Konscious Keto Review (Is this the RIGHT Product for YOU?)

​Konscious Keto Review

One of the biggest challenges of the low carb, high-fat keto diet these days is finding things that will satisfy your sweet tooth without bouncing you out of ketosis. 

Sugar is the ultimate carb. So when we pick up the keto challenge of eliminating carbs in order to lose weight, we have to leave behind things like ice cream, cake, and candy bars. If most people on the keto diet have one common complaint, this is it. 

But you know what? Being on the keto diet doesn’t necessarily mean leaving yummy sweet treats in the past. There are a number of companies out there that make delicious keto snacks and Konscious Keto is one of them. At least it claims to be one of them. But is it really? Let’s find out. 

What is Konscious Keto? 

Konscious Keto is a maker of various keto-related food products. They’re known primarily for their generally well-regarded shake mixes.

Konscious Keto shakes are high fat, relatively low carbohydrate concoctions that are designed to fill the sweet gap most keto dieters experience when they embrace the lifestyle. 

But do these shakes actually enable you to stay keto compliant so you can continue to burn fat for fuel?

 Or are they likely to activate your sweet tooth and send you to the local bakery for the biggest piece of Black Forest Cake you can find? 

The folks who make these keto shakes seem aware that their product has the potential to touch off a carb-intensive sweet binge. 

So to help their clientele stay on the ketogenic straight and narrow, they’ve developed the Slim21 Keto Challenge. 

This is a 3-part program customers can sign up for that provides access to a range of related benefits.

They can talk to renowned keto chefs, access scores of meal plans, use the Slim21 program to cleanse their systems, and set themselves up for enhanced fat burning.

How is Konscious Keto Used? 

Konscious Keto shakes are intended to be used as both a way to satisfy your sweet cravings and as easy meal replacements.

Frankly, they’re probably more effective as meal replacements. Because if you’re drinking these on top of your regular keto diet fare, you run the very real risk of bumping yourself out of ketosis. 

In fact, the company tilts their marketing toward the notion of them being keto meal replacements. They talk about how they’ll make you feel full for hours and how they’ll help fend off troublesome food cravings that are the undoing of so many on the keto diet. 

So the company is to be commended for recognizing the potential for these shakes to be misused and for trying to keep people’s attention focused on not eating to excess—no matter what you’re eating. 

The problem, of course, is that it's one thing to urge people not to use your delicious keto shakes as between-meal snacks. It’s another thing altogether for people to resist the urge to do just that. 

We can see the wheels of justification spinning in someone’s head: “It’s keto-friendly, right? So it won't hurt to have as many of these as I want. Right?"

Well, wrong, actually. Because if you have 2 of these in one day, you're already approaching your keto carb limit for the day. That potentially puts you in a very tight spot.

Different Flavors of Konscious Keto Shakes

Konscious Keto tends to be up and down with the number and variety of their keto shake offerings. At the moment, their selection is limited to Strawberry Cheesecake and Creamy Chocolate.

Both of these impressed our test panelists with their flavor, their mostly satisfying texture, and their general lack of unpleasant after taste. 

For the most part, these keto drinks also made our testers feel full. And that’s a good thing. But that didn’t stop them from wanting more. Or envisioning themselves waking up in the middle of the night and having one while no one was looking and that’s not such a good thing. 

You see, eating is more than just the cold physical act of refueling the body. It’s tied, at least to some extent, to people’s emotions. 

In other words, it feels good to eat. As such, eating isn’t always a rational experience. The proof is that, even though it’s common to get full halfway through a meal, most people continue to eat anyway. Simply because the act itself feels so good.

So, anything that triggers that kind of emotional response, like sweets, is going to run the risk of causing you to overindulge. And then bye-bye keto diet. 

We’re not saying these shakes are guaranteed to cause you to overeat. But it can’t be denied that the potential is there. 

Benefits of Konscious Keto 

So by now we’ve established a couple of key points. 

1)    Konscious Keto shakes will appeal to your taste buds.

2)    They taste so good in fact that they might trigger overindulgence and goodbye keto. 

