Top 25 Keto Blogs of 2019 - How They Can Inspire Your Journey

Top 25 Keto Blogs
To Inspire and Motivate Your Weight Loss Journey

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Are you dreaming about being flush with energy and in the greatest shape of your life, but also dreaming about pizza and Chipotle chorizo bowls? We all are. We searched the web to find the 25 absolute best keto blogs to inspire, motivate, and educate you along your journey...and to keep those carbs out of your mouth!

Inspirational success stories, mouthwatering keto recipes, tips to get you through the keto flu—it helps to read authorities on the keto diet so you can achieve great results fast.

Read these blogs on the regular and you’ll learn everything from how to stay motivated to how to quickly spot keto-friendly foods on the go. It’ll even make the diet fun and easy!

We read a ton of keto-focused content every day, and these are by far our favorites.

Keto in the City

Type: Single mom ketogenic lifestyle blog

Autoimmune warrior, single mom, an inspiration to ketoers across the world—Jen Fisch, better known as Keto in the City, is hands down our #1 resource on the web.

She’s empowered thousands to achieve incredible results, and not just weight loss either. She originally began her journey trying to fight inflammation, and ever since then, she’s been helping her readers with helpful blog articles, delicious recipes, and answers to tough keto questions like “what should I order at Starbucks on keto?”

Tip: Follow her all-day keto menu. It’ll work wonders!

​2.  Ketogasm


Type: The badass woman’s guide to a keto lifestyle and body positivity

This awesome blog has everything you need to reach a mind-bending ketogasm. Meal plans, keto kits, a free course, and tips for a boozy, keto-safe night on the town—it really is the badass woman’s guide to taking keto to the max. It’s our go-to resource for quirky, borderline genius recipes—smoked beef jerky…drool.

It’s aimed at women, but anyone can use their recipes to spice up their weeknights in or nights out on the town.

Our Favorite: The low-carb gin cocktail! WARNING: keto-safe doesn’t mean you’re safe from headaches.

Keto Connect

Type: Keto couple podcast and recipe blog

Matt and Megha, a keto couple who love animals and their keto diet (though they admit it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship), share some amazing keto recipes on their blog to accompany their informative keto lifestyle podcast.

But what makes them unique is their “Deeper State Keto” 90-day course for sustainably losing fat. Their course includes videos, training, recipes, hunger hacks, and a ton more.

The site’s plain and simple layout makes it a breeze to access any of the awesome recipes (the zero-carb pizza looks amazing), and their keto shopping list will help you become terminator-like walking down the aisles at your supermarket—your eye will target a product, zero in, and instantly be able to tell if it fits your keto purposes.

Our Favorite: The Deeper State Keto course, complete with fitness videos, a training course, and tons of other awesome info.

Meat Free Keto

Type: Vegan keto blog

You probably guessed from the name, but we’ll give you the rundown on this holistic nutrition-driven recipe blog.

Meat Free Keto is a vegan keto blog run by a holistic nutrition consultant certified by the National Library of Ayurveda Medicine in India! Talk about ancestral health!

Cool certifications aside, Liz is a quirky diet expert from New England that provides really cool vegan keto recipes, cookbooks, meal plans, and guides on how to enjoy your favorite holidays (hint: our favorite is Thanksgiving!).

If you’re a picky eater, you’ll love how her recipes are divided up into categories so you can easily eat the same foods over and over every day. All in all, her blog is a great resource to guide your stomach through keto without getting grumpy and bored.

Our Favorite: Vegan Keto Thanksgiving cookbook!

Essential Keto

Type: Keto information resource/recipes

If you’re a beginner looking for help breaking into the keto lifestyle or a seasoned low-carber serching for delicious recipes and the latest news in the industry, Essential Keto is a must-read.

Noline, a 40-something dieter whose achieved awesome results from the keto diet, works hard to keep the entire community updated on recent product launches (she breaks down keto book launches by the month), the latest exercise techniques, and general keto knowledge we all need.

It’s a great resource for learning about the newest books in the industry and great for beginners looking for tips on diet, exercise, and staying in ketosis.

