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Keto Lift Review
Can This Product Take You to The Next Level?

Keto Lift Review

Fast energy before a workout? Alertness throughout the day without the coffee jitters? Faster weight loss?—if you’re searching for exogenous ketone energy supplements, you’ve definitely heard claims like this. One name getting a lot of buzz is Keto Lift from American Metabolix. But is it really worth the heavy investment? And does it even work?

We decided to try it for ourselves. This Keto Lift review covers everything you need to know about the product, especially about its main ingredient “goBHB”.

So, What is Keto Lift?

American Metabolix Keto Lift is an exogenous ketone supplement empowered by goBHBH, a non-carb energy source. The company claims that your body can use it more quickly and conveniently for turbo-charged results in the gym.

But does it really work instantly to help you burn fat or can you just stick with your bulletproof coffee and save the money?

If you use it right, there are definitely some benefits to taking this supplement, but after using it we discovered a few things you should know before buying your first batch.

What is goBHB?

The main ingredient in Keto Lift is goBHB, a ketone body that functions as a non-carb energy supplement. goBHB is basically a ready-to-go ketone body that supposedly delivers instant benefits. For example, American Metabolix claims that it provides instant energy for workouts, increased endurance, supports sharper brain function, and a host of other benefits.

The main advantage of goBHB as an energy supplement (aside from it being non-carb) is that you don’t need to be in ketosis to benefit from it. Anytime you need an energy boost, just make a shake and you’re ready to go. So you basically can get all of the benefits of a sustained low-carb diet packed into one serving (or so the company claims).

Is goBHB really a breakthrough weight loss supplement?: goBHB is claimed to be an instant solution for weight loss. This claim is a bit over exaggerated in our opinion. If you want to buy it just because you think it will trim your waste, think again. You need to exercise and follow the diet if you want to see any results.

What are the Ingredients?

One thing we like about this product is how simple the ingredients list is. It contains everything you’d expect in a supplement and no hard-to-pronounce additives. If you’re on the lifestyle, you know that it’s easy to be lacking in certain key nutrients and this can lead to unwanted side-effects. Keto Lift contains everything you need in a supplement to balance out your diet. Aside from goBHB, it includes:

  • ​Calcium
  • ​Magnesium
  • ​Sodium
  • ​Vitamin C
  • ​Caffeine
  • ​Infinergy (for extra energy)

Like most supplements, we found it pretty hard to gulp down. The drawback to having a simplified formula is that the pure ketones and energy supplements are the main taste (if you’ve tried exogenous ketones, you know why this isn’t a good thing!). Even with the tropical cucumber/lime flavor we didn’t like the taste that much. Of course, taste isn’t as important as effect. If it actually works, then taste shouldn’t matter that much.

Which begs the question…..

Does Keto Lift Actually Work?

Kind of…

After using Keto Lift for a while, we did notice a slight uptick in energy both for workouts and in general during the day. And taking BHB without carbs is definitely conducive to a balanced keto diet. We didn’t really notice any of the other advertised benefits, though (supporting mental function, etc.).

female with question and curiousity

The thing is, was it because of Keto Lift or was it just the exogenous ketones in general? After using it, we can’t really say for sure if it was the goBHB that made the difference or if it was just the BHBs themselves. So we aren’t sure if there’s any actual benefit to taking the more expensive version.

If you’re looking for a quick energy supplement for keto, then there are plenty of options. Of course, if you don’t mind the taste and want something that is definitely packed with a lot of energy, there’s nothing wrong with Keto Lift. In our opinion, we didn’t like the high investment and tropical/ketone taste.

Keto Lift Review Verdict: We noticed slight benefits but couldn’t draw any serious conclusions. And the taste didn’t help either!

If you’re still looking for an exogenous ketone supplement, our favorite is definitely Perfect Keto exogenous ketones. It’s also 0-carb and comes packed with a lot of other healthy ingredients.

And unlike most competitors, it is totally clean ketosis; no sugar, fillers, or caffeine. So you get all of the benefits without any of the bad side-effects (or jitters).

The best part is that it tastes AWESOME. Exogenous ketones are hard to stomach to say the least. But Perfect Keto is specially engineered to taste delicious. Also, aside from being a natural source of energy, it also works well as a meal replacement. That means double the benefits for less money. Can’t really argue with that.

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