Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly?

​Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly?

If you wish to go on a ketogenic diet, it would be natural to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates. Together with proper exercise, it’s essential that you also maintain a healthy diet. But how exactly do you do this?

On a keto diet, it’s recommended that you eat high-fiber foods such as nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits. 

But, you also have to take note that not all fruits are advisable to eat for a diet because some are overly sweet and are high in calorie content.

So, is watermelon considered suitable if you’re following a keto diet?

Is Watermelon Keto-Friendly?

When we talk about the ketogenic diet, it refers to a diet focused on lowering your carb intake while increasing fat intake. 

This way, your body will be forced to break down your fats for energy due to the absence of glucose, preventing it from being stored.

Hence, you'll lose weight in the process.

If you’re on a keto diet, you’re only allowed less than 50 grams of carbs to be consumed daily. 

Normally, fruits, nuts, and vegetables are the common food you eat when you’re on a diet. 

However, you should be careful of the type of vegetables or fruits you choose to eat.

This is because those that are high in carbohydrates and calories can compromise the results you're aiming for while in the keto diet.

Summer harvest. Farmers hands with fresh watermelon

A two-cup serving of watermelon contains 22 grams of carbs and 18 grams of sugar. With this, we can say that it’s a high-carb and high-sugar fruit. To achieve nutritional ketosis, you really have to restrict your carb intake. 

It wouldn’t be a lot advisable to eat watermelon regularly when you're in keto diet but, you can still eat it in moderation.

Just make sure not to eat too much because you only have a limit of less than 50 grams of carbs intake per day. 

Don't worry if you like watermelon, because there are plenty of substitutes that are more keto-friendly!

Watermelon Alternatives

Watermelon juice with mint leaves and lime citrus

Fruits aren't only delicious but are also nutritious and healthy. 

Even so, not all can effectively help you with losing weight.

Aside from  watermelons, you can eat kiwi instead as well as different kinds of berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, and grapefruit. 

They are known as fruits containing low-sugar. 

Avocados could also be an option for they are low in sugar and high in fat which means you get to feel fuller for longer.

​The Bottom Line

If you're not losing weight, you may be consuming the wrong fruits or you aren't eating  the right ones in moderation. 

Watermelons are delicious and healthy fruits, but could only be keto-friendly if you eat the correct serving.

You can eat watermelon and other similar fruits but prefer those that are low in carb and sugar content for more effective results while you're in keto diet!

Treating lifestyle conditions with lifestyle change such as this can make us a healthier and less drug-dependent country.

 Jackie Eberstein

Still Prefer Watermelons? Cut Down on Your Portion Instead

If you still prefer to eat watermelons, you can always cut down on the portion you eat.

Instead of eating a couple of big slices, eat less than 2 cups of servings and reduce your carb intake for the rest of the day.

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