Keto Go Review {UPDATED} 2019 In-Depth Analysis

Keto Go Review

Keto Go is a weight loss supplement that comes in pill form and is purported to help people who use it lose weight. According to the manufacturer it possesses an advanced ketogenic fat burning formula.

There are a lot of these supplements on the market today. Some are little more than caffeine pills for those who would like to find a way to enjoy the blessings of the low-carb high-fat keto diet without actually adhering to the keto diet.

As you might expect most aren’t really going to deliver keto effects such as reduced blood sugar. And they certainly don’t contain the healthy fats you’ll need on keto.

Below, we’ll look at new Keto Go and find out if it’s the real thing or just another glorified caffeine pill.

What is Keto Go?

As we mentioned, Keto Go is a supplement that is supposed to help you achieve keto diet effects without having to actually be in ketosis.

The manufacturers claim Keto Go will create a “rapid burn” of fat in trouble areas such as your gut and your butt. 

And that it will boost your metabolism without producing any adverse side effects.

Here’s the thing: the ketogenic diet meal plan means denying the body carbs. This produces ketosis which in turn produces an array of beneficial effects including stable blood sugar levels, enhanced metabolism, and reduced risk of cancer.

It’s also believed by most researchers to effectively ward off Type 2 diabetes and prevent heart disease.

But because Go Keto does not contain any BHB ketones, the odds that it will produce keto-like effects are slim.

It may, however, play a role in helping you to become more active. Which of course is always a good thing and essential if you want to lose weight and stay fit.

Eating carbohydrates makes you hungry. If you don’t eat carbohydrates, there is no hunger.

Jimmy Moore, author

What are the ingredients in Keto Go?

Keto Go Capsules shouldn’t be confused for high-fat, ketogenic foods.

They’re a supplement that uses various ingredients to help you maintain ketosis and achieve keto-like effects.

Those ingredients are:

●        Green coffee bean - Studies seem to indicate that green coffee beans may help promote weight loss.

Although it’s still debated as to whether the weight loss is just a side effect of caffeine in the beans or if the beans are actually diet foods.

●        Raspberry ketones - Raspberry ketones are not by themselves potent enough to tip you into a state of ketosis because their chemical makeup is not the same as ketones produced by the body.

They might produce some mild low-carb diet effects but nothing like what you’ll get with BHB ketones in products like Keto Bodytone.

●        Garcinia cambogia - This tropical fruit also goes by the name malabar tamarind and is a common ingredient in many weight loss supplements. In theory, it prevents your body from turning net carbs into fat. 

It’s also thought to help curb appetite and if you don’t eat as much, you’re actually likely to lose weight.

●        Caffeine anhydrous - Caffeine anhydrous is just a fancy way of saying dehydrated caffeine. Caffeine is a common ingredient in nearly all weight loss pills. By itself, it doesn’t burn fat. 

But a person who has consumed caffeine is likely to get up out of their chair and do something. And this physical activity may result in them burning fat. If you’re sensitive to caffeine seek medical advice before using this. 

The unfortunate truth is that the signature ingredient in Keto Go, which is raspberry ketones, isn’t potent enough to make you go keto.

Therefore, unless you also adhere to the keto diet, it’s not likely to provide many benefits.

How to use Keto Go? 

The makers of Keto Go recommend you take 1 capsule twice a day with healthy foods.

They recommend you take it 20 to 30 minutes before eating. However, just taking Keto Go alone isn’t likely to do much unless you also:

●        Make it a part of a healthy lifestyle - No keto supplement is going to work if you keep eating spaghetti, ice cream, and palm oil. 

It needs to be part of a health-conscious diet that includes a health-conscious meal plan such as vegetables, meat protein, olive oil, sweet potatoes, cheese, etc. as well as exercise.

●        Drink plenty of water - Make sure water is part of your health-conscious diet and lifestyle. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to get healthy is forgetting to drink enough water. 

No good can come from your ketogenic diet and exercise if you’re always dehydrated.

●        Get plenty of sleep - Last, but not least, you need to be sure you get enough sleep to facilitate the changes you’re trying to implement. Sleep, exercise, and moderate meat protein intake are crucial for building lean strong muscles.

Remember, even the most effective ketogenic supplements like Keto Bodytone will require some nutrition cooperation on your part.

Don’t think that if you continue to eat from an unhealthy food list, that you’ll see keto results by taking a keto supplement. You won’t.

Do Keto Pills Work? 

Keto pills work if you are willing to work with them. However, as we mentioned, by itself Keto Go isn’t going to help you much. That said, with all the caffeine in Keto Go, it’s likely to get you up and moving. But will that produce weight loss? It depends.

 If you get a caffeine buzz from Go Keto and get up and go running, you may lose some weight as a result.

So, in that instance, it could be said that Keto Go helped you lose weight. However, if you get a caffeine buzz from Keto Go and use that energy to go to the pizza parlor, then it’s not going to help. 

And let’s be clear about one thing: without a keto meal plan, it won’t tip you into ketosis or produce keto-like benefits all by itself.

It’s not even as potent as MCT oil. If ketosis is what you’re after, you’ll need ketogenic foods and a more potent supplement that utilizes BHB ketones, like Keto Bodytone.

 Exogenous BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) ketones are identical to those produced by the body while in ketosis.

As such, these are the only kind of exogenous (produced outside the body) ketones that will actually produce keto-like effects without necessarily needing keto recipes to support them.

What are the Benefits of Keto Pills? 

The benefits of keto pills vary from brand to brand. Some will effectively mimic ketogenic effects while others will only produce a caffeine buzz which means you’ll need a good keto diet food list too. 

If you’re looking for genuine keto diet-type health benefits, remember you’ll want to choose a product that uses BHB ketones.

Are there side effects to using Go Keto? 

When it comes to Keto Go the most obvious side effects will be those associated with all the caffeine in the product.

The severity of these side effects will, in turn, depend on your level of sensitivity to caffeine. Caffeine side effects may include anxiety, insomnia, stomach pain, irritability, and frequent urination. 

As we said, however, different people have different levels of sensitivity to caffeine.

In the words of Dr. Axe, “It all seems to come down to individual tolerance and how the caffeine is consumed.” On the upside, you won’t suffer from keto flu.

Where can I buy Keto Go?

While Keto Go has its fans, we found it to be only minimally effective by itself, like coconut oil.

Still, you may decide that you want to make your own decision about whether Keto Go is for you. In that case, you can pick up all the Keto Go you want and get the best price by following this link

We would, however, urge you to pick up some Keto Bodytone too and do a comparison over the course of a couple of weeks. We’re confident you’ll agree Keto Bodytone is the more effective product.

Bottomline: Should you buy Keto Go? 

Here’s where this guide gets to the meat of the matter. Should you spend your hard-earned money on Keto Go? 

While we found it to be a decent product that might help you go keto if combined with a keto meal plan, we also found it to be lacking in potency. 

That is, should you have slipped with your net carbs (and most of us do from time to time), you can’t really rely on Keto Go to keep you in ketosis as your body absorbs the carbohydrates. 

Keto Bodytone, on the other hand, will. For that reason, we find it difficult to recommend Keto Go when a more effective product is on the market. 

Don’t get us wrong. Keto Go is not a bunch of snake oil pills. It can help your ketogenic efforts. It’s simply lacking in the potency department. 

That means you’d have to take significantly more than recommended to get the same effect you’ll get from Keto Bodytone. So, our recommendation is to simply cut to the chase and pick up some Keto Bodytone instead.

Life is short. Don’t waste it messing around with anything else that doesn’t work. Get the best exogenous ketones on the market.