Keto Zone Review (2019 Update) 3 Things You Must Know About It

Keto Zone Review
Is Divine Health The Next Big Company?

Keto Zone Review

Ready to enter the “keto zone” in less than an hour AND get a blast of essential electrolytes in one delicious coconut-flavored shake? You can with Keto Zone (exogenous) ketones supplement….

Or so they claim…

If you’re into the lifestyle, then you know there’s no shortage of exogenous (meaning not produced by your body) products. The problem is trying to figure out which ones are worth the money and work. This Keto Zone review covers our actual experiences with the supplement. Read up and find out if it actually boosts energy, stimulates fat loss, and kicks you back into ketosis if you’ve cheated your diet (who hasn’t?) or if it’s just a waste of money.

You might find its effects on “the keto flu” really interesting too….

What is Keto Zone BHB?

You are probably already aware that once your body enters the state, it starts burning fat for energy rather than carbs (that’s why you get to eat so much bacon!). But getting into the “keto zone” isn’t easy; it takes a proper, balanced routine and an unpleasant adjustment phase.

You know that feeling where you aren’t sure if you’ve eaten the right foods, don’t have a lot of energy during the day, and don’t have that extra oomph at the gym? It could be because you aren’t actually in ketosis yet.

But what if you could take the highway to the keto zone?
That’s what a beta-hydroxybutyrate product does. They are the ketone body (what’s produced when your body is in a ketotic state) most easily absorbed (read: most energy + least effort) by your body. This new kind of thing supposedly allows you to reap the benefits of the diet in less than an hour.

Divine Health is a holistic health company specializing in all-natural ways to be the best you possible. Keto Zone supplements are just one branch on their tree. We had heard so much about them that we had to try their most popular product.

OK, enough of the boring stuff. Let’s get into the zone.

What are the Ingredients?

We should probably start by saying we’ve tried more weight loss supplements than we care to remember, and most make big claims on their labels and don’t back it up (too much sugar, unnatural ingredients, etc.). So the first thing we do when we start taking a product is check the label.

Keto Zone BHB passed with flying colors. It might be the most straightforward label we’ve read so far. When they say it’s a specially formulated recipe just for BHB and electrolytes, they mean it.

  • BHBs: With 12 grams of it in every scoop, Keto Zone is a heavyweight. Their claims that it’s the fastest and easiest way to ketosis are backed by the fact that their supplement has more of the substance per 100g than most others.
  • Electrolytes: Anyone who’s had the keto flu knows that dehydration is a big problem on the lifestyle. Keto Zone has major doses of sodium, calcium, and magnesium to hydrate your body and supposedly put an end to the keto flu (read what happened to us in the next section).
  • Flavoring: This stuff is hard to stomach without flavoring. Keto Zone comes in coconut with stevia extract so you don’t lose that delicious rigatoni you made for lunch. So yes, it tastes good compared to most. 

That’s it. No seriously. Gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO—we liked how healthy and straightforward the recipe was.

Of course, that could be a drawback for some people too. Some dieters like when their supplement has extra caffeine, probiotics, or other additional ingredients to give them more of a kick. Some caffeine would have been nice, but if you do the lifestyle right, then you shouldn’t need any extra energy!

How Keto Zone Actually Work?

We couldn’t find any Keto Zone BHB reviews before we started taking it, so we didn’t know what to expect. We can be pretty skeptical at times.

So, did it work……?


We didn’t feel results in just an hour, but after taking it for an extended period, we did notice some positive effects.

woman enjoying the workout
  • Keto Flu: If you’re getting into ketosis or slip out for one reason or another (primarily because we love sweets and indulge sometimes), then you may experience keto flu symptoms. This is your body adjusting to a low-carb lifestyle. With a heavy dosage of electrolytes and no harmful extras, we felt A LOT better. Fewer headaches, more energy, and no brain fog or stomach aches.
  • Energy: We can’t say if it’s because of the electrolytes or because of the quick ketosis, but we felt better throughout the day and had better workouts. We wouldn’t say peak performance, but we had “it” in the gym if you catch our drift.

Overall, getting into the zone faster produced some excellent benefits. More energy, better workouts, and no real keto flu to speak of. For most, that should easily translate to more weight loss and better overall health.

And did we mention the coconut flavor was perfect? It might not be as tasty as coffee or cookies and cream from other brands, but if you love coconut, you’re meant for each other. Anything you lose in taste is easily made for in effect.

Keto Zone BHB Review Verdict: It  helps fight symptoms and supports energy for better weight loss. Those two factors alone make it worth the higher-than-average price tag. We recommend it especially for people who slip out of the state from time to time.