Elite Max Keto Review

Elite Max Keto Review

It seems that just about every day, a new supplement appears on the radar promising to provide ketogenic diet benefits without the work involved in the actual ketogenic diet. Some live up to their own hype.

Many are marginally effective at best. And some are a complete waste of time and money. Especially money. Elite Max Keto claims to be the real deal. Its makers claim it will initiate ketosis and cause you to burn fat at an accelerated rate.

Those are some heavy-duty claims. Does the product live up to its own hype? That’s what this Elite Max Keto review is here to find out.

What Is Elite Max Keto?

Elite Max Keto is a ketogenic diet supplement. Like a lot of other similar products currently on the market, it claims that it can provide keto diet-like weight loss effects without the keto diet.

Some of the ancillary marketing associated with the product goes so far as to claim you’ll lose up to 20 pounds a month just by using Elite Max. 

Now here’s the thing. The keto diet is based on sound science. That science states that when a person eliminates foods rich in carbohydrates from their diet, the body responds by creating ketones, which then metabolize fat and use it for energy.

Obviously, if you're burning fat for fuel, you’re going to lose weight. 

However, your body will always, repeat always, use carbs if they’re available. That too is a scientific fact. So the idea that you can trick your body into burning fat if you’re still eating carbs is nonsense.

On a ketogenic diet, your entire body switches to run mostly on fat, burning fat 24-7.

Dr. Andreas Eefeldt

Who is the Company Behind Elite Max Keto?

That’s a really good question. There is no Elite Max Keto company registered anywhere in the US, and even a close examination of the bottle yields no company information.

Not a good sign. But not something that's particularly surprising. Whenever something becomes as hot a trend as the keto diet, it’s only natural that it attracts the attention of people looking to A) cash in and B) avoid anything that even remotely resembles liability.

To do so, they operate through myriad proxies. 

That seems to be what’s going on here. Since the only things that could even remotely pass for Elite Max Keto websites are a series of phony “review” sites that push the product pretty hard.

At the end of the day, however, it’s a little mystifying that the makers of this product try so hard to stay out of the spotlight. Because, unlike a lot of other keto supplements, this one can actually produce some genuine, if limited, health benefits.

How is Elite Max Keto Used?

The bottle may be vague about who the producer is, but they make it pretty clear how you’re supposed to use the product. Take 2 capsules once a day - or 1 capsule twice a day - with water.

That’s it. According to the marketing associated with the product, its load of BHB ketones should put you into ketosis. Once that happens, you’ll start burning fat for energy instead of carbs. 

There’s just one problem. As we discussed earlier, it is scientifically impossible for a supplement to initiate a ketogenic state if you’re still eating your regular carb-heavy diet.


But also, as we said a few moments ago, Elite Max Keto is still capable of providing some fat burning benefits if you’re already in ketosis.

What are Elite Max Keto Ingredients?

Elite Keto Max ingredients lean heavily on exogenous ketones. Let’s skip to the content below to take a closer look at those ingredients now.

What are Elite Max Keto Ingredients?

Without an official website to turn to for precise information, we’re left to examine the ingredients here for ourselves and draw our own conclusions. So that’s what we’ve done. Here are the ingredients and their relative merits.

BHB Ketones 

Ketosis depends on Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB ketones. When the body detects an absence of carbohydrates, these compounds are generated by the liver. They are then put to work, turning fat stores - in other words love handles and all the other excess fat you’ve been carrying around - into energy. 

But BHB ketones can also be manufactured outside the body. These are called “exogenous” ketones, and they're chemically identical to the ones produced by the liver.

If you're already in ketosis, because you’ve been restricting your carb intake, these exogenous ketones (like the ones in Elite Max Keto) can help you burn away those fat stores a bit faster than you otherwise would. 

Unfortunately, the amount of BHB provided by Elite Max Keto is apparently pretty small, because any accelerated weight loss is pretty modest.

We say “apparently” because there’s no way to know exactly how much is in each capsule. That’s because the company hides the exact amounts behind the dreaded “proprietary blend” label.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

This is nothing more than a fancy way to say "powdered caffeine." And there's quite a bit of it in these capsules. So much, in fact, that if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you’re going to have an issue with this supplement.

Most of our testers were coffee veterans though. And while they commented on the significant caffeine buzz, they were still able to handle it and noted it helped with exercise.

Benefits and Possible Side Effects of Elite Max Keto

The makers of Elite Max Keto make some pretty hefty claims about the potential benefits of their supplement. Let’s take a closer look at some of those alleged benefits and see if they pan out. 

