A Quick Summary on the Joe Rogan Experience #994 with Dom D'Agostino

joe rogan experience

Well, here is something cool that we just wanted to share with you guys. So, right here, Joe Rogan gets into the ketogenic diet and the many different products that he uses with Dom D'Agostino. For the people that do not know who Dom D'Agostino is and is interested to know more about ketogenic diets or products, here is your chance. 

Another good thing that we learned about this podcast is that not only is the ketogenic diet helpful when it comes to losing weight or improving your way of life, it also helps ease many different health conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, Autism, and many more!

It's really quite amazing that a weight loss diet is capable of doing all that which is another good reason why we started this website. We want to give this kind of information to all the people that need it and keep at it.

Here is the video to the podcast down below...

Topics Discussed:

  • How much and what kind of wine can you drink when on keto
  • ​Pediatric epilepsy applications
  • Keto dog food
  • How to maintain high performance while in ketosis
  • Typical side effects
  • Keto-friendly snacks like Wild Planet sardines and Keto Kookies
  • MCT Oil's role in the diet
  • Hyperbaric chambers
  • Keto ice cream recipies!
  • New breathalizers that can work instead of urine strips
  • How keto can fight cancer cells
  • How to eat a bowl of pasta and stay in ketosis

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