Our Favorite: Reviews of new books every month.

Keto in Pearls

Type: Family-focused keto lifestyle blog

Keto in Pearls in our first family-focused entry. Right off the bat, their homey, down-to-Earth website puts you at ease...and also bombards you with delicious keto/family-friendly recipes.

It’s great for women with children, but still an awesome blog for everyone looking to eat healthier and live a better life. The blog is full of tips for getting through pregnancy on keto, tools to make keto easier, how to treat the whole family on keto, and a lot of other great topics. If you’ve got a family or are expecting one, it’s a can’t-do-without keto resource.

Our Favorite: The sauce recipes…….talk about a real ketogasm.

Keto Mojo

Type: Keto accessories blog

Ever wondered what your mojo was?

Keto Mojo is a cutting-edge company selling blood ketone and glucose meters and other accessories to help you take your keto to the next level. Your goal is to get into ketosis and stay there, right?

Well, we all know how hard that actually is. Keto Mojo is a no-nonsense company with a singular focus: making it easier for you to monitor your ketosis. Aside from hi-tech products, they also have a helpful blog full of info and individual spotlights.

Our Favorite: The Keto Mojo meter is full of awesome functions, and it helps you monitor your health better than any meter on the market.

Keto Nutrition

Type: Science-based keto nutrition blog

Dr. Dominic’s blog is an incredible resource for all things keto nutrition. Interviews, TED talks, apps, books, lectures—everything straight from the foremost medical professionals in the keto space.

The motto is “from science to application,” which accurately sums up the blog’s goal: to educate people on the latest findings from medical experts. There’s also a ton of information on managing health conditions like Type-1 Diabetes on the blog.

While most of the entries on this list are lifestyle-focused, is science-based and much more objectively factual.

Our Favorite: Can’t beat the TED talks. Great work, Dr. Dominic!

Keto Karma

Type: Keto lifestyle/recipe blog

Keto Karma was started by a ketoer who lost 120 pounds just by switching to the diet and sticking to it. If that inspirational story sounds like something you want to emulate, then this is the blog for you.

If you ever need some inspiration to get started on the diet or some delicious recipes to keep you on the straight and narrow, it’s a good blog to keep up with. Suzanne has also written an awesome book that’s available on her site.

All in all, Keto Karma provides simple, practical keto tips for normal people. You don’t have to be great at dieting, you just have to follow some simple plans!

Our Favorite: The handy keto calculator! Just answer a few questions and it helps set up your macros so you can eat better and lose more weight.

Hey Keto Mamma

Type: Mom-focused keto recipe blog

Sam is a lover of all things kitchen and keto, and she shares her love of the diet by gracing us with her mouthwatering (and simple!) keto recipes. If you’re anything like us, your love for food far outweighs your love for cooking. Sam helps you with that by providing easy-to-understand recipes for breakfast, main dishes, sweets, and snacks.

Hey Keto Mamma is an assault on your senses from the moment you click through. The front page is a scroll through an amazing keto restaurant with low prices. It’s a low-carb paradise!

If you’re just getting into the diet, there are also plenty of tips and tricks to get you set up to achieve your weight loss goals.

Our Favorite: The keto sweets section. Never leave it.

Type: Keto diet resource blog

Going keto with Casey is a great idea if you want to achieve the same kind of weight loss she did. Casey now speaks, puts on events, and even has an awesome keto cruise where you drink wine and talk about keto.

The blog is an awesome resource for recipes, incredible before & after photos, and keto food lists. The best part about her blog is the one-on-one coaching. If you need extra support and attention, she’s only a Facetime away.

Our Favorite: ​The keto cruise!

Type: Keto lifestyle blog for 50-somethings

If you think keto is only for “young people,” you’re wrong. After struggling with the usual aches and pains of getting older, Debbie discovered keto and hasn’t looked back. She’s in incredible shape and looks nothing close to her age. She’s living the life she loves and shares her secret superpowers with people of all ages via her blog, Fat Fueled at 50.

