Keto Ultra Review 2019 (ULTIMATE BREAKDOWN)

Keto Ultra Review

There are a lot of products that have seeped into the keto-verse recently claiming to provide keto diet results whether you’re on the keto diet or not. When you see products make that claim, you should move on.

Why? Because ketosis (the process of burning fat as a source of energy instead of carbs) cannot be generated by a pill. It’s the result of cutting out all but a minimum of carbs (30-50 grams per day). What a good keto weight loss pill can do is magnify the benefits of ketosis.

But it can’t cause ketosis all by itself. Keto Ultra is one of the more recent additions to the keto weight loss pill shelf. Does it work? That’s what we’re going to find out in this review.

What Is Keto Ultra?

Keto Ultra is a dietary supplement that promises to help suppress your appetite and augment your keto fat burning efforts.

It doesn’t yet have the visibility of industry leaders like  Famous Keto, but in its short time on the market, it's nonetheless managed to attract a bit of a following.

And we think we know at least one reason why that is. Good old fashioned honesty.

You see, the makers of Keto Ultra refuse to repeat the common marketing line of many so-called “keto diet pills" that they will "jump-start" ketosis all by themselves.

If we had a dollar for every pill that failed to live up to that claim, we'd have quite a few dollars.

Because, as we mentioned, the metabolic state of ketosis only occurs when the body is starved of carbohydrates. If you don’t restrict your carb intake, no pill on planet earth will be able to induce ketosis.

Thankfully, the makers of Keto Ultra don't try to deceive anyone with that kind of false claim.

 Instead, they say their supplement is intended for people on or starting the ketogenic diet.

The only question then becomes, "Does it do a good job of helping people optimize their keto diet weight loss results?”

How is Keto Ultra Used?

Experts agree there is one thing that has undone more dieters than any other: food cravings. People on the keto diet are not immune to this phenomenon.

But with them, it usually takes the form of sugar cravings. Why’s that? Because carbohydrates are your body’s default fuel source. And on the keto diet, you eliminate all but a tiny amount of carbs.

While drastically reducing your carb intake may stabilize your blood sugar and reduce your chance of developing Type 2 diabetes as well as producing other health benefits, your body doesn’t care. It still wants carbs.

And sugar is pretty much the gold standard of carbs. So it’s not unusual for keto dieters to be overcome by such cravings. The trick is finding a way to neutralize them.

That’s one of the main things Keto Ultra is designed to do. It doesn’t provide BHB ketones intended to kick the metabolic process of burning fat for energy into high gear. Instead, it takes a more subtle approach. The intent seems to be that if it can help you avoid cravings, it will help you stay keto compliant.

That way, you won't have to worry about patching up your diet after a bad carb day. Because you won’t (in theory) have a bad carb day. But are the ingredients up to the challenge of warding off cravings? Let’s see.

I was committing suicide slowly, sweet morsel by sweet morsel.

Teresa Shields Parker, author

Ingredients of Keto Ultra

As we mentioned, Keto Ultra doesn’t try to fool you into thinking it can put you into a ketogenic state.

Instead, it’s designed to work with bodies that are already in genuine ketosis and to prevent cravings that could undermine it. Here are the ingredients it uses to do that:

  • Caffeine - No surprise here. Caffeine is more than just the most popular natural stimulant ever discovered. It’s also a pretty good appetite suppressant. Typically the last thing people who have a nice caffeine buzz going want to do is eat.
  • Phenylethylamine - Phenylethylamine occurs naturally in the body. It can also be made in the lab. 
    Phenylethylamine is often thought of as a kind of low-level amphetamine in that it stimulates both body and brain but not to the extent amphetamines do.
  • Glucomannan - Glucomannan is a type of dietary fiber. It’s included here because of its purported ability to absorb glucose and promote regularity. Promoting regularity is important because people on the high-fat keto diet sometimes experience constipation.
  • Green Tea Extract - This may seem like an odd ingredient, but it's actually quite common in most diet pills. Why? Because it contains a lot of caffeine. In many cases, you'll find green tea extract matched up with green coffee beans. But since this product already contains a generous amount of caffeine anhydrous (powdered caffeine), there's no need for green coffee bean.
  • Raspberry Ketones - Anything with the word “ketones” attached to it must be good for the keto diet, right? Well, not really. You see, there are several types of ketones, and raspberry ketones are among the least effective of them all. They are quite common in diet-related products, but the science says they don't really do much.
  • Kola Nut - Once you realize this is more commonly known as “cola nut” you begin to understand its fitness for this list is based on the fact that it contains caffeine. If you're like us, you're also starting to get the feeling that if you take this supplement and continue to drink your customary three cups of coffee a day, you may not sleep for the next year.
  • L-Carnitine - This is an amino acid that is most often associated with workout supplements. What it's doing here is not entirely clear. Although, if you are one of those who likes to partner their keto diet efforts with long hours at the fitness club, you will likely see some benefit from L-carnitine. Others will wind up peeing it out.

As you can see, Keto Ultra goes all-in on the appetite suppressing properties of caffeine. There's a total of 300 mg in one capsule, and it clearly forms the centerpiece of the supplement. Even though they try to dress things up with raspberry ketones and such. And that takes us to the next segment: side effects.

