Is Milk Keto-Friendly?

When on a diet, most of us have wondered if milk can wreak havoc to our bid to lose weight. With normal diet routines, it might be possible that it would work for you but if you’re on keto, it’s probably best to look at how it can affect you.

Because with keto diet, you have to be wary of foods that are high in carbs. So if you love potatoes, corn, bananas, and dairy products, it’s time to reconsider eating those. 

So is milk keto-friendly? Let’s find out!

Is Milk Keto-Friendly?

If we were to talk about dairy milk, it can be keto-friendly without the sugar.

We're looking at 12 grams of net carbs per cup for whole milk.

Although that’s well within the keto’s diet allowed daily carb consumption, it could easily eat up too much of your carb allocation without much return.

The good thing is, milk have different types. There’s dairy and non-dairy for you. 

Honey with dipper.

So, if you’re a milk lover and you’re on a keto diet, worry not because there are alternatives you can try!

Milk Alternatives

Dairy milk is one that’s sourced from a cow or any other animals while non-dairy milk is usually plant-based.

In keto diet, it’s usually recommended that you avoid dairy milk but you could still try other non-dairy milks. J

ust make sure that you’re careful with the amount you consume because they still contain carbs and too much would ruin your diet. 

So what are these non-dairy milks you could drink as a substitute?

If you really can’t deprive yourself of milk while on a diet, you may still savor its taste with these dairy milk substitutes.

They’re known for having low fat and calorie content and is therefore, keto-friendly.

Almond Milk

A cup of unsweetened almond milk only contains 2 grams of carbohydrates and compared to the sweetened one, it has 13 grams of carbs per cup. With that in mind, make sure to always choose the unsweetened almond milk when you buy groceries.

Oat Milk

If you’ve already tried this type of milk, you would know that it’s delicious and appealing to the taste of many. You may prefer oat milks than the usual ones for it only has 7 grams of fats and 9 grams of carbs per cup.

The Verdict

It isn’t completely unadvised to drink milk on a keto diet, just ensure that you choose the right type and drink it in moderation.

Remember, dairy milks are high in carbs, therefore, you should choose the non-dairy ones over it as much as possible. 

To be successful on a keto diet, maintain or track your carb intake and in no time, you’ll see positive results!

Keto is like marriage. It just doesn't work if you cheat!


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