E'ryday Labs Clean Keto Review - READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!

E’ryday Labs Clean Keto Supplements Review

The keto diet has emerged from almost complete obscurity to become the most talked-about weight loss program ever. Developed over a century ago to treat a variety of neurologic conditions it's based on rock-solid science and is the only can't-miss diet in existence. 

If you adhere to the low-carb dictates of the ketogenic diet you will lose weight. Simple as that. So why did the keto diet languish in obscurity for so long? Primarily because, for most people, it's low-carb requirement means giving up most of their favorite foods. 

There are, however, a number of supplements on the market today that profess to buy you some keto leeway. That is, they claim they'll deliver keto diet results without your having to become a carb hermit. E'ryday Labs Clean Keto is one of those supplements. We're here to put it to the test.

What is E’ryday Labs Clean Keto?

E’ryday Labs Clean Keto is a dietary supplement intended to help enhance the health benefits of the ketogenic diet. This supplement is provided in powder form which the user is encouraged to mix with their favorite low-carb, non-carbonated beverage. 

E’ryday Labs produce two forms of Clean Keto. One is unflavored and the other is berry flavored. The unflavored option is a good choice if you don’t want the supplement to spoil the taste of your host beverage. While the berry flavor is light and agreeable and stands on its own. 

Each of these supplements provides a generous dose of BHB ketones, which are chemically identical to the ketones your own body produces when you enter ketosis. 

These ketones are referred to on the “unflavored” package as being “betahydroxybutyrate salts”. But don’t worry. It’s not like table salt. 

Our issue with the marketing for this product has nothing to do with the quality of the BHB salts, but rather with the claims that it’s “everything you need to begin or restart ketosis”.

The implication is that you can continue to enjoy your carb-heavy diet and if you take Clean Keto it will start or restart ketosis for you. It won't. Nothing will produce a ketogenic state except drastically reducing your carbohydrate intake to about 1/10 of what is normal for most people. 

To their credit, E’ryday Labs does not make this claim on the unflavored package. Only on the berry flavor packaging. 

Ketones can stand in as glucose for fuel when we’re not eating carbs

Julia Belluz, dietician

Are Clean Keto Supplements Safe?

We found no reason to think Clean Keto powder supplements present any type of health hazard. They contain three forms of BHB salts - magnesium, sodium and calcium - along with a bit of calcium silicate and, in the case of the berry flavor, stevia extract, monk fruit extract and natural flavorings. 

That’s it. Nothing odious. No common food allergens, genetically modified organisms, sugar, dairy or artificial preservatives. And, best of all, no caffeine. 

We say ‘best of all’ because one of the telltale signs of an ineffective keto diet supplement is the inclusion of caffeine. It is often added in the form of caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract or some other similarly harmless-sounding additive. 

But what it’s really there to do is to fool you into thinking the supplement is working to help you burn fat. Any keto supplement worth its salt (so to speak) leaves the caffeine out and produces its benefits strictly on the merits of its relevant ingredients. 

Another reason to like Clean Keto is that E'ryday Labs doesn't try to hide an inadequate BHB ketone load behind the facade of the "proprietary blend". The proprietary blend label was created by the FDA decades ago in order to allow companies to comply with ingredient disclosure laws without giving away the exact details of their secret formula. 

However, it didn't take long for less scrupulous manufacturers to realize they could hide their inadequacies behind the PB label. To their credit, E'ryday Labs does not do that.

Ingredients of E’ryday Labs Clean Keto

Some supplement makers try to blind you from their deficiencies by adding all sorts of superfluous ingredients. You won’t find any of that here. The Clean Keto ingredient list is short and sweet and includes the following: 

●        BHB ketone salts - Clean Keto provides generous amounts of the three most important BHB ketones: calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Each packet contains 3800mg of each, which is enough to ramp up your fat-burning efforts and even provide some cover if you experience a bad carb day.

By that we mean if you accidentally (or intentionally) consume too many carbs one day, Clean Keto should prevent you from being kicked out of ketosis as a result.

Now, if you're going to string together bad carb days it won't be able to help. But for the occasional misstep, it will have your back.  


●        Calcium silicate - Calcium silicate is a benign compound derived most commonly from limestone and certain types of sedimentary rocks. In food products, it is typically used to prevent a product from caking during shipping and storage. And that is what it's used for here. To prevent these BHB powders from caking up over time and becoming useless. Both the US FDA and the WHO consider it a safe additive.

Does Clean Keto Work?

