Blood Sugar Premier Review {Keto} 2019 In-Depth Analysis

Blood Sugar Premier Review 
7 Things to Know Before Buying

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While Type 1 diabetes is a disease that typically afflicts people when they are young children, Type 2 diabetes - often called “adult onset” diabetes - strikes people much later in life and is often the result of a lifetime of eating carbohydrates and a high-fat diet.

The CDC says that if you suffer from out of control blood sugars today you can expect to develop Type 2 diabetes within 5 years unless you do something to address the problem. 

For many people that something is weight loss via the fat burning, low-carb keto diet. While others look for alternative treatments to ketogenic diets and MCT oil, like the product we’re about to review here: Blood Sugar Premier.

What is Blood Sugar Premier?

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The first thing you notice if you go to the Blood Sugar Premier website is the promotional video that seems like it was scripted by Stephen King.

There’s the despondent, low energy older gentleman, heart-wrenching tales of disappointed grandchildren and a noose intended to drive home the point that this is a matter of life or death.

It’s all pretty bizarre. But it also raises a question: has someone actually discovered the secret to healthy blood sugar levels?

Blood Sugar Premier is the brainchild of one Dr. Ryan Shelton who claims to have stumbled upon an ancient Chinese text that contains the secret to bringing blood glucose levels under control.

This ancient wisdom apparently leverages the power of herbal medicine to address and, according to Dr. Shelton, solve the problem of dangerous blood sugars. But does it? That’s what we’re going to find out.

What are the ingredients in Blood Sugar Premier?

Reading the Blood Sugar Premier ingredient list is about as much fun as reading a website privacy policy.

That said it contains fenugreek seed, gymnema leaf, berberine and vanadium. Are these the secret ingredients passed down from the ancients? Let’s take a look:

●        Fenugreek seed - Fenugreek is an herb the Chinese have used for thousands of years to help with menstrual cramping, arthritis and levels of blood glucose.

Modern research suggests that large amounts of fenugreek taken after a meal may slightly reduce blood sugar levels.

●       Gymnema leaf - Gymnema is a shrub native to Asia and Africa. Scientific tests suggest there may be something to the claim that it can help lower blood glucose levels. But only if taken in concert with insulin or other diabetes medications.

●        Berberine - Berberine is an extract of the goldenseal plant. Its ability to help control blood sugar levels is questionable. Studies suggest you may need to take as much as 1,500mg per day in order to see any noticeable effect on blood glucose levels.

●        Vanadium - There is virtually no evidence to suggest that using the mineral vanadium to control blood glucose will work. In addition, the long term health effects of taking vanadium regularly have not been studied either.

The bottom line is that, unlike with the keto diet, the jury is out on whether this motley crew of ingredients will actually help lower anything except your bank account balance.

How to use Blood Sugar Premier? 

Using Blood Sugar Premier doesn’t require fasting and is not complicated. Just take one capsule two times a day after you eat.

It doesn’t matter if you take it with breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Just take it twice a day with food.

BloodSugar Pill Bottle

Instructions: How to use Blood Sugar Premier?

Using Blood Sugar Premier doesn’t require fasting and is not complicated. Just take one capsule two times a day after you eat. It doesn’t matter if you take it with breakfast and dinner or breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Just take it twice a day with food. 

How does Blood Sugar Premier taste? 

Blood Sugar Premier is available only in capsule form and as such does not have any discernible taste. You take it after eating and it goes straight into your stomach where metabolic processes take over and it is absorbed by the body.

Does Blood Sugar Premier actually work? 

There is some new evidence to suggest that if you take enough of this product in conjunction with insulin and other diabetes medications it might help lower blood glucose levels.

But if you’re taking insulin then you’ve already slipped over into a diabetic state.

If you have not yet developed diabetes but are concerned you are heading in that unhappy direction a better idea is to adopt the low carb keto diet.

The ability of ketogenic diets to bring blood glucose levels under control is, along with weight loss, one of the most obvious and celebrated benefits of keto.

And one reason products like Famous Keto are so popular. Ketosis works.

So the choice is yours. You can wait to develop diabetes and then put your faith in a guy who trades in scare tactics and tales from the crypt. Or you can hold up a stop sign to the fearmongers and choose Famous Keto to achieve ketosis and obtain actual results.

Are there side effects to using Blood Sugar Premier? 

The potential side effects of this product are, of course, related to its primary ingredients:

●        Berberine is believed to cause low blood pressure, which can cause low energy, dizziness or lightheadedness in people when standing.

●        Gymnema can cause unexpected drops in blood sugar that can be as dangerous as a sudden spike in blood glucose.

●        Fenugreek is commonly found in Indian side dishes but should not be taken by pregnant women and may cause problems for people with allergies to peanuts.

●        Vanadium as we mentioned, has not been studied sufficiently to determine what dangers it might pose. So experience says caution is advised if you are new to this mineral.

Where can I buy Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood Sugar Premier is available through Amazon as well as a number of low profile supplement oriented websites.

Whether you want to spend your hard-earned money on what are essentially supplemental side dishes is entirely up to you. We’d save our energy and opt for keto. Still, if you want to forego fat-burning ketogenic diets and give it a whirl contact the doctor’s website for the current best price here.

Bottom Line: Should you buy Blood Sugar Premier? 

We applaud any product that makes a good faith effort to help people with serious health conditions like high blood glucose.

And while we have issues with the hard-sell marketing for Blood Sugar Premier, we don’t doubt that the good doctor’s heart is in the right place.

That said, if you really want to get a handle on your out of control blood sugars, a better idea would be to lose weight on a high-protein, low-carb diet and get some MCT oil or another supplement that can help you achieve keto quickly and effectively.

That way you can bring your blood glucose levels under control before you tip over into full-fledged Type 2 diabetes.

Getting and staying healthy is too important to mess around with second rate supplements so get the best while you're at it.