Cave Shake NOW Space Shake Review {2019 Update}

Cave Shake NOW Space Shake

Those on the paleo diet attempt to replicate the eating habits of paleolithic (pre-agricultural) humans. That means they mostly eat nuts, roots, wild vegetables, fruit and meat. No grain, no dairy and no sugar. It’s a diet low in carbs and high in protein. The modern paleo diet mirrors and in some ways overlaps with keto diets. Both seek to reduce carbs and both tip the body into a state of ketosis, where fat is burned for fuel instead of carbs. Space Shake is new line of paleo-friendly shakes that hope to catch the attention of paleo and ketogenic diet fans. But can a shake actually be paleo? Below we’ll find out. These type of keto snacks are often over hyped!

Note: Before we get started we should point out that in November of 2018 former NBA star Charles Barkley agreed to invest $250,000 in Cave Shake. The investment occurred at the end of an episode of entrepreneurial reality TV show “Shark Tank”. For his investment Barkley wound up with a 20% ownership stake in the company. As part of the deal the principal owners also agreed to change the name of the product to “Space Shake”. However, because most people at this point know the product by the name “Cave Shake” we are using that moniker for this review. [1]

What is Space Shake?

We’re pretty sure no paleolithic man or woman ever stopped pursuing an antelope across the plains so they could sit down and enjoy a shake break. So right off the bat the Space Shake is wanting in the paleo-cred department. But we’re open-minded types so we’re going to give it a fair shake, so to speak.

The makers of Space Shake appeared on a recent episode of Shark Tank where they claimed it to be paleo friendly and said it increases energy and supports your low-carb, high-protein, ketogenic weight loss efforts. And indeed, it contains no sugar and is low in carbs. It’s also certified USDA organic. Thing is they play games with the information to make is sound more keto paleo vegan friendly than it is. The company says each serving is only 320 calories with 5 grams of carbs. But one of their servings is only 6 ounces. That’s not enough to share with someone. Or make the average person full. [2]

What are the Ingredients in Space Shake?

Each Space Shake is composed of the following ingredients:

  • Organic coconut milk : Like a lot of products these days Space Shake bypasses dairy and replaces it with coconut milk. Like coconut oil coconut milk is often used for baking and skin care.
  • Organic cacao powder: Organic cacao powder is an all-natural alternative to processed cocoa powder. It’s typically bitter and needs to be combined with some sort of sweetener to compensate for that bitterness.
  • Organic vanilla extract: Vanilla is used in a wide variety of foods today from all types of ice cream and other desserts to syrups and even perfumes.
  • Organic guar gum: Organic guar gum is typically used as a thickening agent in foods. A quick search also reveals it’s used in skin care products.
  • Stevia: The FDA does not allow true organic stevia to be used in food products because of its potential dangers. Instead, what is called stevia is largely stevia free and often mixed with dextrose and sugar alcohols.
  • Sea Salt: Sea salt is considered a viable alternative to table salt. As Dr. Axe reminds us “Sea salt contains many of the major electrolytes, like sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, that are absolutely essential to good health.”

 “Sea salt contains many of the major electrolytes, like sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, that are absolutely essential to good health.” [3]

DR. Josh Axe Certified Doctor and Nutritionist

How to Use Space Shake

Space Shakes are easy to use. Simply open the package and drink as much as you like. While the unopened package does not need to be refrigerated once you have opened it you will have to stick any that you don’t consume into the fridge.

How does Space Shake taste?

A typical variety pack consists of chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavors. We tested the Vanilla Space Shake and we have to say it was pretty good. Not great, pretty good. The vanilla flavoring wasn’t overdone but it was sweet. Too sweet in fact. After having a couple (they’re so small one simply isn’t enough) we began entertaining the notion of visiting the local Dairy Queen and ordering a sundae. That ain’t good.

Does Space Shake Actually Work?

“Work” is a relative term here. It doesn’t by itself provide the means to tip you over into ketosis. It’s not technically “paleo” since paleolithic man did not drink coconut milk shakes with stevia in them. And our experience is that it doesn’t really work as a meal replacement either. More likely it will set off your sweet tooth and your love handles will be back in short order. So does it work? It contains some good fats and it works at tasting okay. It also works at initiating sweet cravings. But that’s about it.

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Are there side effects to using Space Shake?

Space Shake ingredients are not without their known side effects:

  • Organic cacao powder: Cacao powder may trigger diarrhea, reflux, migraines, anxiety and cause complications for diabetics.
  • Organic vanilla extract: Vanilla has been known to cause sleep problems in some people as well as headaches. Pure vanilla should not be allowed to contact the skin.
  • Organic guar gum: Guar gum can lower blood pressure in some people and should not be used by people who suffer from intestinal obstructions.
  • Stevia: True organic stevia has raised concerns regarding its potential effects on the heart, kidneys and reproductive systems.
  • Sea Salt: Sea salt is the privacy policy of the diet world. Nobody bothers to read what it’s all about. Fact is too much sea salt is related to increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Where Can I Buy Space Shake?

If you have nothing better to do with your money than pick up keto paleo fad products that may actually set you back your weight loss efforts then Space Shake can be purchased through Amazon or any of a number of low end online retailers. Click here if you want to find the lowest current price.

Bottomline: Should You Buy Space Shake?

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Space Shakes. They taste pretty good, aren’t loaded with carbs and use stevia instead of sugar.

The problem is what consuming these will do to your head. The recommended serving size is 6 ounces.

Do you know many people who drink 6 ounce shakes?

We don’t. In reality 6 ounces won’t do much more than wet your appetite and before you know it you’ll be downing your 2nd (640 calories), 3rd (960 calories) or 4th (1280 calories) and there goes your diet.

There are no do-overs in life so it never pays to play games with your home or your health.

Leave the cleverly marketed fad products to other folks and look into the keto diet and Keto Bodytone instead.

You’ll experience the weight loss you want, bring your blood sugars under control, achieve a higher level of nutrition and enjoy the best long term health benefits.