Keto Genesis Review {Keto} 2019 In-Depth Analysis Must Read!

Keto Genesis Review

A lot of people want to enjoy the healthy benefits of ketosis but are reluctant to adopt the low-carb high fat ketogenic diet itself. 

Not that the keto diet is all that unpleasant. After all, how unpleasant can avocados, bacon and chocolate be?

But it can be tricky because if you fall off a bit from the prescribed 20 grams of carbs in one day, you could find yourself bounced out of ketosis and back to square one. 

There are scores of supplements that promise to prevent such bouncing in and out of ketosis. Some are worthless. Others are the real thing.

Keto Genesis promises to be the real thing. But is it? Or is it just another new snake oil in capsule form? Below we’ll take a look.

What is Keto Genesis?

Keto Genesis is a weight loss supplement that provides exogenous ketones to bolster the effectiveness of your keto diet.

The manufacturer claims that even if you don’t adopt the ketogenic diet, Keto Genesis can still produce keto-like effects. 

But is such a thing even possible?

Can you achieve a state of quasi-ketosis with stable blood sugar levels, low risk of diabetes, and more energy by just taking a BHB pill a couple of times a day?

Or do you need to abandon your regular intake of carbs, salt, and glucose as standard medical advice says? 

The notion that you don’t need to restrict carbs in order to start enjoying keto diet health benefits seems more than a little suspect to us. Kind of like saying you can get a bodybuilder’s physique without proper nutrition or lifting weights. 

But with certain keto-related supplements, it’s actually possible to raise the level of BHB ketone bodies in your blood to such a degree that they effectively override your body’s natural metabolic mechanisms.

When this happens you’re home free and will burn both carbs and fat at the same time.

Keto Genesis claims it can produce this override effect. But we have to say our experience suggests otherwise.

What our testing did show is that Genesis Keto, when used in concert with a proper keto diet, MCT oil, and more can help smooth out the peaks and valleys and even prevent you from being bounced out of ketosis if you have a bit of a carb “slip.”

But by itself it’s not potent enough to produce the override effect we mentioned.

What are the ingredients in Keto Genesis?

KetoGenesis is composed almost entirely of magnesium, calcium, and sodium BHB salts, along with caffeine anhydrous.

Remember, this isn’t a nutrition supplement. 

It’s for tipping you into ketosis which is basically hydrolyzed BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) salts that are a stable form of exogenous (produced outside the body) ketones.

These BHB salts display a high degree of bioavailability. That means they’re easily processed upon ingestion and transferred to the bloodstream more or less intact. As such, they’re able to effectively go about the process of identifying and metabolizing fat cells. 

Caffeine anhydrous is simply powdered caffeine. The word “anhydrous” means “without(an) water (hydrous).”

Use of the term caffeine anhydrous is largely a decision of the marketing department that knows it sounds more healthy than just saying “caffeine.” But that’s really all it is, dehydrated caffeine. 

Once you ingest it, it mixes with the fluids in your stomach and provides the standard caffeine boost you’d get from a cup of coffee.

Albeit a strong cup of coffee and because you’re ingesting dehydrated caffeine, you’ll need to make sure you also drink plenty of water with your Keto Genesis diet pills. If you don’t, you could be letting yourself in for quite the stomach ache.

Rounding out the nutrition list for Keto Genesis are silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, rice flour, and gelatin. 

All of these, except perhaps gelatin, are potentially problematic. FDA for instance, says silicon dioxide warrants more study than has been done on it.

And since we’re not fond of putting untested new things into our system, we get a bit uneasy about that fact. 

Nutrition and obesity research lost its way after the Second World War

Gary Taubes Author and Nutritionist 

If you have a rice allergy then the rice flour content in Genesis Keto will pose a problem for you. If you rarely, if ever, eat rice, you may not even be aware you have a rice allergy until you take these supplements.

Symptoms of a rice allergy include vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, sneezing, various skin rashes, eczema, and respiratory distress. In people with a rice allergy, rice flour is more likely to produce symptoms than cooked rice.

 But the real hidden danger in Keto Genesis is magnesium stearate.

Magnesium stearate is believed to pose a danger to healthy immune system function and has been linked in some research to a suppression of T cells. Not good. It’s believed it may also produce a biofilm which can interfere with nutrient absorption.

How to use GenesisKeto? 

Keto Genesis diet pills are capsules so they don’t have any taste and don’t call for any complex dispensing rituals.

All you need to do is take it like you would take a standard multivitamin.

The manufacturer recommends you take 2 capsules per day. That’s one capsule at a time just prior to eating. 

The most important thing, however, is to make sure you drink a full glass of water with each pill. 

That’s because of the dehydrated caffeine it contains. Customer reviews highlight the fact that not enough water could result in an upset stomach.

Because Keto Genesis is not potent enough to bring on ketosis itself (regardless of what the marketing states), we would also recommend that you make sure the food you eat with it is low in carbs and high in beneficial fats.

Do Keto Pills Work for Weight Loss? 

Keto pills do work for weight loss but not always to the degree their makers claim they will.

