Keto Flux Review 2019 (ULTIMATE BREAKDOWN)

Keto Flux Review 

People have been flocking to the keto diet in ever-increasing numbers to take advantage of this easy to understand, dependable way to lose weight. There’s only one thing a lot of them don’t like about the ketogenic diet. And that is its requirement that you eliminate all but about 30 to 50  grams of carbs per day. 

Once they start down the keto road and discover that eliminating carbs means eliminating most of the foods they love to eat, they balk. And start looking for an easier, softer way. 

This leads them to pills that claim they can generate ketosis without having to actually eliminate carbs. They pay their money. And then, of course, nothing happens.

Keto Flux claims they’re different. They claim that their keto pill will induce ketosis and melt away the fat like ice cream on a summer afternoon. But will it? Let’s find out.

What is Keto ​Flux?

Keto Flux is a supplement that claims to be able to provide the benefits of the keto diet without the user having to eliminate carbs. There’s only one small problem with this idea: it’s impossible. 

The only way for a person to induce a ketogenic state where their body is using ketones to metabolize fat for energy is if they slash their carbohydrate intake.

That’s it. If you continue eating anything close to your normal carbohydrate load, all the supplements on earth won't cause your body to burn fat for fuel. 

So then, if Keto Flux can’t induce a ketogenic state like it claims then what is Keto Flux? Well, it’s a pretty good caffeine pill. And if you are already on a low carbohydrate diet and have been sticking to it religiously, then Keto Flux may be able to provide a modest boost to your efforts. 

But if you stray from your 30 to 50 grams of carbs don’t expect Keto Flux to have your back. Its BHB ketone dose isn’t heavy enough for it to be an effective insurance policy against bad carb days. For that, you'd need something like industry leader, Keto Bodytone.

How is Keto Flux Used? 

A lot of the marketing around this product stresses that you don’t have to adhere to any particular diet or lifestyle in order to be able to enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Just take one pill, twice daily, and you're all set and it’s claimed that as long as you continue to take two capsules per day for some indeterminate amount of time, you’re good to go. 

In reality, our testing indicates that if you want to enjoy any benefits at all from this product, you need to be firmly committed to the keto diet and already in ketosis. 

If you are, the minimal complement of BHB salts it provides may help accelerate the fat burning process to some modest degree. But what you’ll be most aware of is not that it makes you lose weight faster, but that your brain is racing from the caffeine buzz. 

If you're not a big fan of coffee to begin with, you might have a hard time dealing with this. And if you take this supplement too close to bed, you might have difficulty sleeping. We'd recommend 2 things: first, always workout and build some muscle after taking this so you can take advantage of all the nervous energy you’ll have. 

And don’t take Keto Flux within 3 or 4 hours of going to bed. 

"How do you get rid of fat? By changing your diet." 

Jack LaLanne

Ingredients of Keto Flux ​​

Keto Flux advertises their product as being "all natural." But frankly, we'd be a lot more impressed if it just worked the way it's supposed to.

Instead, what you get is a pill that dances around ketosis and doesn’t really provide you enough of anything to make a significant difference in how fast you’re losing weight.

That said, here’s the ingredient list: 

●        BHB salts - BHB salts are not like table salt. They’re just minerals that play host to exogenous ketones. In sufficient quantities, they can help ramp up your fat-burning efforts. If you're already on the ketogenic diet. Unfortunately, the BHB ketone levels here are very low. Certainly not enough to accelerate weight loss unless you give them lots of help. 

●        Apple cider vinegar - One small Japanese study 10 years ago suggested vinegar might help lab rats lose weight. Since then everyone has been jumping on the apple cider vinegar bandwagon, but people keep putting on weight. It’s no surprise to see apple cider vinegar in the ingredient list here. But it’s nothing to get excited about either. 

●        Forskolin - Forskolin is another natural compound that its proponents claim will do 2 things: increase metabolism and reduce your appetite. The metabolic claim is one that is on very thin scientific ice. And as far as reducing your appetite goes, we did experience some reduction in appetite taking this supplement. But it’s impossible to know if the symptoms were because of the forskolin, or because of all the caffeine.

●        Green coffee extract - Now we get down to the heart of the matter. While Keto Flux is light on BHB ketones and includes other ingredients that aren't likely to make anything lighter except your wallet, it is heavy in caffeine.

Thanks to the generous amount of green coffee extract it contains. This caffeine dose is going to have you rocking and rolling if you're not accustomed to caffeine. And even if you are a coffee drinker, you're going to need to do something to burn off all that excess caffeine in your blood. As we said a moment ago, we recommend you work out after taking it.

Possible Side Effects of Keto Flux

If you are already in ketosis, it's possible the small amount of BHB ketones in this product might bump up your fat-burning efforts a bit.

Although our testing indicates, the difference may not actually be noticeable.

