Keto Drox Review 2019 (ULTIMATE BREAKDOWN)

Keto Drox Review 

The keto diet has been around for more than 100 years, but virtually no one outside the medical community had heard of it until a few years ago.

That's when the power of celebrity met the power of social media and a few famous people began tweeting and posting about their keto diet experiences. Suddenly it was everywhere. 

And in the years since, its visibility has only increased. All this visibility was bound to attract the attention of the unscrupulous. And sure enough, they crawled out of the woodwork hocking all manner of caffeine pills masquerading as ketogenic fat burners. 

Keto Drox is one of the newest supplements to claim it will enhance ketogenic fat burning. But is it for real or is there a snake oil salesman behind the curtain? That's what reviews like this are designed to find out.

What is Keto Drox?

Keto Drox is a supplement that its makers claim will speed up fat burning for those on the keto diet.

It’s said to be an “all-natural” supplement. Though we’re not quite sure exactly what that means in this case. And it contains eggs, milk, and soy. So it’s not going to make a lot of vegetarians and vegans happy. 

One thing we will say in its defense is that it contains a nice array of vitamins and minerals. Including vitamins A, C, and E along with B complex vitamins and calcium, potassium and magnesium. 

So no matter the state of your ketogenic diet efforts, you still stand to reap some small benefit from it.

That said, the stated purpose of the product is to help you enhance your ketogenic weight loss efforts by providing you with exogenous BHB ketones.

How Much is Keto Drox?

How much Keto Drox costs depends upon how much you buy. But it’s neither the most nor the least expensive supplement of its kind. It typically retails for $49 for a bottle of 60 tablets. Although you can cop a discount if you buy two or three bottles at once. 

“How do you get rid of fat? By changing your diet.” 

 Jack LaLanne

How is Keto Drox Used?

To their credit, the makers of this product state that their supplement is intended to help those on a keto diet enhance their weight loss efforts.

It doesn’t claim to bring on ketosis all by itself and that's good. Because no supplement can do that. The only thing that can induce the ketogenic state is to drastically reduce the number of carbs you eat. 

It’s recommended that you take 2 capsules once a day. Or one capsule at two different times during the day. Unfortunately, Keto Drox contains an unknown amount of caffeine. Which we’ll get to in a moment. So, you don’t want to be taking it too close to bedtime or you’re likely to lie awake. 

Again, though, if you hope to reap any benefit from taking this supplement, you'll need to make sure you are already low carb compliant before you start using it. That means restricting your carbs to between 30 and 50 grams per day (depending on how big a person you are) for several days. 

Only then will your body give up on looking for carbs and slip into a ketogenic state in order to start burning fat for fuel. And only then will a supplement like Keto Drox be able to provide whatever benefit it has to offer.

Ingredients of Keto Drox

Up until now, this has been pretty routine as far as reviews go.

But as we venture into the ingredient list, we encounter our first real issue. That is, the dreaded "proprietary blend." 

You see, when the FDA first decided they would require supplement makers to list what's in their pills, capsules, and powders, manufacturers complained that this would force them to reveal trade secrets to their competitors. 

To make everyone happy, the FDA created the proprietary blend label. Anytime divulging an ingredient amount constituted giving away an important secret, the maker could list it under the proprietary blend label where they wouldn't have to list actual amounts. 

It didn’t take long though for manufacturers to realize they could use this to their advantage. They could say that a supplement contains BHB ketones, but wouldn't have to divulge the full details by hiding them behind the proprietary blend. So, what’s in here? 

Proprietary Blend Components - Total 1,000 mg 

●        BHB salts (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) - Identical to the ketones your own body makes

●        Medium Chain Triglycerides - Enhance weight loss and maybe reduce blood glucose levels

●        Apple Cider Vinegar Powder - Once helped some lab rats lose weight. 

●        Guarana Extract - Contains a significant dose of caffeine

●        Collagen - Good for building strong bones and joints

These ingredients are supposed to be the meat and potatoes of the product. But because we don’t know how much of what is actually included, it’s impossible to gauge potential effectiveness from this list. The proprietary blend could be little more than an espresso in pill form. 

Beyond those ingredients, there's also a decent variety of vitamins and minerals. 

●        Vitamins A, C and E

●        Vitamin B-complex

●        Magnesium

●        Calcium

●        Potassium

●        Sodium

In theory, a combo like this should support quicker recovery from workouts and enhance your stamina. And given the possibility that the proprietary blend is mostly caffeine, you should have plenty of energy to work out if that’s what you want to do.

