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9 Keto Hacks: The Ultimate List for Beginners

Keto Hacks: the Ultimate List for Beginners

Keto is one of the most rewarding and effective diets there is….but it’s not easy. In the beginning, you’ve got to rewire your entire body to get into ketosis. If you stray, you might have to start the entire process over again.

The most successful ketomaniacs are masters of their craft, their tool belts complete with tips, tricks, and industry secrets that only the pros know—hacks, if you will. You have two choices: you can either spend years learning these secrets or you can read this list of the best keto diet hacks we’ve put together from the experts.

The choice is yours.

Hack #1) Your On-the-Go Quick Guide

If you’re always in a rush and on the road, it’s hard to stick to your diet. Anyone can whip up something healthy at home, but when those chicken nuggets are staring you in the face, even the bravest among us crumble. Instead of letting the thought creep into your mind, use this quick guide to staying ​within the lifestyle at fast food joints:

  • check
    ​Chipotle: Salad with chicken, cheese, hot salsa, and guacamole.
  • check
    ​Wendy’s: Baconator with no bun or sauce (good luck).
  • check
    ​KFC: Baked chicken tenders with a side of green beans.
  • check
    In-N-Out: Ask for any of their burgers with a lettuce wrap (“protein style”).
  • check
    Five Guys: Dig deep into your soul and resist the bun and fries. Instead, get their burger sans bun in a to-go box with as many veggie toppings as you like. Gorge on peanuts while you wait to quell your hunger.
  • check
    Subway: Order anything as a salad, add cheese, and stay away from high-carb veggies like corn. Skip the dressing.
  • check
    McDonald’s: Angus beef with no bun and no sauce. Use pepper instead.
KFC baked chicken tenders

​​​​​​​Pro Tip: Download an app that lets you find keto-friendly places to eat in the vicinity. Thank us later for this hack.

Hack #2) Learn to Spot Hidden Carbs

Carbs are the bane of any ​low-carb diet. One of the best keto hacks is learning to spot them from a mile away. If something is:

  • ​Chewable
  • ​Coated
  • ​Flavored
examining your food with a fork

​​​Then it is loaded with carbs. Also, be aware that many things labeled “sugar-free” or “carb-free” are lying to you. If something is labeled as an “alternative” sweetener, then it is almost always a sworn enemy in disguise. Avoid:

  • ​Splenda
  • ​Honey
  • ​Agave
  • ​Xylitol
  • ​Sorbitol
  • ​Maltitol

​​​​​​And, of course, avoid corn like your life depends on it. In general, the more natural and simpler your food is, the more likely it is to be ​low-carb friendly.

Hack #3) Take ​Some ​Treats on the Road

Prepare snacks over the weekend and take them on the road. Put them in the office, in the car, in your bedroom, and anywhere else you get tempted to stray from the diet (no ice cream in bed!).

Some of our favorites are:

  • ​Fried Sea Salt Almonds: These are a lifesaver. Fry up almonds in a pan of extra virgin olive oil, mix in a bowl with sea salt and thyme, and you are set. Separate them into bags and store them in the car. TIP: Put them in a bowl and watch a movie. Who needs popcorn anyway?
fried sea salt almonds
  • ​Beef Jerky: Buy it in bulk and chow down.
  • ​Pork Rinds: No carbs? Full of fat and protein? Have at it!
  • ​Hard Boiled Eggs: Boil up as many as you can stomach on Sunday and keep them in plastic containers for the work week.

​​​Aside from these, some great quick ​treats are:

  • ​Seeds
  • ​Bacon
  • ​Nuts
  • ​Avocado
  • ​Pickles
  • ​Nut butters

​If that didn't satisfy you, you can check out this page for more.

​​​​​​Hack #4) Hummus

Hummus is actually a controversial keto hack. Thing is, chickpeas are high in carbs, but the rest of the ingredients are pretty low so it turns out to be moderate. You definitely don’t want to gorge on this hack, but dipping vegetables and pork rinds in moderate amounts of hummus is totally fine on the keto diet.