Of course, the question everyone wants answered is whether or not Clean Keto actually works. As we mentioned earlier in this review, it will not induce a state of ketosis if you are still eating your normal carb-heavy diet.

Because some of the packaging strongly suggests it will, we have to take off a few points. We’d also love to see them change the wording on the Berry Flavor product to more accurately reflect this reality.

In general though, our testers found Clean Keto to be a valuable adjunct to their low-carb, high-fat keto diet. With several mentioning they experienced slightly enhanced weight loss, improved mental clarity, and reduced appetite. 

That last effect is fairly difficult to produce. Most supplements rely on caffeine to kill your appetite. It's a good sign if your keto diet product can reduce appetite without relying on caffeine.

What are the Benefits of E’ryday Labs Clean Keto?

In some cases, it can be difficult to pin down what, if any, effect a particular keto diet supplement will have on a person’s keto weight loss efforts. Sometimes the effects are so subtle as to be virtually negligible. Happily, that’s not the case with Clean Keto.

This is one of the few keto supplements we’ve tested that produced easily quantifiable results, even if it won’t induce ketosis all by itself. What it will do is...

●       Enhance keto weight loss - Several of our testers noted with enthusiasm that Clean Keto helped speed up their weight loss by as much as 10-20% per week. While that’s not the best we’ve ever seen, it is nonetheless what we expect to see from some of the better keto supplements. And the fact that it doesn't have any caffeine or other objectionable ingredients is the icing on the cake.  

●        Prompt loss of appetite - This was perhaps the most surprising benefit our testers experienced from using Clean Keto. Mind you, there were a few who reported no loss of appetite. But a significant majority said Clean Keto very definitely reduced their appetite. And just as significantly, reduced sugar cravings, which can often plague those on the keto diet. 

●        Enhance energy and mental clarity - These two tend to go hand in hand because people with more energy tend to be more active. Activity, in turn, produces greater blood flow which delivers more oxygen to the brain. Hence, greater mental clarity. That’s just the way it works here. 

●       Protect from bad carb days - Anyone who has ever been on the keto diet has had a day when they - accidentally or not - consumed too many carbs. In most instances, it doesn’t take much more than a single carb-heavy meal to bounce someone out of ketosis.

We deliberately had some of our testers eat one of those keto-killer meals. In every case, they were able to maintain their ketogenic state.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, we need to reiterate that when our test subjects were directed to consume normal carb levels over the course of several meals they were all bounced out of ketosis. So Clean Keto should protect you from the occasional indiscretion or mistake. But it’s not a substitute for the keto diet.

Possible Side Effects of Using Clean Keto

Because it’s actually an effective keto supplement, there’s a chance Clean Keto will exacerbate some of the side effects of the keto diet including:

The so-called “keto flu” - Some people experience flu-like symptoms after transitioning to the keto diet. These symptoms may include sore throat, headaches, and achy muscles. Typically, symptoms pass once the body acclimates to the new dietary reality.

Peeing more often - When fat cells are metabolized for energy they release water that was stored in them. Metabolizing untold numbers of fat cells can produce enough water to prompt more frequent urination. It’s actually a good sign though.

● Fatigue - Any time you subject your body to a major diet or lifestyle change, it may take it a while to adjust. Until it does, it’s possible you may suffer from low energy or fatigue. It should pass.

Experts note that the low-carb plan is generally a quick, effective weight loss strategy.

US News & World Report

​Where can I buy E’ryday Labs Clean Keto?

E’ryday Labs Clean Keto is still a relatively new product and the company that produces it is not an international conglomerate with ultra-deep pockets. Therefore, you won’t find it on Amazon (yet) or any of the other keto product related sites.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can pick up all you want from the company’s own online store here. Buying direct from the manufacturer is actually a good way to ensure you get the product you expect. And that’s important since a lot of third party sites sell quickly-produced knock-offs in an attempt to cash in.

Bottom Line: E’ryday Labs Clean Keto?

We’ve said it before and it’s true: we love to find new products that actually make the lives of people on the restrictive keto diet a little easier. In many cases, we are unable to recommend a particular product.

In this case, however, we’re happy to recommend E’ryday Labs Clean Keto supplement for anyone looking to get a bit more from their keto diet efforts.

While we’re not crazy about the fact that the packaging implies it can induce ketosis by itself, the product delivers in just about every other way that’s important.

It speeds up weight loss, provides a boost of energy, reduces your appetite and provides cover against the occasional carb ‘slip.’

And it does all of that without burdening you with an unwanted caffeine buzz or loading you up with questionable ingredients.