However, there's always a chance that your system is more susceptible to exogenous ketone supplements.

And if that's the case, then any side effects you experience will be keto diet side effects and symptoms such as: 

●        Sugar cravings - When beginning the keto diet, you have to starve yourself of carbs. Once in ketosis, you then have to continue denying your body the carbohydrates it craves. If you’re able to do that, it’s likely that you’re going to experience sugar cravings at some point.

Why? Well, think about it. You’re cutting your body off from carbohydrates and forcing it to burn fat. But your body wants carbs. Always has, always will. And sugar is the ultimate carb. So at times, it's not unusual for your body to crave sugar.

●        Drowsiness - Whenever the body goes through any sort of transition involving your health, whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight or switching to the ketogenic diet, it’s going to need time to adjust to the new reality. While it's adjusting, it's likely that you're going to feel less than perfect now and then. That might include feeling fatigued or drowsy.

●        Peeing a lot - When you’re in ketosis, your body is using ketones to metabolize fat cells into fuel. As it processes each fat cell—that cell releases pent up water from inside it. Now magnify that tiny amount of water by billions of fat cells and you get the idea. You may wind up having to pee more often when your body is in ketosis. 

●        Insomnia - This is due to all the caffeine you’ll be ingesting if you take this 2 or more times per day. If you were already a coffee drinker and you take this product as well, it's pretty much guaranteed that you're going to have a hard time getting to sleep.

What’s the Main Benefit of Using Keto Flux? 

The main benefit of using Keto Flux is that you may learn the difference between an effective keto supplement and an ineffective one.

Keto Flux is one of the more blatant attempts to repackage a caffeine pill and sell it as a keto diet pill that we’ve seen. But the results, or rather the lack of results, lay bare what’s going on here. 

It’s a tale that’s being repeated across the ketoverse. Unscrupulous people are repackaging caffeine pills they have laying around their facility and selling them as keto enhancers.

If you take one of them, you may wind up with a solid caffeine buzz that could put some steam behind your workouts. But it won't help your blood glucose levels like ketosis will. And it won’t burn fats. 

"Being thin is about changing the way you think about yourself" 

Valerie Bertinelli

In addition, if you’re on the keto diet, you're not going to see your weight loss efforts speed up because of taking this type of product. Even though it says you will. Our sincere recommendation would be to pick up something like Keto Bodytone instead. 

It’s not just a caffeine pill remarketed as a keto pill. It actually has the amount of BHB ketones you need to make a real difference. And it will also provide an effective shield against the occasional bad day that could bump you out of ketosis.

Is Keto Flux Effective? 

Whether Keto Flux is effective depends on how you define "effective." If you define effective as meaning that Keto Flux produces a noticeable caffeine rush then yes, it’s effective.

However, it’s doubtful that you purchased this supplement for the caffeine. You purchased it so that it would provide the benefits of ketosis without you having to adhere to the keto diet. Or you purchased it because you’re already in ketosis and you wanted to burn fat even faster.

So if you measure effectiveness by how well it does either of those two things then no, it's not effective. As we mentioned, it's also not effective at protecting you from being bumped out of ketosis if you happen to over eat. And it’s not a nutrition supplement either. So that’s the long and short of it. 

Believe us, we’d love to be able to sit down and write a review that said Keto Flux does exactly what its makers say it will do. Because we love it when a product works as advertised. 

That’s one reason we love Keto Bodytone. Because it does what it says it will do and doesn’t make promises it can’t keep. It says it will help you burn fat faster if you’re in ketosis and that's exactly what it does. Without sending you into a caffeine-induced stupor.

Where Can I Buy Keto Flux? 

If you’re still convinced that Keto Flux has something to offer you then great. You can pick it up over at Amazon or through any of the proxy sites they’ve set up that pretend to offer objective reviews. Still, we’re not sure why you would bother. 

While it’s possible you may, repeat may, experience some slightly accelerated fat burning if you’re already in ketosis, the effect will be minimal. You’d be much better off spending your money on Keto Bodytone and actually burning some fat.

How Much is Keto Flux?

Keto Flux costs $59 for a bottle of 60 capsules. That’s pretty high. Especially for a product with so little going for it.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Keto Flux?

While it's possible you could use the product as a caffeine pill to help provide a pre-workout boost, it doesn't serve much purpose as a keto diet weight loss supplement. 

The BHB ketone load is small and ineffective with a few likely just thrown into the mix to provide a sense of legitimacy. Our advice would be to take a pass and pick up some Famous Keto instead. 

Famous Keto has the BHB ketones you’ll need to enhance your fat-burning efforts and to keep you in ketosis even on those bad carb days.

And it’s not going to jack you up on caffeine so that you can’t sleep. 

Stop messing around with pretend ketogenic diet supplements and pick up the real thing instead: Famous Keto.