?

Is Diet Soda Keto-Friendly?

Soda has gotten bad press, and that's obviously because of how it negatively impacts health. It's overflowing with sugar along with other artificial ingredients, making this carbonated beverage harder to imagine it can do good in the body. 

Some thought that the best alternative would be to chug diet soda. It seems like a viable option since diet soda contains fewer calories and lower carb compared to fruit juice or regular soda. 

Diet sodas may not have calories, carbs, and even sugar, but it offers the same sweet taste. And you know why? Because they are packed with rather unhealthy artificial ingredients. 

You're probably wondering now if diet soda is keto-friendly or an enemy. The answer might alarm you.

Nutritional Profile of Diet Soda

The macronutrients of diet sodas depend on the brand and contents used. The recipes also differ from brand to brand. 

Diet Coke, no matter the size, has zero calories, zero carbs, and zero protein. The same with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar(TM). 

Do diet sodas provide nutrition? Frankly, no. They do not have any benefits to offer to our body except for that little amount of sodium, which we can get from other foods anyway.

Is Diet Soda Keto-Friendly?

Yes, diet sodas are okay to drink while on the ketogenic diet. They do not contain any amount of calories or carbs. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're healthy. 

True, diet sodas have zero carbs and calories, but let's not forget that they also have zero nutrients. 

You can drink as much diet sodas you want, but health-wise, we recommend drinking only minimal amount or, better yet, avoid them. 

Why You Must Avoid Diet Sodas

Sure, diet sodas are keto-friendly, but that doesn't erase the fact that they still contain a lot of artificial ingredients that can put your health into danger. 

The keto diet aims to put you into a state wherein your body breaks down stored fats and use them as an energy source instead of sugar.

With the keto diet, you'll gain more energy, have a better mood, slim down, and attain more focus. 

However, it's worth noting that drinking zero carb drinks with loads of artificial ingredients may do the opposite of what you want to achieve in a high-fat diet program. 

So even if diet sodas don't heighten your blood sugar, don't affect your ketone levels, remember that ketosis itself is not healthy.

There's really no point in pushing your body to enter ketosis if you are not going to commit to a healthy food habit. 

Diet sodas may not seem harmful. Still, the truth is they can slow down or even ruin your weight loss journey, harm your metabolism, and put you at risk for kidney damage, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression

Final Takeaway

Diet sodas are particularly keto-friendly, but they are very damaging to your health. 

It doesn't really matter if they are carb and calorie-free. Remember, the keto diet is not just about slimming down. It's more about living healthily. 

So if you really want to succeed in your keto diet, you have to focus more on consuming drinks and foods that your body can actually benefit from. 

There are also other keto-drinks that you can enjoy, so you'll stay in ketosis, all the while supporting your overall health. 

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