●        Copper - Copper activates an enzyme known as lysyl oxidase that’s essential for allowing collagen to mature. The job of this enzyme is to help fortify the structure of the collagen in order to build a more robust tissue foundation which aids in proper skin hydration. 

●        Manganese - Manganese is another mineral. More than one study suggests thatt it may play a role in bolstering collagen production. Like copper, manganese activates enzymes that are crucial for creating durable collagen structures.

Without both minerals, the quality of the tissue resulting from collagen supplementation would be lacking.

●        Collagen peptides - Collagen peptides are essentially a type of gelatin that is fundamental to retaining skin elasticity and flexibility in your tendons and other tissues. Without enough collagen peptides, our skin appears sallow and lifeless. 

Another symptom that your body isn’t producing or receiving enough collagen peptides is that your finger and toenails become dry and brittle so make sure to eat your peptides.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Keto Ultra?

The possible side effects of Keto Ultra revolve around all the caffeine it contains.

While such a heavy caffeine load may help suppress your appetite, it may also produce any number of other, less beneficial side effects.

Primary among them is the fact that you could wind up staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night wondering why you can’t get to sleep.

The remedy for that unhappy situation would be to simply make sure you don’t take Keto Ultra within a few hours of hitting the sack.

So it doesn’t take a degree in nutrition and dietetics to understand that the major side effect concerns related to Keto Ultra have to do with the levels of caffeine it contains.

Any other side effects that befall you, including the keto flu, are likely to be a result of the keto diet itself.

And not the supplement. That said, however, Keto Ultra may well magnify the severity of those keto diet side effects which include:

  • Anxiety and/or headaches - Switching from carbs to fat as a fuel source can sometimes create feelings of anxiety. It’s more than a little likely that all the caffeine in this product is going to magnify those feelings. It may also induce headaches.
  • Bad breath - Some people experience bad breath as their body switches from carbs to fat as a fuel source. Fat tends to produce a particularly fruity smell which doesn’t sound so bad but can actually be fairly unpleasant.
  • Low energy - Any time your body goes through a major change, you may experience times of low energy as your cells try and adapt to the new reality. Certainly crashing from all the caffeine in these pills may also produce headaches and fatigue.
  • Constipation - People get a lot of their fiber from carb heavy foods. So when they switch from carbs to fat an often unintended consequence is low fiber intake and constipation. The glucomannan here is actually intended to counteract this. So that’s a positive side effect.
  • Indigestion - 300 mg of caffeine, especially powdered caffeine, is likely to produce a stomach ache in many people. Things might get really nasty if you don’t drink plenty of water with this supplement. 

    While the makers do their best to warn people not to take more than 2 capsules daily, that’s still 600 mg of caffeine. Since the average shot of espresso contains about 60 mg of caffeine taking just 2 of these pills is the same as having 10 espressos. Holy stomach ache Batman!

Some research suggests ketosis may also promote conditions like kidney stones. But the jury is still out on whether that’s actually the case.

Is Keto Ultra Effective?

Keto Ultra can be effective at helping to suppress your appetite. But that appetite suppression comes at a potentially heavy price to your health.

Taking 600 mg of caffeine in the hope that it will help stave off cravings seems like an approach that’s destined to fail. There is bound to come a time when any reasonable person is going to tire of being so wired so much of the time.

Sure, it may help turn you into the world's most energetic conversationalist.

But there's a difference between having a pleasant chat with friends and engaging in furious, power-driven rants that don't ever seem to end. 

At some point, your friends and your doctor are going to start wondering if you’re really on a diet or if you can’t stop talking because you’re hooked on coke.

A far more reasonable and, in the long run, effective approach is to opt for something like Famous Keto.

With its generous amounts of beneficial BHB ketones and it’s thankfully very modest amount of caffeine, it can help your body to burn more fat, attain greater overall health and fend off disease. And isn’t that the whole idea of the low-carb keto diet to begin with?

Weight loss starts in your head with a decision.

Toni Sorenson, author

Where Can I Buy Keto Ultra?

Keto Ultra is one of the few keto-friendly weight loss pills that states up front that it’s for people already on or about to start the ketogenic diet.

Their marketing is forthright, and there's little doubt it will suppress your appetite. But we simply can't recommend anyone subject themselves to such an intense caffeine load and the potential effects on their health for any reason.

Therefore our recommendation would be to use Famous Keto to optimize the results of your keto diet. 

Famous Keto provides the BHB ketones you need for burning fat more efficiently, provides only a modest dose of caffeine, and has a proven track record of being safe and effective. The choice is yours. But if it's our money, we're going with Famous Keto.  

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Keto Ultra?

Keto Ultra is one of the few keto-friendly weight loss pills that states up front that it’s for people already on or about to start the ketogenic diet. 

Their marketing is forthright, and there's little doubt it will suppress your appetite.

But we simply can't recommend anyone subject themselves to such an intense caffeine load and the potential effects on their health for any reason.

Therefore our recommendation would be to use Famous Keto to optimize the results of your keto diet.

Famous Keto provides the BHB ketones you need for burning fat more efficiently, provides only a modest dose of caffeine, and has a proven track record of being safe and effective. 

The choice is yours. But if it's our money, we're going with Famous Keto.