When it comes to Genesis Keto, for instance, our research indicates it is capable of preventing you from tripping entirely out of ketosis if you happen to have a bad carb day. 

However, contrary to the manufacturer’s claims, it won’t cause you to enter ketosis all by itself. You’ll need to help it by eating fewer carbs. If you do that, you may very well experience the “supercharged” fat burner the producers talk about.

We think it’s unfortunate that the makers of Genesis Keto claim it will allow you to achieve ketosis by itself.

Because when people realize it can’t, they may lose sight of the fact that if you are on the keto diet Keto Genesis can actually be an important ally in keeping you in ketosis and even ramping up your fat burning efforts. 

Why they try to convince you it will work on its own is a question only they can answer.

But if you want supplements that will override the natural metabolic mechanisms of the body and allow you to burn fat even if you’re still eating some carbs, you’ll need something like Keto Bodytone instead.

Why is Everyone Using Keto Pills? 

Everyone is using keto pills because they’ve heard losing weight is easier if you use them. Look, it’s part of human nature to want to find an easier, better way.

That impulse has led to untold numbers of technological advances over the centuries and shouldn’t be dismissed or discouraged. When it comes to weight loss, people are no different.

They want to find an easier way to burn fat, slim down, and stay healthy. So even though keto diet is very simple and straightforward, folks are still going to try and find a way to either

A) get around having to restrict carb intake or

B) find a way to accelerate fat burning if they’re already on the keto diet.

Keto Genesis and (other keto diet pills like it) promise to do those things. They promise to provide an easier, faster means of weight loss.

The thing is, folks need to be careful about which keto diet pills they take. Because some are little more than caffeine bombs masquerading as ketosis inducers.

While others have a potential role to play in ketosis but may contain ingredients that are considered harmful.

Exogenous ketones help to amplify the many positive effects of the ketogenic diet

Dr. Axe

Are there side effects to using Keto Genesis? 

The side effects of Keto Genesis ketone bodies will be largely confined to a touch of keto flu and the well-understood side effects of caffeine.

Because this weight loss supplement provides a fairly strong shot of caffeine, those sensitive to that natural stimulant are likely going to experience some level of anxiety, sleeplessness (if they take Genesis Keto too close to bedtime), stomach upset, and more. 

Also, stomach upset will befall most anyone who takes this supplement without drinking enough water, regardless of whether they’re sensitive to caffeine or not.

 Also, the potential side effects of magnesium stearate include immune system suppression and interference in nutrient absorption.

In addition, silicon dioxide presents another potential health problem. In the US, the FDA is guarded in their endorsement of it as a healthy food additive and say that more study needs to be done. 

The European Food Safety Authority, however, has urged the imposition of restrictions on silicon dioxide as they fear food manufacturers have adopted its use without first establishing if it’s safe or not.

For our money, the potential side effects from the amount of caffeine in these Genesis Keto diet pills, as well as the unanswered questions about whether some of its secondary ingredients are actually safe, means that we’d feel better using something like Keto Bodytone instead.

Where can I buy Keto Genesis?

If you’re the type who likes to make up your own mind about things and also has some money to burn, you can pick up Keto Genesis from any number of online retailers, including Amazon or do a general web search. 

There are a number of secondary websites that have sprung up using the Keto Genesis name and you can also buy it through them.

Note that these are not in any way actually associated with the manufacturer of Keto Genesis. They’re simply review sites trying to cash in on the name.

That said, the best outlet for this product is the manufacturer’s website where you will also get the best available price.

We feel we should reiterate one more time that if it were our money on the line, we’d opt for a safer, more effective keto-inducing weight loss supplement: Keto Bodytone.

That’s because, when it comes to our health and nutrition, we’re risk averse and don’t see the point of purchasing potentially problematic weight loss pills when there’s a safe and effective alternative available.

Bottomline: Should you buy Keto Genesis? 

So, should you lay down your hard-earned greenbacks for Keto Genesis? Or would your money be better spent on an alternative like Keto Bodytone?

In our opinion, the fact that Genesis Keto diet pills won’t make you enter ketosis by themselves is a deal breaker.

But it’s not the only one because we’re not fans of potentially dangerous ingredients either.

And we’re not big on getting a stomach ache because the quantities of dehydrated caffeine simply overwhelmed our body’s health.

That’s not to say that KetoGenesis diet pills are useless. They’re not.

They can, as we stated earlier, help you maintain a ketogenic state once you’ve achieved it via the low-carb, high-fat keto diet.

They will also help you burn fat quicker, (if you are already in a state of ketosis because of the keto diet). And it may help overall nutrition but, contrary to manufacturer claims, it won’t make you start to enter ketosis all by itself.

So, our recommendation would be to save your energy and pick up some Keto Bodytone instead. It has a more effective, less potentially iffy ingredient list.

It provides BHB ketones in sufficient quantities to burn fat even if you’re not on a strict keto diet.

And it will also do a better job of weight management and burning fat once you are in ketosis. Now that’s a combination we can get our brains around.