Fat Fueled at 50

The blog is definitely aimed at women (she shares her post-menopausal experiences for all), but it’s still a good read for anyone. Though we definitely recommend it for readers in the 45 + age bracket. Her blog is a goldmine for anyone looking for tips to stay healthy, fit, and energetic as they age.

Cast Iron Keto

Type: The man’s man’s guide to keto cooking

Cast iron bacon, keto meatloaf with bacon, jalapeno popper stuffed mushrooms with bacon—how are you not at your stove yet?

Cast Iron Keto is based on a simple idea: Just a man with a skillet...and a love for keto.

If you want all the recipes you need to be a skillet-cookin’ keto badass, then read this blog every day.

This blog is a marvel of simplicity and the focus of a one-track-mind. Just awesome, manly skillet recipes. Bacon, pan-seared steaks, Southwest breakfast hash. This is one of our favorites, hands down.

Our Favorite: We honestly can’t tell you which one we love the most. Cook em’ all!

Wicked Stuffed

Type: Keto recipes

Wicked Stuffed is a lot like the other recipe blogs on this list (i.e, AWESOME), but with a bit of a twist: all recipes are 10 carbs or less.

That’s some serious keto deliciousness right there, and all without the guilt. If you’re trying to stay below 30 g of carbs per day, it gets tough.

What we really love about Amanda is her honesty. She’s just a regular girl that loves sharing her keto recipes. No big promises, no photoshopped photos, no nothing—just delicious keto eats.

Our Favorite: Fat-bombed sea salted brownies!

Simple. Fun. Keto!

Type: Family keto recipe blog

Simple. Fun. Keto! is a family-focused blog that introduces new recipes regularly. They also offer 5 and 8-day exogenous ketone packs full of delicious flavors.

It’s a family affair with these guys, and their recipes can be enjoyed by anyone from your spouse to your toddlers.

The benefit from reading their blog is you’ll learn recipes that are geared toward boosting your energy, sharpening your focus, and improving your mood. We love how connected they are to their audience. They’re always posting pictures, talking to people who’ve lost weight because of their blog, and they’re very active on social media.

Our Favorite: Their down-to-earthness.

Keto Food Style Font

Type: Beginner’s guide and recipe site

Keto Food Style loves two things: keto recipes and turmeric. Their beginner’s guide walks you through everything from how to get into ketosis to what to eat to stay there.

They also offer turmeric supplements. The popular satay spice has shown to have health benefits from its intrinsic oils and proteins.

The real selling point is their bi-monthly newsletter that provides tips & tricks, recipes, and keto news. Download their guide and start learning more about keto every month!

Our Favorite: Their helpful newsletter.

Type: Keto application

The Keto Diet App makes sticking to keto a lot easier. The app comes with awesome recipes, restaurant meals, planning & tracking functions, and expert advice for sticking to the diet.

The app is really affordable and highly functional, and it takes the guesswork out of staying on keto (we all know how hard it is to stick to your diet when out at a restaurant).

It’s one of the best healthy eating apps on the market, and the blog is flush with tips, tricks, hacks, and opinions from experts. All in all, it’s a great resource that makes keto way easier and more effective.

Our Favorite: The 800+ recipes available for download.


Type: Supplement and blog for optimizing the keto diet for epilepsy

KetoCal is a nutritional supplement (see other supplements right here) that provides a consistent ratio and complete nutrition. These keto medical foods are designed to help people with epilepsy enjoy the keto diet.

Based on reviews, the supplement actually tastes great. It’s also a great resource for parents and caregivers. You can even learn how to pack a keto lunch for your epileptic child.

Type: Ketogenic epilepsy recipes and support

When your child has epilepsy, your “everyday” is gone. KetoVie’s singular goal is to help you get it back.

They are a company on a mission to help children and their families reclaim normal lives, eat foods they love, and live happier lives. The keto diet has proven to help children with this condition manage seizures and live better lives.

Their site is full of formulas, foods, recipes, support links, and resources for parents who want to regain normalcy and take their everyday back.

Our Favorite: The mission itself. Keep fighting the good fight!

The Nourished Caveman

Type: Keto wellness and recipe blog

The Nourished Caveman is the project of Vivica, a certified nutritionist and creator of the Healing Foods Method. Her goal is to provide recipes that help you feel your best and get you healthy.

