Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills Review

Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills Review

The ketogenic diet emerged from the back pages of medical journals about a decade ago to take the weight loss and fitness community by storm.

With a seemingly endless parade of celebrities touting their trimmer, keto-derived figures on social media, everyone wanted in on this miracle weight loss breakthrough.

As the popularity of the ketogenic diet soared, scores of companies large and small entered the keto diet supplement market.

Many offered to help people enhance their keto weight loss efforts.

While others offered ketogenic effects without having to give up carbs.

Toplux Keto Advanced Weight Loss supplement is one of those claiming it can do both. We’re here to find out if it can.

What Is Keto Advanced Weight Loss?

Keto Advanced Weight Loss is a dietary supplement produced by Toplux intended to help people lose weight. Toplux (formerly Lux Supplement) claims their product will generate metabolic effects similar to what people would achieve on the keto diet.

They say that Keto Advanced will induce a ketogenic state for those unwilling to reduce their carbohydrate intake.

And that those already on the keto diet will see dramatically faster weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease, increased energy and stabilized blood glucose levels. 

Our tests indicate it cannot induce ketosis, but it may have a role to play in providing more energy.

Mostly because it contains a lot of caffeine. The reason it will not tip you over into a ketogenic state is because that can only occur by drastically reducing your carb intake to some 30 - 50 grams per day.

When you consider that the average American adult consumes 400+ grams of carbs per day, you can see why some people look to supplements to help them with the keto diet eating plan.

Entering into a state of ketosis can be helpful for a number of reasons — such as for improved energy levels

Dr. Axe

Is Keto Advanced Weight Loss Safe?

Our tests indicated that there is no reason to think Keto Advanced Weight Loss is unsafe.

It won’t enhance nutrition, but it contains only two active ingredients - BHB ketones and caffeine - and neither of them are considered dangerous. BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) ketones are chemically identical to those produced by the body.

So there is no reason for the body to revolt against them. Your body will just pee them out if it can’t use them. 

The caffeine in Keto Advanced by Toplux might cause negative reactions in some people who are not expecting it.

Or those who have a sensitivity to caffeine. Still, it’s not dangerous in and of itself. And if it bothers someone, they can simply stop taking the supplement. So yes, on the whole, Keto Advanced Weight Loss should be considered safe.

How Does Keto Advanced Weight Loss Work?

In theory, Keto Advanced works by providing your body with a hefty load of BHB salts. These are supposed to help you burn fat for energy faster if you’re already in ketosis.

And if you’re not, they’re supposed to tip you over into ketosis, regardless of what you’re eating. 

Carbs are your body’s preferred source of fuel and nutrition, and it will always burn carbs if they are available.

However, if you deny your body carbs, it will, after a couple of days, start producing BHB ketones.

These will then attack your fat reserves and start metabolizing them. This is ketosis. And once this starts, you lose weight. 

If you are still getting calories from carbs, however, no amount of BHB will tip you over into ketosis.

If you are already in ketosis though, Keto Advanced by Toplux may help you burn through those fat stores a little faster.

Or it may not.

Our testing indicated that for every person who reported a slight boost in energy and weight loss, there was someone else who saw no difference.

Ingredients of Alka Tone Keto

The ingredient list for Keto Advanced is short and includes only 2 active ingredients as we mentioned earlier. 

●        BHB ketone salts - BHB ketones are the workhorse of ketogenic weight loss. They are the compounds that root out fat and turn it into a power source. By doing so, they melt away that spare tire around your midsection, causing you to lose weight. Keto Advanced Weight Loss features the 3 most important types of BHB: sodium, magnesium and calcium. 

●        Caffeine - Keto Advanced by Toplux makes a lot of its alleged ability to increase energy levels. But most of that comes by way of a pretty significant caffeine dose. This is a fairly common tactic for keto supplement producers. So we’re not surprised to see it here. The caffeine is usually intended to mask the inadequacies of the keto supplement. It provides you with a jolt that makes you think the supplement is working. 

While BHB ketones are necessary for any keto supplement to work, including a truly effective one like Famous Keto, there simply don’t seem to be enough of them here to make much of a difference. Even under ideal conditions where a person is already on the low-carb keto diet. 

But it’s impossible to know just how much of each BHB salt is present in this supplement because they hide the amounts behind the “proprietary blend” label. The PB label is a legal way for companies to hide the fact that they’re not giving you much of what you want.

What Are The Effects of Keto Advanced Weight Loss in Keto Diet?

