Keto Blast Review [2019 Update] Read This Before Buying!

Keto Blast Review
Can Diet Supplementation Really Create Ketosis?

Keto Blast Review

You’re here because the time has come to turn the page and take advantage of what ketosis has to offer when it comes to sustainable weight loss and overall health. And that’s great.

You’ve heard about Keto Blast and you’re wondering whether BHB can provide the boost you need to ramp up your keto efforts. The truth is there are a lot of BHB-based supplements out there vying for your attention these days.

And they all claim to reduce food cravings, enhance mental acuity, increase energy levels and produce keto-like effects even if you can’t stick to a mere 20 grams of carbs per day. Some live up to those expectations. But is Keto Blast one of those? Stick with us and we’ll find out.

What is Keto Blast?

Ketoblast is an all-natural supplement that harnesses the power of BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate) ketones to supercharge your low carb weight loss efforts.

Whether you adhere strictly to a keto diet or just want to enjoy some of the fat burning effects of keto without having to virtually eliminate carbs from the menu, the makers of Keto Blast say their product will deliver for you.

They also say the product will help you build lean muscle mass and achieve greater mental acuity and focus.

That’s a lot for a simple keto diet supplement to do. And it would be nice if it lived up to all that hype. 

But while there is a lot to like with this product, there were also a couple of issues with Keto Blast that became apparent to us right out of the review gate.

And while they aren’t necessarily deal breakers, they nonetheless cast the product in a less than favorable light for no apparent reason. We’ll get into those in just a bit. But first let’s look at what’s in Keto Blast.

What are the Ingredients in Keto Blast?

The Ketoblast ingredient list starts out in pretty unremarkable fashion. There are Vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E for instance.

They’re all very well and good and will no doubt help you as you transition from a carb burner to a fat burner. Once you leave the vitamins behind you get into the mineral list which includes:

●        Calcium - If you’re going to build a leaner stronger physique you’re going to need strong healthy bones to hang it on. Calcium will help you achieve them.

●        Magnesium - Magnesium is an important item for maintaining a healthy immune system and aids in nerve function. It also plays a role in maintaining a normal, healthy heart rhythm.

Keto Blast One

●        Sodium - According to doctor and best-selling health expert Joel Fuhrman “Sodium is an important mineral that is essential for proper functioning of the human body.” ‘Nuf said.

●        Potassium - Potassium is another electrolyte that performs many of the same or similar jobs to what sodium does. It’s important for the nervous system and it too gets flushed down the toilet at an elevated rate when people go keto.

●        BHB - Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is an exogenous ketone body that plays a supporting role to the endogenous ketones being produced naturally by your body when you enter ketosis. BHB is the backbone ingredient of Keto Blast.

How Does Keto Blast Work?

Keto Blast works by enhancing the effectiveness of the ketones your own body produces naturally when you enter ketosis. And it does a pretty good job of that. The makers of Ketoblast recommend you take two capsules once a day with food. That’s it. But, as we mentioned earlier, almost as soon as we began the testing phase of our review process, we ran into a few disconnects between the Keto Blast marketing claims and reality.

●        First, they don’t share with you that if you are not maintaining strict adherence to the low carb keto diet that Ketoblast won’t do you much good. It’s simply not potent enough to tip you over into ketosis on its own.

●        Second, they say it will produce lean muscle mass. They even mentioned that on Shark Tank. But they fail to mention that unless you get out there and begin lifting weights on a regular basis that you have no chance of developing the “lean muscle mass” they promise and…

●        Third, they claim that Blast Keto is an “advanced ketosis activator”. When in reality it’s really more of an advanced ketosis enhancer.

That last point may seem like splitting hairs but it’s important. The word “activator” implies that Ketoblast will, by itself, put you into ketosis. Try as we might however, (and we tried), it simply wouldn’t do that. The fact is that, as we said, unless you are also adhering to a strict keto diet it won’t do you much good.

How Does Keto Blast Taste?

Keto Blast doesn’t have any taste. It’s not a meal replacement shake or a snack bar. Technically, they’re not even keto diet pills. They are supplemental keto pills that you take with water after eating. As such, there is no taste good or bad.

Does Keto Blast Actually Work?

Above we delved into a few of the complete disconnects between the marketing for this BHB supplement and the reality. And to be honest we’re not quite sure why the makers would think it necessary to make outlandish claims that can’t be backed up (such as saying it will “activate” ketosis on its own). Because our testing revealed a product that actually does a pretty good job augmenting the fat burning capabilities of ketosis.

Keto Blast won’t take you all the way home on its own. You’ll still have to cut back drastically on your carbohydrate intake for that. But if you do adhere to the carb restrictions of the keto diet it will enhance your weight loss efforts and enable you to burn fat faster than if you did the keto diet only. That’s a pretty commendable thing. And something the company should be proud to brag about. Instead, what the product actually does well gets lost in a barrage of poorly considered hard-sell claims that don’t hold water.

So does it work? Yes. Just not in the way the marketing would have you believe. Its capabilities are more modest than the company claims. Although they’re still real and quantifiable.

