Keto & Collagen
6 Reasons Why It Can Take You To The Next Level

Keto & Collagen

Are you a die-hard keto dieter that's looking to take it up a notch? If so, how do any of these sound:

  • ​More clean energy?
  • ​A healthy boost to your weight loss?
  • ​Better workouts?
  • ​Better overall health?

If you aren’t already boosting your energy, weight loss, and overall health with collagen, you’re way behind the game. Supplementing your diet with collagen on the keto diet has helped tons of people achieve amazing results fast.

But there’s a right way to use it and a wrong way. If you don’t know how to add it to your diet properly, you won’t get the benefits at all. To help you understand why collagen is amazing for people [1] on a low-carb diet, we’ve put together this article. It’ll cover:

  • ​What collagen is
  • ​Why it’s amazing for keto
  • ​How and when to take it
  • ​The best type of supplements to take for great results

Here’s how to make keto collagen work for you but first, let's talk about what collagen is...

So, What is Collagen? How Can It Help You...

Collagen is a non-inflammatory protein found in the bones, skin, and tendons. It serves a few key functions in the body. Mainly:

  • ​Energy production
  • ​Detoxification
  • ​Digestion
  • ​Rebuilding joints and tendons
cream application on the skin

Also, certain collagens are essential for skin strength, healthy joints, and beautiful hair. If you really think about it, it’s like the glue that holds our bodies together.

That’s why it’s commonly used in cosmetic procedures (when most people hear collagen they think of Botox!).

Why Keto Collagen? What Does It Do?

a spoonful of powder mix for muscle build up

There are two reasons to do the keto diet: to look great and feel great. The problem is that keeping up with the demands of the diet is TOUGH. Cutting out all of those carbs? Where are you going to get the energy for all of that exercise?

That’s where keto collagen comes in. Collagen supplementation is a new tool that is helping make the diet easier and more accessible than ever. Imagine if you could stay full longer, feel better throughout the day, and have more energy for that killer morning workout?

You’ve got to give it a try.

The difference between keto collagen and other supplements is that it was made specifically for people on the keto diet. Aside from being 100% clean (there are only 4 ingredients), it is packed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These are the healthy fats that empower your body by increasing your energy levels. This is important because when you are the ketogenic diet, your body is constantly breaking down fats into ketones for energy. So more MCTs (combined with collagen peptides) give your body the energy it needs to take your workouts to the next level. [2]

Let me sum this all up. Using keto collagen has 6 huge benefits to ketogenic diet followers:

  • ​Energy production benefits
  • ​Keeps you full longer
  • ​Healthy DNA
  • ​Promotes healthy digestion
  • ​Promotes healthy joints, hair, and nails
  • ​Nutrition from 100% clean sources
woman with lifting weight kettle

Now that you know why it’s great for dieters looking to get the most out of a low-carb diet, here’s how to do it.

How to Use Collagen on the Keto Diet

Before you rush out to get collagen, there are some things you need to know about how to use it while on a ketogenic diet.

One issue is that there are a lot of differing opinions. Ketogenic nutrition is still in its relatively early stages. In general, though, you want to ask yourself two questions when putting collagen into your diet: [3]

nutritious meal for keto diet
  • 1
    ​When do I need more energy?
  • 2
    ​When do I need a healthy meal to hold me over?

If you’re a health nut, then that’s basically all the time. But for us normal people, that means there are a few ways you can start today and see fast benefits:

  • ​Workouts: MCTs give you fast energy and even promote healthy recovery. They are the healthiest fast fats you can eat. Since you are on a low-carb diet, energy supplementation is VITAL. Before, during, or after a workout is a great time for a collagen shake.
  • ​In the morning: Not a morning person? Who is? Collagen is vital for brain function and provides fast, healthy energy. Take it in the morning to start your day off right and not feel groggy all day.
  • Mid-day snacks: It’s hard to stay full on keto, and this leads a lot of people to cheat way too often. The good thing about collagen is it keeps you full longer than supplements like whey protein (and it’s much healthier!). Use it as a mid-day snack to tide you over until dinner. Also, while we're on the topic, you can find some of the best ones here.

5 Different Ways to Ingest Collagen

lady drinking protein shake after workout

Here are some ways to take collagen. You can use any method you want to eat it; we don’t recommend eating it with your hand out of the bag.

  • ​Add it to 10 ounces of water
  • ​Blend it in a fruit smoothie
  • ​Put it in your coffee
  • ​Mix it with MCT oil powder
  • ​Blend it with almond milk, coconut cream, or regular milk if you want

How Much Keto Collagen Should I Eat?

In the beginning, it’s best to start with about 3 scoops per day. You can build slowly from there.

It’s important to remember that some collagen powders are NOT made with clean ingredients. These can end up hurting your diet or not giving you the energy you need. That’s why it’s essential to get the right supplement. Always check the ingredients.

Instead of taking that risk, you should go with a name that is already being used by thousands of dieters. In our research, we’ve found that, overwhelmingly, the community loves Perfect Keto Collagen the most.

Which Collagen is the Best?

Perfect Keto Collagen is made with 100% clean ingredients and tastes delicious. Also, in our experience, it is more affordable than other brands. It contains no soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial sweeteners, but is still delicious because of the chocolate flavor. Add it to any drink to make an amazing keto beverage.

In our personal experience, most people see positive results in as little as a few weeks. You have to try it. It even comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can easily get the best price for it by clicking the button on the right side. Good luck!

Key Takeaways:

  • ​Collagen gives you impressive energy and health benefits
  • ​Collagen specifically for keto dieters is designed to fit the diet perfectly and provide sped-up results
  • ​Mix 1-3 scoops into your daily diet for the best results
  • ​Be careful which supplement you pick because some are not 100% clean. This compromises your diet and can have the reverse effect.

About the Author

Ryan is a personal trainer, athlete, health enthusiast, and entrepreneur. He is researching and expanding his knowledge about the ketogenic diet. He spends most of his time writing content about his new learnings of the ketogenic diet and shares it on Ketogenic Supplement Reviews. You can find me on: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.