Collagen Advantage Review - What You Should Know About It

Collagen Advantage Review 
Does It Deliver On All The Promises?

Collagen first came to the attention of the public during the 1980s as a way to get plumper lips. It wasn’t until recently that it began to be touted as a diet supplement. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and helps build and maintain connective tissue.

And that’s important to anyone who is aging or wants to get or stay in great shape. However, the body already produces collagen on its own. So why take a supplement like Collagen Advantage? 

Because, first of all, as we age, collagen production begins to fade. In addition, the more collagen we take, the more the body makes and that can actually have a slew of benefits.

What kind of collagen benefits depends on the quality of the supplement. Let’s take a close look at Collagen Advantage and see if it’s up to the job.

What Is Collagen Advantage?

​Collagen Advantage is a collagen protein powder produced by a company called Bodygood Nutrition. The formula of this powder is bolstered by the inclusion of vitamin C, along with the minerals zinc, magnesium and copper. These are all necessary collagen activators.  

While the company goes to great lengths to emphasize their collagen is pasture-raised, most people understand that you don’t raise collagen in a pasture. You raise cows in a pasture and then take the collagen from them.

Bodygood Nutrition never mentions the word “cow” or “animal” in marketing its collagen powder and that's kind of curious. But if you're vegan or vegetarian, you need to be aware. On the upside, Collagen Advantage is gluten-free, hormone-free, GMO-free, and Kosher. 

Our testing indicates it also mixes fairly well with most non-carbonated beverages. Collagen Advantage also touts the fact that it includes peptides, which are one of the beauty product ingredients du jour. 

Below, we’re going to take a closer look at peptides to find out exactly what they’re all about.

“Skin is made in large measure of a protein called collagen.”

Michael Behe, scientist and author

Company Behind Collagen Advantage and its History

The company behind Collagen Advantage is called Bodygood Nutrition and trying to find information on them is like trying to find an honest politician. Their own website is an opaque wall of non-information.

Even their “about us” page says nothing about them and instead provides a couple of generic pictures of healthy women and a few catchy slogans about the power of goodness. 

A bit more research turns up.... not much. There’s a Facebook page with no relevant information about the company and a couple of other sites that profess to deliver the goods on this company but only repeat the meaningless platitudes on the website. That’s it. 

Does that inspire confidence in you? If it does, more power to you. For us, it’s the one downside of the product.

How To Use Collagen Advantage

There’s no mystery when it comes to using Collagen Advantage. Like most types of supplemental food powders, you are instructed to add a scoop full to your favorite non-carbonated beverages.

In most cases, that will mean water. But some people will mix it with things like fruit juice or coffee. 

The great thing about this type of supplement is that it mixes just as well with either hot or cold beverages. So mix it with your morning coffee and then mix it again with your pre-workout protein shake in the afternoon.

Just try not to take it more than a couple of scoops per day.

Collagen Advantage Ingredients

The ingredients in Collagen Advantage are a pretty straightforward combination of collagen and some complementary nutrients designed to enhance the activity of the collagen.

These ingredients, however, are included in the guise of "proprietary blend."

This is something we're not crazy about just because we think our readers deserve transparency. With that said, here are the main ingredients and the role they play:  

●        Bovine hide collagen - We said earlier that their collagen is sourced from cows and in this case, cow skin. This may seem a bit jarring but it’s actually not at all unusual. Most collagen supplements are gleaned from this very same source. 

This type of collagen is actually considered to be of high quality and exhibits a high level of bioavailability so it’s very important.

●        Zinc - A lot of supplement makers like to claim that zinc helps ramp up collagen production. But according to the NHS, it doesn't.

All isn’t lost, however. Because what zinc does do is prevent the breakdown of existing collagen in the body. 

And since less collagen is broken down via natural metabolic processes, more is available for protein synthesis.

●        Copper - Copper activates an enzyme known as lysyl oxidase that’s essential for allowing collagen to mature. The job of this enzyme is to help fortify the structure of the collagen in order to build a more robust tissue foundation which aids in proper skin hydration. 

●        Manganese - Manganese is another mineral. More than one study suggests thatt it may play a role in bolstering collagen production. Like copper, manganese activates enzymes that are crucial for creating durable collagen structures.

Without both minerals, the quality of the tissue resulting from collagen supplementation would be lacking.

