KetoLogic Reviews (2019 Update) 3 Things You Need to Know

KetoLogic Review
Is The 30-Day Challenge Really Worth it?

KetoLogic Review

Are you having trouble sticking to the keto lifestyle? Are all of the recipes, products, and recommendations making you doubt whether you can follow through on it?

KetoLogic supplies dieters with the two most essential weapons in the weight loss war—quality products and a simple, easy-to-follow plan to use them. The process is tricky, and if you don’t make an effort to balance your nutritional intake, you’re essentially wasting your time.

When we heard about their now-famous “The KETO 30” 30-day kickstart program, we decided to give their products a try. We created this KetoLogic review to cover our experiences and let you know exactly what to expect, including if it works.

What is KetoLogic?

If you’re into the lifestyle, then you’ve already been bombarded by everything from superfoods and miracle supplements to space-age technology for measuring your ketone levels at home.

KetoLogic is a bit a different.

The name says it all—instead of selling “miracle supplements” or crazy weight loss routines, they provide an easy-to-follow, “logical” plan for achievable weight loss goals.

Honestly, it was pretty refreshing just reading their reviews: no caps lock, no claims of insane weight loss. Just real people talking about reasonable results.

KetoLogic provides supplements, advice, recipes, and plans for keto'ers. Their goal is to educate people on the benefits of the lifestyle while providing the resources for you to actually follow it.

In essence, they are demonstrating the benefits of the lifestyle, providing resources (their supplements and recipes), and giving you a roadmap to achieving your goal (the 30-day plan).

Instead of going through the trouble of preparing extra meals, finding recipes, and struggling to stick to the plan, you can get everything in one place with an easy-to-follow guide.

It won’t work if you don’t put in the effort, though. Even great supplements won’t help if you aren’t following the lifestyle and exercising.

What Kind of Products Do They Have?

Since this KetoLogic review is mostly about their products, let’s start with the two main offerings: their BHB supplement and meal replacement powder.

1. Keto Meal (meal replacement supplement)

KetoLogic’s “Keto Meal” is a balanced low-carb/high-fat mixture that acts as an instant meal whenever needed. It’s definitely good for ketoers on the go. Just mix one scoop with water and you’ve got a complete meal in seconds. Aside from the obvious convenience, they come with a bunch of great benefits for dieters:

  • Supports ketone function
  • ​Keeps you in ketosis on the run
  • ​Full of vitamins and minerals for health
  • ​Packed with electrolytes for all-day energy
  • ​A great source of MCTs

Of course, there are plenty of companies selling meal replacements, so what makes KetoLogic’s special?
In our opinion, it stands out due to the balance of fat to protein and carbs. Meal replacements that are high in protein cause us stomach issues, if that’s an issue for you, KetoLogic’s product is probably a better option.

The only thing we wish it had was added probiotics. Other than that, it’s pretty good.

2. BHBs

Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the purest form of ketones. This exogenous ketone supplement is meant to provide instant ketosis whenever you need it. They are a pure source of fuel that helps the body and mind.

If you’re like us, then you get those energy slumps during the day that make you want to quit the whole thing and grab some ice cream and sugary carbs! So a clean supplement makes complying with the process that much easier.

What we liked most about their supplement were the clean ingredients and simple nutrition label. No extras, no fancy names we couldn’t pronounce, no nothing.

Just electrolytes and goBHB (the purest, most energy-rich form of ketone bodies).

Aside from these two supplements, they also provide recipes, advice articles, their famous 30-day plan, workout gear, and coffee creamer. It’s possible to do your things and stick to it for a month; however, KetoLogic makes it a lot easier (and tastier!).

3. KETO 30 Challenge

The company has generated a lot of buzz around their “KETO 30 Challenge”. They lay out a plan in just 4 easy steps to help you achieve fast weight loss goals. Each day, you follow a simple meal plan and get your body in gear. For people that struggle to stick to a diet and don’t have time to come with up recipes on their own, this 30-day program makes weight loss easy.

The process is this simple:

  • Replace one meal with KetoLogic meal replacement
  • Eat 2 low-carb meals
  • Drink 2 BHBs per day
  • Exercise

If you decide to take the “KETO 30 Challenge” and do their month-long kickstart program, you are primarily just consuming a more significant amount of their product. The company offers a 30-day bundle at a discounted price if you’re ready to take the challenge.

Aside from these two supplements and their famous 30-day diet plan, they also provide recipes, advice articles, workout gear, and coffee creamer. It’s possible to do your routine and stick to it for a month; however, the brand makes it a lot easier (and tastier!).

4. Personalized Coaching Package

This is one of their latest additions to the service package. Basically, you can sign up for a much more personalized service where you will have direct contact with a dietician.

You get one initial consultation call to help create a plan of action tailored to you. After that, you also get 8 one-on-one calls with a dietician to help analyse your results and provide feedback on how well you’re doing.

This is an excellent way to have someone with experience provide you with not only the plan of action but also keep you motivated along the way.

female fitness model

This way you can make sure that simple mistakes can be fixed quickly before they become a problem and demotivating. 

At $300 it is quite an investment, but considering that you will have direct contact with a dietician for several hours, it’s actually a pretty good deal.

Is KetoLogic Actually Worth the Price?

female with question and curiousity

KetoLogic isn’t the cheapest option on the market. In our opinion, it’s definitely worth it with all that you get, but if you’re new to the diet it’s normal to be a bit hesitant. We definitely were when we first started.

But we definitely think KetoLogic works if you stick to the process. After our 30 days, we experienced weight loss, more energy, and just better overall health. 

Of course, we can’t say for sure if it was really the supplements helping us or if it was just because we stuck to the lifestyle.

But that’s actually what we like the most about KetoLogic’s products when we reviewed it: they make it super easy to stick to the lifestyle. Most supplements either aren’t clean, are too complex, or taste terrible, and most diets are too much work.

KetoLogic’s BHB and meal replacement tasted delicious (they come in a bunch of flavors; try “Patriot Pop” and thank us later), were clean and healthy, and easy to mix and consume. All of that in an easy-to-follow plan? Yes, please!

Of course, it’s not a “super” supplement that melts off fat but it never claimed to be.

KetoLogic Review Verdict: KetoLogic provides high-quality supplements and other great resources to help you achieve moderate to good results in a month.

Where To Buy Ketologic?

The absolute best place to get these supplement packages is directly from the KetoLogic website. Individual supplements are available on Amazon and eBay, but our experience directly with the company has been excellent.

There are great bulk packages available, and the entire 30-day challenge is actually only available directly. The same is the case for the personalized coaching.

The online ordering process is simple and secure, and the delivery times are very fast. Overall we were very impressed with the service they offer.