Keto Clarity Review

To say that the keto diet has become popular is an understatement since it’s the most popular diet phenomenon since Weight Watchers. 

Unlike every other diet plan ever created, however, the keto diet is based on rock-solid science. There are no gimmicks. No premade meals to buy and no clubs to join. The ketogenic diet harnesses your body’s own metabolic processes to produce rapid, significant weight loss through carbohydrate restriction. 

But what if you could replicate ketogenic diet effects without having to give up spaghetti and your other favorite foods? Because that’s what Keto Clarity says it can do.

But can it succeed where so many other keto supplements have failed? That’s what we’re here to find out with this review guide.

What Is Keto Clarity?

Keto Clarity is one of a number of keto diet supplements that have hit the market lately. But it doesn’t have anything to do with the book of the same name by Jimmy Moore, who also authored Cholesterol Clarity. Nor does Jimmy Moore have anything to do with the production and sale of this supplement. 

With that said, this is a supplement that claims it can induce nutritional ketosis and burn fat.

Now if you know anything about the ketogenic state, you know that it can only be initiated by denying your body the carbs it prefers to use for fuel. If it can’t find them, it will revert to producing ketone bodies that will metabolize fat. 

The best ketogenic diet supplements provide you with BHB ketones in sufficient quantity to help you burn fat a bit faster, once you’re already in ketosis.

Some, like Famous Keto, will also help prevent you from bouncing out of ketosis should you have a bad day and eat too many carbs. But none can actually produce ketosis all by themselves. 

So Keto Clarity puts itself behind the 8-ball right out of the gate by claiming it can.

How to Use Keto Clarity

According to information on the bottle, you should take Keto Clarity about half an hour before eating. They don’t specify whether that means before every meal or just before dinner. Don’t worry though. Ketones aren’t dangerous. If you take too many for your body to use, you’ll just pee them out. 

Keep in mind that the scientific literature is clear: it’s impossible for a supplement to initiate nutritional ketosis. As such, you’ll need to already be on the low-carb high-fat diet and in a ketogenic state before you take these. If you’re not, you won’t just pee some of them out, you’ll pee them all out. 

So we gave this supplement to several test subjects who were already keto diet success stories to see if it produced any quantifiable difference in how fast they burned fat.

We also asked them to deliberately eat too many carbs one day to see if, like Famous Keto, Keto Clarity could prevent them from being bounced out of ketosis by the extra carbs. 

A couple of our test subjects thought that it may have helped them lose weight a bit faster than they were before they started taking it. Others saw no difference. When it came to protecting them from a bad carb day, however, everyone who loaded up on carbs wound up being bounced from ketosis and had to start over again.

​The keto diet includes foods that would traditionally be limited on diets, such as bacon and eggs.

Christy Brissette, MS, RD

Keto Clarity Ingredients

To their credit, the makers of Keto Clarity keep things simple when it comes to ingredients. There are no superfluous additives intended to create the impression it’s more well-rounded than it is. 

And, best of all, these pills don’t just load you up on caffeine as a way to compensate for the lack of actual ketones. Instead, their ingredient list is comprised of one active ingredient and some inert fillers. That active ingredient is: 

●        BHB Ketones - BHB (or Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) ketones are what the body produces in order to metabolize fat into energy. So it’s safe to say that without them, there is no ketosis. 

Exogenous BHB ketones like these (“exogenous” meaning “originating outside the body”) are identical to the ones your body produces. So, if you’re already in ketosis, they may help you burn fat a little faster. 

But there are two problems here. The first is that if you're not in ketosis already, all the exogenous BHB ketones on earth won’t be of any use. BHB ketones are not causal in nature. That is, they don’t cause ketosis. They’re a result of it. To suggest otherwise is like saying ice causes cold weather when it’s just a result of cold weather. 

The other problem is that the dosage it provides you with is not exactly robust. So even if you’re already on a 21-day meal plan and in ketosis, it’s unlikely this supplement is potent enough to help. Even if you take it as directed. 

And that explains why Keto Clarity did not prevent our testers from being bounced out of ketosis when they intentionally ate too many carbs. The supplement just isn’t very potent. The only supplement we tested prior to this that will cover for you (at least in the short term) if you eat a few too many carbs is Famous Keto. After our research into Keto Clarity, it’s still the only one.

What Are Some Keto Clarity Side Effects?