If you’re looking for a BHB supplement that will actually produce the effects of ketosis whether you are on the ketogenic diet or not you’re better off with something like Keto BodyTone.

Can Keto Blast be Dangerous?

Keto Blast is not dangerous to your health. It is a simple BHB weight loss supplement that is designed and intended to tip your body into ketosis. Of course, as we mentioned it won’t do that by itself. You will need to do your part by limiting carbohydrate intake. Ideally, if you wish to adhere to the keto diet you should limit yourself to 20 grams of carbs per day. The only danger associated with that kind of drastic restriction of carbohydrates is that your new diet may not include a wide enough variety of foods and will wind up vitamin deficient, iron deficient or chronically constipated (if you don’t get enough fiber or drink enough water).

Is Keto Blast bad for your liver?

No, Keto Blast is not bad for your liver. The liver was designed through millions of years of evolution to naturally produce ketones in the event the body needed to shift from carbs to fat for an energy source. Since there is no substantive difference in the ketones naturally produced by the liver and the exogenous ketones in Blast Keto the liver won’t have any problem dealing with them. Therefore you should feel perfectly confident taking the recommended amount and not worrying about internet horror stories you may have read in the privacy of your home.

“There is a lot of mis-information and dis-information - if not outright, unwarranted hysteria - concerning the potential risks of a low-carbohydrate, fat-based, ketogenic diet.”

​Nora Gedgaudas 

Best-selling author of Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet

The same goes for your kidneys as well. There is zero evidence that the ketones in Keto Blast will do any harm to your kidneys. In fact, if you restrict carbohydrates, increase protein and take Keto Blast your blood sugars should stabilize at normal levels and you’ll get back in contact with stable blood pressure. And since those are the two main risk factors for kidney failure (high blood sugar and high blood pressure) you should actually be in much better overall health from taking exogenous ketones and following the keto diet.

Are There Any Side Effects to Keto Blast?

We’ve already seen that Keto Blast presents no danger to either your liver or your kidneys. But because you should be using this product in concert with a low-carb diet you may well experience some side effects from that. And, the severity of those side effects could be magnified by Keto Blast.

If you read many Keto Blast reviews by customers you’ll soon realize that a lot of people purchase BHB supplements without really understanding what ketosis is or how it can impact them both physically and mentally. They have heard that if they take BHB supplements like Keto Blast that they will burn fat and lose weight. And that’s true, in certain terms. But it’s only part of the story. The keto low carb diet is the other part and like email and the internet you simply can’t separate the two.

a doctor holding a test result

Some of the side effects of the low carb ketogenic diet that may be exacerbated by BHB supplements like Blast Keto include:

●        Sugar cravings - Carbohydrates are metabolized into glucose which the body uses for energy. When you eliminate carbs, you eliminate the glucose supply your body is used to. As a result it’s not unusual for people in ketosis to experience sugar cravings.

●        Dizziness - During the transition from using carbs to using fat for fuel some people experience lightheadedness. If you move in and out of ketosis regularly you are more likely to experience this than if you achieve and then remain in a state of ketosis.

●        Physical weakness - When they cut down on carbohydrates some people also wind up eliminating valuable nutrients that were a byproduct of those carb heavy meals. If you’re going to reduce carbs and take a BHB weight loss supplement you need to make sure you’re getting the other nutrients you need.

●        Frequent Urination - When people transition from burning carbs to burning fat it is not uncommon for them to urinate more frequently. The exact physiological reasons for this are complex. But it’s fair to say that if you’re doing the Keto Blast keto diet you may urinate even more.

●        Constipation - Some folks don’t drink enough water to compensate for all the extra peeing they’re doing and wind up dehydrated. This can lead to another side effect: constipation.

As we said you can’t separate Keto Blast from the keto diet and so any side effects of the low carb diet may be magnified by taking Keto Blast.

Where Can I Buy Keto Blast?

Keto Blast would not be our first choice for BHB diet pills (that would be Keto Bodytone) but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely without merit. These are decent blast keto diet pills. Just not the best in our humble opinion. Still, if you’re keen to give it a whirl you can find it at the best currently available price by clicking here.

Bottomline: Should you Buy Keto Blast?

Keto Blast has its upside and it’s certainly no scam. If you were to purchase it you would likely see some benefit. That is, as long as you also adhered to a strict keto diet of less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Do that and Keto Blast diet supplement should help accelerate your fat reduction efforts. However, for our money Keto Bodytone is the more effective weight loss supplement.

Its combination of Omega 6 fatty acids, generous amounts of BHB, MCT oil and more lets you enjoy the benefits of the keto diet without having to be religious about your carb restrictions.

And since none of us are perfect, it’s good to have a product on your side that will compensate for your being human.

Again, if you are strict about sticking to a perfect keto diet Keto Blast will likely help you enhance your weight loss efforts to some degree.

But Purefit Keto will produce virtually the same results, will help you lose weight and will free you from having to be perfect.