The effects of Keto Advanced Weight Loss are difficult to determine because the supplement is not very potent. However, if you are already on the low-carb keto diet, you may experience a bit more zip. Some have also reported slightly enhanced weight reduction. Others have reported no effects.

The keto diet can be highly beneficial for people living with type 2 diabete

Dr. Sarah Hallberg

Benefits of Keto Advanced Weight Loss

It’s difficult to determine the effects of Keto Advanced because the proprietary blend is so weak. This also makes it difficult to quantify any benefits you might derive from taking this supplement. However, a small percentage of our testers did report a few benefits. Those generally took the form of: 

●        Enhanced energy - This particular health benefit is not surprising given the amount of caffeine in this supplement. According to the marketing, any boost was supposed to come from the ketone salts and protein in your diet. But it’s far more likely that any extra energy is just a good old fashioned caffeine rush. Nonetheless, a boost is a boost. Even if it’s not coming from the BHBs. 

●        Accelerated weight loss - There were a few of our testers who claimed that their keto-related weight reduction accelerated once they started taking this supplement. Not by much - a couple of pounds - but it did accelerate to some degree. A significant majority, however, reported no difference in how fast they were losing weight. 

●        Loss of appetite - This is another much-touted benefit of Keto Advanced. And another that is the result of the caffeine. Ever try eating a meal after a double espresso? Neither has anyone else. Because caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant. But we’ll give credit where it’s due because no matter what is causing it, the supplement does have a tendency to reduce your appetite. 

So, the benefits of Keto Advanced by Toplux seem to have less to do with the BHB salts and low-carb diets than they do with the caffeine. And that’s not surprising.

Possible Side Effects of Keto Advanced Weight Loss

There is a remote chance that Keto Advanced may cause a tiny uptick in metabolic ketosis. As such, any side effects will be the side effects of ketosis itself. Just magnified a bit. Those side effects include: 

●        Fatigue - Ironic that a supplement that is supposed to provide extra power might actually cause you to feel fatigued. But any time you put your body through a major change, it may take a while to adjust. And the keto diet is a major change. 

●        More frequent urination - When you metabolize a fat cell you release the water stored up inside it. Burn billions of fat cells via ketosis and all that water is going to add up to more frequent trips to the bathroom. 

●        Keto flu - During the early stages of ketosis many people experience flu-like symptoms. This is called the “keto flu” and it typically passes after a couple of weeks. We should also note that some people never experience this. 

●        Vitamin and mineral deficiency - It can take some time to find nutritious keto-friendly food recipes to eat. As a result, some people experience a vitamin and mineral deficiency until they become adept at gleaning proper nutrition from the keto diet with its emphasis on fat and protein. BHB supplements can sometimes aggravate this. 

●        Caffeine rush - This is the most likely side effect of taking this particular supplement. It will be even more pronounced in those who are caffeine sensitive. They may feel jittery and find themselves talking more than they usually do.

​Where can I buy Keto Advanced Weight Loss?

Keto Advanced can be found most days on Amazon. It can also be had via a large number of fairly shady looking secondary websites.

These sites typically provide supposedly “unbiased” Keto Advanced Weight Loss reviews that are dripping with breathless praise and surrounded with lots of generic photos of skinny young ladies in bikinis, frolicking in the surf. 

The question we would encourage you to ask yourself before buying this particular supplement though is “why?” It won’t put you into ketosis as it claims.

It likely won’t do much to accelerate your keto diet weight loss efforts. It may wind up giving you an unwelcome caffeine rush. And there are other products on the market like Famous Keto that will do a much better job. 

So, if it were up to us we’d save our money. But your money is your money. So if you are intent on trying Keto Advanced for yourself, all we can say is “good luck”. And we’d strongly advise buying from Amazon, where we’re told you’ll also get the best price.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy ​Keto Advanced Weight Loss?

We believe that the more high-quality keto diet supplements on the market the better.

However, our testing indicates that Keto Advanced by Toplux is not one of those high-quality supplements.

Instead, it's minimally effective, is propped up by unsubstantiated claims and it hides its inadequacies behind the proprietary blend label.

So we would suggest you take a pass.

Instead of wasting your money on an inferior product, a better plan is to invest in some Famous Keto.

It regularly scores highest on our tests and doesn’t waste time trying to convince you it will do things that are metabolically impossible.

What it will do is speed up your weight loss, help stabilize your blood sugars and provide some protection against days when you might eat too many carbs. Try it.