KNOW Foods Review {Keto} 2019 In-Depth Analysis

KNOW Foods Review 

The problem most people have with the keto diet plan is that they feel like they can’t eat a “normal” meal. No pasta. No bread. No cookies or condiments. It’s not easy.

Even though they’re allowed to go to town with bacon, avocado, all type of delicious cheese and even dark chocolate it’s just not enough. 

Food manufacturers are familiar with this issue and as the ketogenic diet becomes more widely accepted, more of them have jumped into the fray attempting to provide keto diet plan enthusiasts with low-carb alternatives to their long lost favorites. 

KNOW Foods is one of the more recent entries into the low carb keto food arena and we’re here to put them under the microscope.

Will they stand up to close inspection? We’re about to find out.

What is KNOW Foods?

KNOW Foods is a line of keto-friendly food products ranging from chocolate chip keto cookie and gluten free bread to donuts.

It also has no added sugar, waffles, ketchup, pancake mix, maple syrup with no added sugar, gluten free macaroni, and more.

They market these as being “keto-friendly” items that will enable you to return to something resembling your old familiar diet.

“Resembling” however is not the same as “being” and beyond the shapes that these products tak,e there’s little about them you’ll find familiar. 

While most of the keto snack offerings tasted like their carb-heavy counterparts the other items did not.

To a degree it’s understandable. After all, those familiar with keto foods know how difficult it is to concoct recipes that replicate the flavor of high quality pasta or even pancake mix using seeds and such.

But still, the recipes here often wind up wandering so far afield that if you close your eyes you’ll have no idea what you just put in your mouth.

For our money, we’d avoid them and make a fat bacon, avocado and cheese omelette and have a piece of chicken on the side and some yogurt. Because what’s the sense trying to fool ourselves into thinking we can eat “healthy” pasta?

As we said, however, the KNOW sugar free keto snack recipes hold up much better than the other items.

Although, as we’ll see a bit later, they end up being something of a tease. And that’s likely the last thing a carb-starved keto diet follower needs from a personal care perspective.

What are the ingredients in KNOW Foods?

Because KNOW is an entire line of food and snack keto items ranging from condiments to pasta there are too many ingredients in play to list them all here (although no meat).

The following are representative of some of the most popular ingredients you’ll eat when you eat KNOW Foods:

●        Allulose - Allulose is a healthy sweetener found in some fruits. For the most part, it avoids being metabolized by your system and doesn’t turn into fats.

●        Dried Egg Whites - Often times dried egg whites are used in baking because they tend to make for a fluffier finished product than do whole eggs. They’re also as rich in protein as meat.

●        Coconut oil - Coconut oil is 84% fats and high in MCTs. This makes coconut oil the best type of oil for the keto diet. Even better than olive oil.

●        Sea Salt - Although sea salt is often put forward as a healthy alternative to table salt, the nutritional value of the two is virtually identical.

●        Peanuts - Nuts are high-protein and rich in antioxidants and fats. That’s the good news. The bad news is that allergies to nuts can be life threatening.

●        Coconut flour - Coconut flour contains no gluten, is low in sugar as well as carbs and contains a few calories. It’s not technically “flour,” though it’s often used in cookie keto recipes.

●        Chickpeas - Like meat, chickpeas are a healthy source of protein. Besides protein, they're also rich in zinc and iron as well as folate which helps promote red blood cell health.

Increase your consumption of healthful fats like… avocado, grass-fed beef, wild fish and coconut oil

David Perlmutter MD and Author

How to use KNOW Foods? 

There’s no secret here. 

When it comes to these foods know, they’re intended to be one-to-one substitutes for the carb-heavy dishes you’ve been avoiding so you can lose weight.

The problem is that many of these items are keto-friendly in name only. 

The gluten-free pasta, for instance, contains 28 grams of carbs in each serving and each serving is a measly half cup.

How does KNOW Foods Taste? 

As we mentioned above, KNOW Foods may look like the good old carb-heavy favorites you’ve been longing for.

But that doesn’t mean they taste like them. A few are healthy facsimiles of oldies but goodies, like the high-protein donuts for instance.