With modern, unhealthy diets, a lot of us suffer from conditions like high blood sugar that make us feel tired, moody, and downright unhealthy. Vivica firmly believes healthy eating is the ticket to a happy stomach and a happy you.

She’s got a ton of methods that will help you get fit and get happy fast. 4-week diet plans, a weight loss boot camp, the Healing Foods method—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If that’s not enough, she hosts some amazing interviews from around the world that inspire and delight thousands of readers daily. Great stuff, Vivica!

Our Favorite: The Healing Foods Method is an incredible resource for feeling and looking your best.

Keto Christina

Type: Keto weightloss and coaching resource

There are inspirations and then there’s Christina. Unlike most keto coaches out there, she knows the pain and struggle of being morbidly obese. Since 2016, she’s gone from seriously overweight to the point where it was destroying her life to fit, successful, and happy. If that’s not a success story, we don’t know what is.

Aside from actually living through the struggles of overcoming what seems like an insurmountable goal, she’s also a certified nutrition and health coach. As of now, she’s helped clients shed well over 1,000 pounds of body weight, and that number keeps rising. She’s 100% committed to helping ketoers stick to their goals and lose weight. If you need to lose a lot of weight, she is the girl to help you take your life back.

Our Favorite: She is a great coach and has a great blog, but her story is so inspirational it has to go here.

No Bun Please

Type: Keto on the go resource/recipe blog

Don’t you wish you could eat delicious fast food and still lose weight?

Well, you actually can with keto. That’s why it’s amazing (hmhmhmh Flying Dutchman from In-N-Out Burger!!!!).

The only 3 words you need to know to stick to keto while out are “no bun please.” Also, no bread crumbs or anything like that either.

No Bun Please is the best resource online for staying keto at your favorite fast food places across America. The recipes and tips on the site are great too, but the main reason we turn to it on the regular is we just want to click the Burger King icon and see a delicious meal we can order. If you can’t resist the temptation of the golden arches while on break from work, then read No Bun Please to know what you can eat and what you can’t (hint: meat and cheese!).

No bun please and hold the fries!

Our Favorite: The Flying Dutchman from In-N-Out.

Type: Keto lifestyle and body positivity blog

Leanne is a nutrition educator, keto enthusiast, and women’s empowerment figure that provides tips, recipes, and plans to women to help them break up with their unhealthy eating habits. Another thing she helps them break up with is low self-esteem.

Her goal is to live in a world where all women love their bodies. The ketogenic diet is a great way to get started down that path!

Healthful Pursuit is a great resource for body positivity, tips for sticking to the diet, easy-to-follow meal plans, and overcoming serious issues like depression and projecting negativity.

Our Favorite: Leann’s articles on loving your body and yourself are second to none.

Ditch the Carbs

Type: The ultimate low-carb resource

Ditch the Carbs is like the Costco, WalMart, and Tesco of low-carb foods all in one. It really is the ultimate low-carb resource.

It’s our go-to resource for meal plans, low-carb foods, bundles, instructional videos, helpful articles, and anything else low-carb. They even teach you how to keep your family low-carb.

The site gets straight to the point. No frills, no sales pitches, no nothing—just tons of great products and resources to help you lose weight and live healthily. If you’re looking for anything low-carb, this is what you’re looking for.

Our favorite: Their FREE STUFF section takes the low-carb cake here.

I Breathe I’m Hungry

Type: Keto recipe blog

Mellissa Sevigny is a culinary savant who shares her love of keto through recipes, accessories, and her awesome Keto for Life bestseller.

Her recipes, books, and discussion forum are a great resource for getting fit and connecting with other dieters to share tips and support each other through your journey. What started as a small blog to stay in touch with friends and family back in the great state of Connecticut has turned into a major keto resource for people across the world.

Mellissa struggled hard with an issue that plagues a lot of us: she was always hungry! It’s hard to lose weight that way. Her filling recipes are the perfect tool to keep you satisfied and on track while you diet.

Our Favorite: Her free menu plans.

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