Pros and Cons of Keto Drox


●        Slightly enhanced fat burning - Some of our testers reported the product seemed to enhance their fat-burning efforts. Although some of that may be because the caffeine had their body up and about. And not because of the BHB ketones.

●        It’s a decent all-purpose supplement - Even if it doesn’t help you burn fat (and it won't if you're not already in a ketogenic state), it's still a fairly decent multivitamin and mineral supplement.

●        It’s not the most expensive on the market - There are other BHB ketone supplements that will cost you more than Keto Drox. Of course, if a product doesn't do what it says, it will can any price be justified? 


●        Proprietary blend - There’s nothing good to be said about the “proprietary blend” label. While it was originally intended by FDA to enable companies to fulfill their disclosure requirements without giving away trade secrets, it’s now used primarily to hide the fact that the consumer is not getting what they want.

Sure, there may be BHB ketones in this supplement. But it might just be 1 mg and not the 1,000 mg the proprietary blend suggests it is. The other 999 mg may well be collagen or, more likely, caffeine.

●        Less than stellar results - Judging by the reviews of our testers, we’d guess that the BHB dose in each of these pills is way closer to 1 mg than it is to 1,000.

As we mentioned, our testers reported only minimal increases in their rate of weight loss. And when they were directed to consume extra carbs to see if this product would prevent them from bouncing out of ketosis, it provided no such protection. They bounced.

●        Pointless ingredients - Apple cider vinegar may be the hottest thing since sliced bread but it’s no better at helping your body burn fat than that sliced bread is.

We understand that companies go with the hot thing as a way to attract the customer. But in this case, we would have been happier if they just upped the amount of BHB ketones.

●        Caffeine - Most people aren’t aware that guarana extract is essentially caffeine. And that may tip the cards on this product and reveal that, like many a ketogenic supplement, it’s actually just a glorified diet pill.

"The only way to stay healthy is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like and do what you'd rather not." 

Mark Twain

Is Keto Drox Effective?

Keto Drox is only minimally effective when it comes to helping you lose weight. We would like to say that it works like a charm but that's just not the case. It also provided no protection against bad carb days.

Those days when a person might accidentally or intentionally consume more carbs than a ketogenic state allows. 

We suspect that its lack of effectiveness is due to there being only a small amount of BHB ketones in the formulation. But because that info is hidden behind the proprietary blend label, we can't prove that. 

If what you want is something more than the Keto Drox diet pill provides, then you should try Keto Bodytone instead. Keto Bodytone has all the BHB ketones you need to ramp up your fat-burning efforts and it gets so many positive reviews from users for a reason. Because it works. 

It also provides outstanding protection against those bad carb days. That way you don’t have to start all over again because of one indiscretion.

Are There Side Effects to Using Keto Drox?

Keto Drox isn’t likely to produce much in the way of side effects. Simply because it doesn’t seem to be much more than a diet pill with some vitamins and minerals thrown in.

While we’re always happy to provide our body with vitamins, we wouldn't buy a supplement like this for the vitamins. We’d buy it to enhance our fat burning efforts. 

The one side effect you might experience and one that a few of our testers noted in their reviews, is a caffeine rush.

While the exact amount of caffeine included here is shielded behind the proprietary blend label, we suspect it's pretty significant. So, as we mentioned earlier, don't take this anywhere near bedtime.

Where Can I Buy Keto Drox?

This is not our idea of a ketogenic diet supplement. It’s not going to induce a ketogenic state.

It’s not going to prevent you from bouncing out of your ketogenic state should you have a bad carb day. And it might keep you awake at night due to the caffeine load. 

Still, if you’re determined to bring some home and experience the Keto Drox diet for yourself, you can pick some up at Amazon. Or through any number of proxy websites the company has set up that feature glowing reviews and big colorful links.

Or you can visit the official site where you’ll be able to get the best price.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Keto Drox?

Your money is your money. But we assume you read reviews like this to get an honest opinion. And in our opinion, you'd be better off giving Keto Drox a pass and picking up some Famous Keto instead. 

Famous Keto provides a generous dose of BHB ketones that will actually help your body burn fat if you’re on the keto diet. 

Famous Keto will also help you get through those inevitable bad carb days without bouncing out of your ketogenic state and having to start over. 

It’s a win-win so put your money to good use and pick up some Famous Keto.