But others, like the pasta is a whole another animal. However, we recognize that everyone’s tastes are different and where we found something on their product list wanting in the taste department you may find it delicious.

What are the Best Keto Snacks?

The best keto snacks from KNOW Foods are the muffins and donuts. Although they had no added sugar or butter, they most closely resembled the muffins and donuts we grew up enjoying.

Now whether or not they’ll spike your blood sugar is a matter of considerable debate.

Because, although they contain no sugar, they’re pretty high in carbs and protein for a so-called “keto snack”.

Is There Such a Thing as Keto Cookie?

There is a keto cookie and it’s pretty good. But only pretty good.

We had heard a lot about the KNOW Foods chocolate chip cookie keto snack and had high hopes before we tried it.

But we weren’t impressed with the actual product. This is too bad because this low-carb keto snack actually is keto-friendly and healthy and uses allulose as a sweetener.

Allulose tastes quite a bit like sugar but isn’t metabolized and won’t cause your blood sugars to spike.

Does KNOW Foods actually work? 

Although you may develop a taste for these foods, know that taste isn’t the only potential issue you’ll be dealing with.

As we discovered quickly during our testing of various KNOW Foods recipes, “keto” and “keto-friendly” are phrases you’ll need to take with a grain of salt. 

Why? Because your keto-friendly weight loss experience is likely to get nuts and become keto-unfriendly pretty quick if you’re not careful. 

As you know, the keto diet plan requires you to restrict your carb intake to between 20 to 30 grams per day. The closer to 20 the better.

 But once you begin reading labels on your KNOW Foods, you’re likely to be struck by the fact that a single donut, despite having no added sugar, has 22 carbs.

The muffin, which is about the size of your thumbnail, has 8 grams of carbs. A single slice of their gluten free, high fiber bread is 20 grams. 

Now some of that can be dismissed because it stems from the aforementioned allulose. But not all of it. The bottom line is that if you eat one sandwich and have a donut for dessert, you’re likely to hit or exceed your low-carb limit for the day.

If you commit the crime of having two chicken sandwiches in one day, you’ll be out of ketosis faster than you can say “keto-friendly.”

From where we’re sitting, the best strategy if you want to really benefit from the high-fat keto diet would be to embrace the foods you’re able to eat with impunity (like guacamole and vegetables smothered in butter)

And then augment your fatty diet with something like Keto Bodytone. This way, you’ll stay keto compliant and won’t overdo it on the protein either.

Are there side effects to using KNOW Foods? 

KNOW Foods recipes are practically devoid of side effects and that’s a good thing. The one exception would be that some of their offerings contain nuts and that can be problematic for some people. 

The other potential side effect derives from the fact that KNOW Foods are not as low carb as the marketing might make them out to be. And they’re pretty high in protein.

As such, if you take a liking to them you run the risk of bumping yourself out of ketosis pretty easy. And that’s a side effect nobody on the ketogenic diet wants from their food.

Where can I Buy KNOW Foods?

If you want to eat KNOW Foods, that’s fine. You can buy them here.

But read the labels carefully. We’re not trying to be alarmist, but the reality is that there’s no way you can eat this stuff three meals a day and stay in ketosis.

Not gonna happen. A better idea would be to simply eat your normal healthy ketogenic diet and augment it with Keto Bodytone to optimize your benefits.

One of the biggest benefits of the exogenous ketone supplements - it just makes it easier for me to be in a state of “high” ketosis.

Justin Litchfield Ph.D.

Bottomline: Should you Buy KNOW Foods? 

So on to the meat of the matter, can we recommend KNOW Foods for those on the high-fat keto diet plan?

 Unfortunately not, unless it’s on a strictly limited basis like on cheat days.

As we’ve outlined, they’re protein-rich and even eating a couple of sandwiches made from their bread and having one of their keto cookie for dessert might bounce you out of ketosis. 

The company is to be commended for obviously putting a lot of thought and energy into their snack keto products. And now and then they can be a nice treat. But that’s it.

We would urge you to simply accept the reality of these keto diet recipes and boost your fat burning efforts instead with Keto Bodytone

By staying focused on results you won’t be so tempted to try and relive the good old, carb heavy days. Get plenty of exogenous ketones to make staying power your losing and gaining power!