Kiss My Keto Review
An In-Depth Look At Their Different Products

review of kiss my keto supplements

There are a number of products on the market today trying to plug into the keto diet trend. Some of them are little more than handsome packaging while others are bona-fide supplements that will help you burn off your excess weight and boost your energy. Below we’re going to conduct our Kiss My Keto reviews looking at this company’s MCT oil and Exogenous BHB. Both are designed to help you mimic the effects of ketosis without having to put your body through the transition necessarily.

If you’re just getting up to speed on ketosis, here’s a quick primer: the diet is one where you starve your body of its natural default fuel source, carbohydrates, and by doing so cause it to check down to the next possible fuel source on its list: fat. Once your body has made this transition from being powered by carbs to being powered by fat, you are said to be in the ketosis state because the fat has been metabolized into what are known as "ketone bodies."

A Look at Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder...

Like most products of this type, Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder has zero carbs and is intended to be mixed with coffee. This gives you both an instant energy boost and also provides an effective delivery vector for the different active ingredients to work their magic. In the interest of producing an honest Kiss My Keto MCT review, we have to say that while the marketing for the product talks about how good it tastes or lack thereof, we were a little bit surprised to find that it was such an understatement.

You will barely notice that you've mixed anything with your morning cup of coffee. That's unbelievable considering the numerous benefits that you get from it on top of the fact that these products are notorious for tasting horrible.

The Additional Benefits of MCT Products:

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The MCTs or medium chain triglycerides in Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder are more beneficial than other forms of triglycerides. Here’s why:

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    They’re easier to digest - They pass directly from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.
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    They help balance hormone levels - MCTs have been shown to help those suffering from hormonal imbalances.
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    They’re an excellent energy source - MCTs are absorbed quickly and give an immediate and sustained energy kick.
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    They’re good for the digestive system - Because MCTs are so quickly and effectively processed they’re easy on the stomach.
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    They boost the immune system - Medium chain triglycerides have antiviral and antibacterial properties known to be beneficial to the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Our Review Summary of Kiss My Keto MCT...

At the end of the day, we found Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder to be true to the hype. It always provides a nice energy kick that can last for the better part of the day and appetite is fairly effectively suppressed. Another upside is that the taste is great which means it doesn't taste much like anything. You can easily consume this product without worrying about anything but the benefits that you'll be reaping from it.

So we’ll wrap up this Kiss My Keto MCT review by stating that the product does what it claims to do and more. It's also attractively priced and should deliver for you when you need that boost the most. If you are planning to get this product, you can get a top deal for it right here.

Now, on to their BHB supplement...

Now Let's Check Out Kiss My Keto BHB Salts...

BHB is short for Beta Hydroxybutyrate. Beta Hydroxybutyrate is one of those ketone bodies we described at the start that your body uses as an energy source when carbs are unavailable. If you hope to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs, you’ll need copious amounts of BHB and Kiss My Keto is a great source for that. Kiss My Keto BHB salts is an exogenous product that can actually fool the body into believing it is in the elusive state. Once it does that and the body starts using ketones to power itself you’ll experience a jolt of energy and any jumbled thoughts will likely sort themselves out.

Exogenous supplements are known for tasting really horrible and after trying it out ourselves, we believe that Kiss My Keto really did an amazing job at hiding the taste and actually making it enjoyable.

Is this Product Safe to Use?

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On the whole any Kiss My Keto reviews that claim the product is dangerous either don't understand it or are simply trying to sell you on something else. The fact is, the use of this product is unlikely to produce any detrimental effects although it's still recommended you consult your physician before you begin taking it.

They should be familiar with your personal health history and be able to tell you if there's any reason why you should avoid taking exogenous ketones. While Kiss My Keto BHB will won't flip your body over into a state of permanent ketosis, it will nonetheless mimic the effects of that state pretty effectively. Essentially, you’ll feel as though you’re fasting, even though you’re not.

So all in all, using this product doesn't cause any harm to your body. It only tricks it to get into the state of ketosis, which is awesome!

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Our Thoughts on Kiss My Keto BHB Salts...

For those disinclined to commit long-term to the rigors of the ketogenic diet, there's Kiss My Keto BHB salts. It will faithfully recreate the outward signs of ketosis (as well as some of the inward ones) and allow you to burn fat while sparing you the drudgery of having to monitor your food constantly.

With a great-tasting product, you'll have an easier time getting into ketosis than you would on most other products.

Choose Your Flavor:

Well, another great thing about Kiss My Keto's exogenous supplements is that you have a bunch of options to choose from. They offer the product in three different flavors, all of which you can see down below where you can get it straight from the manufacturer with a top-notch deal.

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