KETOREX by Bruno Pharma (2019 Review) 5 Things to Know About

Can This Supplement Be Your Secret Weapon?

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Exogenous ketones are ketone bodies produced outside the liver and introduced into your system by way of supplements like KetoRex. For those who may not be aware, ketone bodies are metabolites that allow your body to burn fat as a fuel source in lieu of carbohydrates. By using fats as a fuel source, you enable fast, effective weight loss. And by using a ketogenic supplement like this one from Bruno MD6 you are able to sustain your weight loss even if you decide to no longer adhere to the keto diet. Or for that matter, even if you never adhered to the keto diet in the first place. Below we're going to take a look at KetoRex from Bruno MD6 and see if it lives up to its promise.

What Exactly is KetoRex?

KetoRex is a tasty blend of MCT oils, BHB salts and the Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello Sicilian oranges. It's free of caffeine and sugar and loaded with the ketone bodies you need to burn off excess fat and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Bruno MD6 employs a proprietary blend of ingredients, which is not something we want to see since the proprietary label allows a manufacturer to be coy about the amount of this or that ingredient they use. That said, whether they are loading up KetoRex with beneficial ketone bodies or going light to save money, the fact is the supplement still contains the ketones you need to burn off fat more effectively than any diet-only strategy would allow you to do.

How This Product Works:

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We applaud the fact that KetoRex uses an array of all-natural, high-quality ingredients to give their supplement an attractive color and flavor. However, what we really want to see beyond those cosmetic qualities are weight loss results centered on fat burning. Fortunately, KetoRex contains medium chain triglycerides that go straight to the liver where they can be quickly metabolized by the ketone bodies produced by the product's BHB salts. It's an effective combination that has been proven in other exogenous ketone supplements. But KetoRex doesn't stop there. They also provide calcium and magnesium for strong bones, and they help you stabilize blood glucose levels so that you feel more alert and energetic.

It's an impressive ingredient list that will no doubt help you attain the weight loss goals you set for yourself even if you decide not to adhere to the ketogenic diet. This is not a capsule like many other keto supplements. This is a shake mix intended to be a meal replacement. By drinking a KetoRex shake at meal time, you enable your body to evict that spare tire and to go after those stubborn fat stores that have been clinging to your waist, hips and thighs for years.

Benefits of Taking KetoRex:

A complex and well-considered exogenous ketone supplement like KetoRex provides a number of benefits to both the keto dieter and the casual user.

  • ​A tasty alternative - Regardless of how effective other capsule-based supplements may be they tend to be a uniformly bland experience. Not KetoRex. MD6 KetoRex shakes are maybe the tastiest exogenous ketone supplement on the market.
  • Proven effective - There are years of research and just as many years of results documenting the effectiveness of BHB salts in producing ketone bodies that will melt away fat stores. The fact that KetoRex also provides you with MCTs that are quickly metabolized also means KetoRex will give you an immediate energy boost as well.
  • ​Vegan-friendly - There are no animal products used in the production of KetoRex, and that's good news for vegetarians and vegans. There's also no gluten, virtually no carbs and no sugar to mess with your blood glucose levels.
  • ​Caffeine free - Some diet supplements use caffeine to stimulate the metabolism. Not KetoRex. The makers of this supplement understand that caffeine is a double-edged sword that can produce more negative effects than positive ones in some people. So they forego caffeine in favor of MCTs which will provide a similar energy boost without the side effects.
  • ​Appetite suppression - Even the most dedicated dieter can be undone by food cravings at odd times of the day. The MCTs in KetoRex are not only quickly delivered to the liver to be metabolized; they also work to suppress your appetite in order to allow you to say no to those between meals snacks that can be so counterproductive.

​​​​​All the ingredients in KetoRex seem extremely well thought out, and the product as a whole is one many people, tired of the capsule routine, will welcome.

Is it Actually Safe?

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There is no reason to think any of the ingredients here are going to cause any serious side effects. As with other exogenous ketone supplements, however, if taken on a regular basis it may prompt the onset of keto flu symptoms. These are nothing to be concerned about and actually indicate that your body is burning fat instead of carbs. Which is exactly what you want to do.

Any keto flu-like symptoms will likely take the form of headaches, mild nausea, fatigue and a temporary sense of being not so alert. Fear not though. In the rare case such symptoms do occur they should pass quickly.

The Bottom Line for KetoRex:

KetoRex from Bruno MD6 is an exogenous ketone supplement worth considering. It approaches supplementation from a different angle providing its dietary effectiveness in the form of a genuinely good tasting meal replacement shake. Our issue with this product as stated above is its seemingly unnecessary invoking of the proprietary label which means customers are in the dark about just how much of what ingredient they’re actually getting. If this doesn’t bother you, great. If you’re like us though you may want to opt for an equally effective exogenous ketone supplement with a transparent ingredient list and a well-deserved reputation for being the gold standard of such supplements: Perfect Keto.