It’s also packed with other healthy ingredients to balance out your diet. It’s the best substitute for high-carb dressings in our opinion.

hummus ckickpeas paste

Pro Tip: Having company over? Lay out peppers, celery, pork rinds, carrots, and other low-carb veggies with a small bowl of hummus.

Hack #5) Don’t Go it Alone

Having an accountability partner provides motivation on all fronts. A shoulder to cry on when you yearn for deep fried foods, someone to exchange food recipes with and make keto fun, and, of course, some healthy competition—having someone on the front lines with you keeps you motivated and holds you accountable.

Hack #6) Intermittent Fasting

You’re doing ​the lifestyle for one reason: to get results. You want to lose weight and you want to shed it now.

In our opinion, intermittent fasting (IF) is the ultimate keto diet hack, and it really isn’t hard at all.

Unlike caloric restriction, IF just limits the window in which you can eat. This “feeding window” is when you should take in all of your food, and outside of the window (say, 6 hours per day) you should not consume anything with caloric value. Basically, the goal is to shock your body into burning fat stores faster.

healthy foods in front of a lady

Starting IF will provide faster weight loss results and may also have other health benefits. It’s recommended to limit caloric intake to 6-8 hours per day and consume only water or tea outside of this time. Here are a few tips we’ve learned:

  • ​Alternate days of fasting with days of feasting.
  • ​Skip breakfast.
  • ​Avoid feeling too hungry. You don’t want to starve. Make it a gradual process.
  • ​If you’re just starting, fast only 1-2x per week.

​​​​Hack #7) Get Creative With Your Coffee

Coffee is like the Force of the keto universe: it can be light or dark and it holds the whole universe together.

It should also be the main ingredient for a number of keto hacks.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

a cup of coffee
  • ​Butter: Yes, we are for real. Add a tbsp. of grass-fed butter to your morning coffee to stave off hunger and get some healthy fats.
  • ​Peanut butter ice coffee: Want a jolt of energy and protein to help fit your macros? Put some peanut butter powder into an ice coffee and now you’ve got a delicious keto shake.
  • ​Bulletproof coffee: This staple of the diet is a like a celebrity among recipes. Mix butter, MCT oil, ceylon cinnamon, and stevia for the ultimate morning keto rush hack.

​​​Hack #8) ​Supplementation

When your body enters ketosis, it begins to produce ketones. The liver produces ketones from fatty acids when carb intake is restricted or after periods of prolonged exercise. Basically, it’s what helps you burn a lot of a fat when on the ​low-carb diet (score!).

Exogenous ketones are a supplement that provides instant ketosis. Rather than wait for your body to produce them naturally, you ingest pure ketones to kickstart the process. Certain ​products can double as meal replacements while others are more like workout enhancers. They support better athletic endurance, regulate proper brain function, and can even help you lose weight when combined with exercise. If you want to get into quick ketosis (like before a workout), they save you a lot of time.

Make sure to choose a flavored supplement, because the natural taste is unpleasant to say the least. You can check out the best ones that we've reviewed here.

Hack #9) Don’t Give up Your Favorite Pizzas

Wait, pizza? On the keto diet?

It’s true.

You can have delicious pizza, bread, and other forbidden fruits so long as you use this keto secret hack:

​Almond ​Flour

A ¼ cup of almond flour contains just 2 net carbs, so a standard pizza using ¾ cup contains just 6 net carbs. Of course, use these as treats, especially if you’re trying to stay below 20 net carbs per day.

With almond flour you can make:

  • ​Pizza
  • ​Pancakes
  • ​Cookies
  • ​Biscuits
  • ​Bread
slices of pizza

​​​​​Basically, anything that you’d make with normal flour is an option. Ask anyone on a low-carb diet and they’ll tell you it’s a lifesaver. 

Nothing worth having is easy. You’ve got to work to shed pounds on keto. But trust us, it’s worth all of the sweat (and tears from not having your favorite foods). With these keto hacks, you won’t have any trouble sticking to your diet and shedding pounds. 

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