●        It will help you burn fat - If you are already in ketosis because you’ve been restricting your carb intake then, yes, it will provide a limited boost to your fat burning and weight loss efforts. If not, it won’t do anything except give you a caffeine buzz.

●        It will curb your appetite - Ever drink a couple of espressos and then try to eat? It’s not easy. Caffeine is an effective appetite suppressant, and there’s enough here to actually deter some folks from reaching for the refrigerator door.

●        It will initiate ketosis - It won't. The only thing the causes that biochemical state is the near-total elimination of carbs from your diet.

●        It will help you lose 20 pounds a month - Even under ideal conditions, where you’re already in ketosis, 20 pounds a month is a lofty, possibly unreachable, goal. 

As far as side effects go, the biggest side effects will be the substantial caffeine buzz you’re going to experience. Again, if you are used to drinking a lot of coffee, it probably won’t bother you. But if you’re not, you’re in for a rude awakening. And if you take this supplement late in the day, that awakening may occur when you’re trying to get to sleep. 

Ketogenic diets will cause you to lose weight within the first week.

Stacey Mattinson, Registered Dietician

Does Elite Max Keto Work?

Elite Max Keto does to a certain extent, if you are already adhering strictly to the keto diet carb restriction of 30 - 50 grams per day.

Even so, there are other keto diet supplements on the market that will do a better job boosting your metabolism and bolstering your ketogenic fat burning efforts.

Our testing indicates repeatedly that Keto Bodytone will enhance fat burning to an even greater degree and - and this is important - it will likely prevent you from being bounced out of ketosis should you violate the 30 - 50 grams restriction on occasion. 

So, unlike a lot of other keto diet weight loss pills, Elite Max Keto is a legit supplement. And if you pick up some Elite Max Keto, it’s not like you’re going to be throwing your money away. 

However, for about the same price, you can pick up a more effective keto fat burning supplement in the form of Keto Bodytone.

In the end, it's your money, of course. But why would you spend that hard-earned money on a lesser product?

Are Elite Max Keto Reviews Good?

Elite Max Keto reviews are generally good. And that’s to be expected. This is a legit product, as we mentioned. Just not the most effective of the keto diet supplements currently on the market.

What are Users Saying About Elite Max Keto?

Reactions to Elite Max Keto run the gamut from very pleased to extremely unhappy. Here's a representative cross-section of customer feedback. 

Amazon user Kimberley is pretty happy with the product. - “After using these pills, I am having less difficulty fighting those carb urges” 

Another user touched on something we try to warn people about: the danger of buying from unknown online sellers - “Be careful which keto product you buy. As you have probably noticed, there are a number of different companies selling this product.” 

By the same token, however, other users weren’t so impressed or so kind. 

Someone calling themselves Vintage Vegan states - “Complete gimmick.”

While another user named Mary stated - “Waste of money. Gain weight fast.” 

We tend to dismiss feedback from people who won’t provide real names. Sorry Vintage. But the rest of the reviews seem genuine enough.

Where can I buy Elite Max Keto?

Although our testing indicates that Elite Keto Max may help a bit with keto weight loss, you have to wonder about the company that distributes it. They don’t even have a basic website.

Something that constitutes “business 101” here in the early 21st century. So that’s a problem. Because they don’t have their own website, you’re reduced to having to purchase this product via any one of numerous very shady looking secondary sites.

Still, if you don’t mind buying a 2nd tier product from a manufacturer who wants to remain anonymous, and who sells their product from questionable proxy site, you can pick some up here. We’re told by reputable sources that you’ll also get the best available price there.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Elite Max Keto?

As we’ve stated, Elite Max is not just another rebranded weight loss pill. Under certain conditions, it will likely bring home some ketogenic diet benefits.

However, you shouldn't settle for less if you don't have to. And in this case, you definitely don't have to.

Therefore we can't recommend that you spend your hard-earned money on Elite Max Keto. 

Instead, we recommend you pick up some Keto Bodytone. Keto Bodytone regularly comes out at the top of the field in our testing of keto diet supplements.

Its complement of BHB ketones is highly pure and extremely potent, and it gets right in there and gets to work.

It won’t initiate ketosis all by itself. No supplement will. However, unlike virtually every other keto weight loss supplement on the market, it will help accelerate ketogenic fat burning once you’re in ketosis.

And it will cover for you should you have one of those bad carb days most keto dieters experience sometimes.