Keto Clarity side effects tend to be mild to non-existent. However, if you’re already in ketosis, it may exacerbate the side effects of the ketogenic lifestyle. Those medical side effects typically include: 

●        Frequent urination - When fat cells are metabolized they release the pent up water they’ve been storing. Once you really start burning fat this will result in more frequent urination.

●        Low blood sugar levels - When you banish carbs from your diet, it may take a while for your body to adjust. In the short term, it may pump out more insulin than you need, which may result in low blood sugars. But in the long run, it should help stave off type 2 diabetes.

●        Sugar cravings - When you eat carbs they’re metabolized into sugar. Cutting out carbs may make your body feel deprived of sugar. People on keto often crave sugar as a result.

●       Constipation/diarrhea - Cutting out carbs is a big change for your body. Until it adjusts, you may experience either constipation or diarrhea.

●        The keto flu - Many people complain of flu-like symptoms after entering ketosis. Typically, however, these symptoms will pass after a week or two.

●        Lack of energy - Again, it may take some time for your body to adjust to being in ketosis. During the transition, you may find yourself feeling weak or lethargic. 

If you’re in ketosis and taking a lot of Keto Clarity, it may have the effect of aggravating some of these symptoms. If you’re worried, ask your doctor.

Pros and Cons of Keto Clarity

Keto Clarity is neither the best keto diet-related product we’ve ever tested, nor is it the worst. It’s possible that with a bit of tweaking it could be made into a worthwhile supplement to your keto diet health plan. But right now, it just kind of falls flat. For the record though, here are the pros and cons as we understand them: 


●        It’s not just a glorified diet pill that’s going to give you an enormous caffeine jolt

●        It’s not loaded down with a wide range of neat sounding but ultimately pointless ingredients

●      If you take enough of it you may, may, enjoy some modest weight loss health benefits if you’re already in ketosis


●        Contrary to claims, it doesn’t fend off health conditions like fatty liver disease or kidney disease

●        It doesn’t do a particularly good job of aiding your weight loss efforts if you’re already in ketosis

●        The formula is notable mostly for being weak and ineffective

●        There’s a better alternative readily available called Famous keto

A ketogenic diet has been found to be beneficial in reducing insulin resistance and promoting improved blood glucose control.

Erin Palinkski-Wade, Registered Dietician

Does Keto Clarity Actually Work?

Our experience is that Keto Clarity may provide a slight boost to fat-burning efforts if you're already in ketosis and you take more than the recommended dose. 

But, contrary to some of its marketing, it won’t induce ketosis by itself. And it won’t provide any protection if you have a carb “slip”. So, does it work? It might in some cases. But for our money—“might” isn’t a word that carries a lot of weight. 

Keto Clarity aspires to be Famous keto. Or at least it wants us to believe that it’s on par with the latter product.

But it simply doesn’t live up to its own hype. We give it credit for not just being a rebranded caffeine pill, like many so-called “keto supplements” are these days. 

However, the formula here just isn’t potent enough to do much of anything, except make your pee smell kind of funny. And if you are really serious about enhancing the weight loss effects of the ketogenic diet, you can do better. 

Where can I buy Keto Clarity?

You can’t buy Keto Clarity pills at the local health food store when food shopping. But we’re not sure why you would want to anyway. Maybe you’re the kind of person that insists on finding out about a product for yourself. Or maybe you just have money to burn and want to give this a whirl. 

If that’s the case, then more power to you. It’s your life. This sometimes pops up on Amazon. Or, if you can’t find it there, you can pick it up at a number of less reputable looking websites, where you’ll get the current best price. 

Beware, however. Those websites will hit you with an intense hard-sell. Our suggestion would be to give it a pass and spend your money instead on a supplement that won’t let you down like Famous keto. But it’s your personal choice.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Keto Clarity?

We love a good ketogenic diet related product. Whether it’s a new snack or great keto recipes or a worthwhile supplement. And nothing gives us greater satisfaction than being able to recommend one of those products.

Unfortunately, Keto Clarity is not something we can recommend. It’s ineffective, fairly expensive, and doesn’t live up to its marketing. Not to mention that it’s sometimes hard to find. 

Our recommendation would be to take your money and buy some Famous Keto instead. 

It has a much more robust complement of BHB ketones than Keto Clarity, costs a bit less, and it’s one of the few supplements on the market that will actually provide you cover if you should wander from your low-carb diet from time to time. 

Just remember, no supplement is going to induce ketosis all by itself. The only way to do that is through lifestyle change and cutting back on carbs.