Keto Multivitamin Review

Keto Multivitamin Review

The ketogenic diet is one of the few sure things in life. If you adhere to its 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day restriction, you’ll definitely lose weight. That’s because the keto diet isn’t some gimmick invented by a celebrity doctor. It’s based on rock-solid natural science. 

You see, by starving your body of carbs, you force it to produce ketones that metabolize fat for energy. Sounds easy, doesn't it? 

The problem is, carbs form the foundation of most people’s diets. So eliminating them typically produces some nutritional voids, like shortfalls in vitamin D levels. Many people lean on multivitamins during the initial keto adjustment period. But are they really necessary? Let’s find out.

What Are Multivitamins?

Multivitamins are capsules or tablets that contain a wide variety of different vitamins and minerals. People take them either as a precaution to ensure they get the nutrients they need, or because they have been diagnosed as having insufficient nutrient intake.

What are the Benefits of Multivitamins?

It might come as a shock to some people, but the health benefits of multivitamins have been debated for decades. There are some nutritionists who will swear that they are useless and that you’re wasting your time and money investing in them. 

According to these skeptics, the vitamins and minerals they provide are just passed directly out of your body when you pee. 

That said, the overwhelming majority of doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and other health professionals are fully convinced multivitamins can play an important role in helping the average person maintain good health. Especially when they are going through a dietary transition that may leave them nutrient deficient.

What are the Effects of Multivitamins in a Keto Diet?

The effects of multivitamins in a keto diet are to fill the nutritional gap left by eliminating carb heavy foods that were also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Alka Tone Ingredients

Some Alka Tone Keto reviews claim it can initiate ketosis.

This assertion is based on its ingredient list which includes a couple of compounds associated with the ketogenic state.

So let’s take a closer look at what’s in it. 

●        Garcinia cambogia - This is a small fruit, resembling a pumpkin, that’s native to Central and South Asia and has found a home in weight loss pills.

Centuries ago the local healers in those regions started using the rind of the garcinia cambogia fruit to treat a number of illnesses and conditions.

In recent years, scientists have examined garcinia cambogia and determined that the rind contains a compound called hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. 

●        BHB salts - When the body is starved of carbohydrates, it begins to produce large amounts of BHB ketones. These compounds are necessary in order to metabolize fat into energy. Without them, a person who denied themselves carbs would die of starvation in short order. 

With them, that same person can live indefinitely, as long as there’s fat to burn. If you're in ketosis and you take BHB salts, they’re added to the BHB ketones already in your system and accelerate the level of fat burning.

But if you're still eating a carb-heavy diet, no amount of BHB-heavy weight loss supplements will generate ketosis.

●        Caffeine anhydrous - Sounds fancy, doesn't it? Like some exotic compound that came to earth on a meteor millions of years ago added to coffee. Actually, "anhydrous" just means "without water." In other words, it's dehydrated caffeine.

Caffeine is a staple of diet pills and is often used in keto pills to mask the fact that the other ingredients don't really do much.

If you ingest enough caffeine, you're likely to get up out of your chair and move around. This may give the impression that the other ingredients have enhanced your energy. But in reality, you just have a caffeine buzz.

Other ingredients just have to do with the makeup of the capsule and don’t have any bearing on the efficacy of the supplement.

What are the Benefits of Multivitamins?

The main benefit of Alka Tone Keto is that it may help enhance some effects of a low carb keto diet. Enhance, not generate. Those keto-related health benefits include: 

●        Increased mental acuity - A lot of reviews written by those on low carb diets talk about how it feels like a fog has been lifted from your brain when you’re in ketosis.

Folks claim they’re more alert, more focused, and more decisive.

●        Reduced risk of Type II diabetes - A lifetime of eating a high carb diet puts millions of people at risk of developing diabetes.

Drastically reducing your carb intake can help stabilize your blood sugar and likewise lessen the chance that you’ll develop this odious condition.

●        Reduced inflammation - You hear a lot about inflammation but what is it? It’s how your immune system responds to perceived threats.

Unfortunately, it’s also a major cause of aches and pains. Reducing inflammation can make a person feel much better on a day to day basis and the metabolic state known as ketosis has been proven to reduce inflammation.

Does Alka Tone Keto Actually Work?

You’ve probably seen a lot of products like Alka Tone Keto on Shark Tank and they all make the same type of bogus claims about being able to induce ketosis. 

Just remember, on Shark Tank, the investors aren't buying into truth.

The Shark Tank investors are buying into potential market success which is a very different thing.

If every person with a keto pill to promote went on Shark Tank and said “It won’t induce ketosis,” how many would be funded? 

If you want to get some benefit from using this supplement, make sure you're already in ketosis before you start taking it.

It should also be mentioned that this is not the most potent of keto weight loss supplements on the market.

If you really want to ramp up your keto diet efforts, you'll opt for industry leader Keto BodyTone instead. It features a much more potent blend of ingredients that will allow you to optimize your keto diet efforts.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

Possible Side Effects of Keto Alka Tone

If you take this product while you're still consuming your regular carb-heavy diet, then the only side effect will be ketone-rich pee. If, however, you take this supplement when you are already in ketosis, it may magnify some of the side effects of the ketogenic state, including: 

●        More frequent urination - The process of metabolizing fat cells releases the water in those cells. The result of billions of tiny cells releasing their water is that you may have to pee more often than normal.

●        Constipation - When they switch from their high carb diet, a lot of folks also leave behind the fiber-heavy food that used to keep them regular. As a result, they often find themselves constipated.

●        Fatigue - In the early stages of ketosis when the body is adjusting to the new reality, people often feel a bit under-powered and sluggish. This kind of fatigue normally dissipates as the body acclimates to the new diet plan.

●        Nutrient imbalance - Abandoning your life-long diet in favor of a new one can cause shortages in certain vitamins and minerals. It’s often recommended that people on a low carb diet take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Again, these are the side effects of ketosis that may be aggravated by Alka Tone Keto. Not the side effects of Alka Tone Keto itself.

​Where can I buy Alka Tone Keto?

Although Alka Tone Keto may help enhance the effectiveness of your ketogenic diet, there are other supplements that will do a much more effective job of that. First among them is Keto BodyTone. 

It's never been on Shark Tank, but it's pretty much the gold standard that most other supplements seem to be trying to emulate, with varying degrees of success. Simply put, Alka Tone Keto is no match for Keto BodyTone.

But if you’re the kind that doesn’t put any stake in Alka Tone Keto reviews and you want to find out for yourself, then you can pick it up over at Amazon.

It's also available via a number of very shady looking websites or you can visit the official website where you're likely to get the best price.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Alka Tone Keto?

In spite of what you may have seen on Shark Tank, Alka Tone Keto produces marginal health benefits at best for those on the keto diet.

It’s also undermined by its false claim of being able to induce ketosis all by itself. The ingredient list is another thing that’s less than impressive.

If it's our money, we're going to leave Alka Tone on the table and go right for the proven commodity: Keto BodyTone.

Keto Bodytone features a robust and effective set of ingredients that have been proven time and again to secure real, quantifiable results.

There’s no caffeine bomb waiting to go off, no unnecessary ingredients trying to disguise shortcomings. Instead, it’s loaded with exactly what you need to take your weight loss efforts to the next stage.

And it’s rich in complementary minerals that improve activation. So pick up some Collagen Advantage over at Amazon and enjoy.