●        Collagen peptides - Collagen peptides are essentially a type of gelatin that is fundamental to retaining skin elasticity and flexibility in your tendons and other tissues. Without enough collagen peptides, our skin appears sallow and lifeless. 

Another symptom that your body isn’t producing or receiving enough collagen peptides is that your finger and toenails become dry and brittle so make sure to eat your peptides.

How Does Collagen Advantage Taste?

Collagen Advantage doesn’t have any discernible taste. That’s actually a good thing because many powdered supplements taste like ground up sticks of chalk.

Keep in mind that you don’t use a supplement like this because it’s some type of tasty treat. You engage in collagen supplementation to attain a higher state of overall health.

“The effectiveness of collagen is debatable, but there’s enough promising research to give it a shot.” 

Dr. Mark Moyad

Benefits and Possible Side Effects of Collagen Advantage

While not exactly the powerhouse supplement the marketing makes it out to be, Collagen Advantage is nonetheless one of the more well-rounded supplements on the market today. Certainly, there are other collagen supplements that will provide a reasonable slate of health benefits. 

But few that are likely to match Collagen Advantage for overall effectiveness. The potential health benefits of Collagen Advantage are:

● Additional vitamins and minerals - As we just saw in the ingredient list Collagen Advantage provides a complement of other vitamins and minerals. Most of which studies suggest are likely to aid gut health and help your body absorb the collagen a better.

This results in stronger, more resilient skin tissue. And stronger, more durable as well as more flexible connective tissue and joints.

● Better skin health - Collage supplements such as this typically do a pretty good job helping produce more lustrous hair and healthy skin. That skin is usually fuller and smoother, with fewer wrinkles and better served by its blood vessels than it would otherwise be, resulting in a more youthful overall appearance.

Collagen Advantage can also be helpful in ensuring joint health and reducing joint pain. 

● Mixes pretty well with liquids - The main advantage of supplementing with collagen peptides instead of other types of gelatin is that it can be effectively mixed with either hot or cold beverages. And indeed, this product does a pretty good job mixing with non-carbonated beverages.

There’s not much to write about in the taste department but such is the nature of supplement powders. 

● It’s fairly pure - Being that the hydrolyzed collagen in Collagen Advantage comes from cows, the product naturally isn't for vegans.
On the other hand, these are said to be free-range cows and not agribusiness cows that spend their life strapped to a feed trough all day while being shot up with hormones. It's also free of GMOs, gluten and artificial colors.

As for adverse effects, there aren't really any to speak of. Maybe a bit of weight gain if you’re not careful.

Does Collagen Advantage Actually Work?

Collagen Advantage works to help build stronger underlying tissues in all departments of your physiology. Our own testing as well as a growing number of customer and professional 3rd party reviews back up that assertion. 

By using it regularly, you should benefit from stronger, more flexible, and durable joints as well as fuller, more lustrous skin. And if you're a workout fiend, there's a good chance it will bolster your muscle-building efforts. That's because it's rich in amino acids. 

Think of collagen as one of the foods that separates a weak, brittle you from a flexible, durable you. Because that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. 

As we get older, the amount of collagen our body produces begins to reduce. This is why older people tend to be less flexible and more injury prone.

As is sometimes the case with eating bone broth, supplementing with Collagen Advantage can help fend off that unhappy development. However, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to taking it long-term.

Where Can I Buy Collagen Advantage?

You can pick up Collagen Advantage over at Amazon by clicking here. It’s also available on a slew of other, less reputable websites. 

But we’d advise taking a pass on them and sticking with Amazon. Just because you never know what you’re going to get sometimes when you buy from some of these other sites. And this is something you’re going to be putting in your body. So you want to ensure you’re getting a safe and effective product.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Collagen Advantage?

If you’re interested in younger looking skin, strong bones and joints, a more durable physique as well as greater overall health, we recommend you try Collagen Advantage.

The health benefits of collagen are well-documented and recommended for just about anyone who’s getting older and is interested in retaining their body’s youthful tensile strength.

While we’re not thrilled with the lack of company transparency as well as their proprietary blend, we can’t argue with the effectiveness of the supplement itself. 

Our testing indicates that Collagen Advantage is among the best collagen supplements on the market today. 

And it’s rich in complementary minerals that improve activation. So pick up some Collagen Advantage over at Amazon and enjoy.