With those two things in the vault, let’s take a look at the potential benefits of these keto shakes. Because, in spite of everything, they still have the potential to provide some benefits, if the customer can manage to control themselves. Those benefits are: 

●        Satisfies your sweet cravings - It’s all about control when it comes to this benefit. A Konscious Keto shake should satisfy your sweet cravings. The challenge is to control how often you lean on them to do so. Too often and you’ll be out of ketosis.

●        They taste good - The keto diet is sometimes faulted for lacking taste. That’s because it’s not until they eliminate carbs that most people become aware that carbs and flavor tend to go together.

These shakes can be a useful way to infuse your keto diet with some welcome flavor.

●        They can be an effective keto meal replacement - Our testers confirm that Konscious Keto shakes will make you feel full. What you do with that is up to you. If you can run with that full feeling and avoid eating anything else, then they can be a healthy effective meal replacement.

●        They’ll save you time - There’s no doubt that mixing up one of these keto shakes will save you a lot of time when compared to cooking a meal from scratch. Some days that time-saving component will come in handy.

When times are bad, people feel compelled to overeat.

Don DeLillo, Author

What’s the Best Konscious Keto Flavor?

The best Konscious Keto flavor according to our testers is the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor. A majority of our testers felt it has the most satisfying overall flavor and didn’t leave any unpleasant aftertaste.

Does Konscious Keto Actually Work? 

These shakes can work as meal replacements and can work to satisfy your sweet cravings. Again, however, it all comes down to your level of discipline. 

If you can resist the temptation to have several per day and the temptation to use them as a springboard to other sweets, then Konscious Keto shakes may help you stay in ketosis.

Though they won’t really increase your energy levels like the marketing claims. 

At the end of the day though you’re on the keto diet to lose weight and improve your overall health.

And, even if you follow the company guidance to the letter, these shakes aren't going to do a whole lot in helping your achieve those goals. 

Many chronic health conditions will improve on the ketogenic diet

Eric Westman, MD

Are There Side Effects to Using Konscious Keto? 

The keto product itself is very light on side effects. The ingredient list is full of high-quality items and includes non-sugar sweeteners as well as several things that are used to make the shakes more flavorful.

Still, while side effects are unlikely, some are still possible and they include:

●        Allergic reactions - Since whey protein is derived from cow's milk, anyone who’s allergic to dairy products is going to want to take a pass. In addition, the inclusion of whey protein means these shakes are not compatible with a vegan diet. 

●        Side effects from stevia use - Stevia, along with monk fruit, provides these keto shakes with their sweet appeal. However, stevia has long been somewhat controversial because of several studies that suggest it could have a negative impact on your kidneys and liver. 

●        Diarrhea and stomach cramps - The odds of this happening are small but real. These side effects stem from the fact that these keto shakes contain inulin powder. Inulin is a type of very fine fiber that absorbs lots of water and could lead to diarrhea. 

In addition, it promotes the growth of gut bacteria. And there's a small chance that could lead to stomach cramps or other types of discomfort that will drain you of energy and make you feel tired. 

●        Reactions to monk fruit - Although negative reactions to monk fruit are rare, they have been known to happen. Monk fruit is a member of the same family as pumpkins and melons. 

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to this type of food include skin rash, dizziness, shortness of breath, swollen tongue, vomiting, and rapid pulse.

If you experience any of these after drinking these keto shakes, you should discontinue using them and consult your doctor.

Where Can I Buy Konscious Keto? 

The Konscious Keto shake can be purchased via Amazon or on a number of other, somewhat shadier websites.

They can also be purchased direct from the manufacturer by clicking here. When you're at the site, you can also check out their Slim21 Keto Challenge. 

In our opinion, however, the potential downside of these keto shakes outweighs the potential upside. They’re the kind of tease nobody trying to stay keto compliant really needs. And since they don’t contribute anything by way of enhanced fat burning or ketosis, it's hard to justify having them around. 

Everything has a cost. One of the costs of the keto diet is having to give up sugary desserts.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Konscious Keto?

Konscious Keto shakes taste good. They’re also keto compliant when used occasionally.

But to us, someone on the keto diet drinking this kind of shake is like an alcoholic drinking ‘near beer.' At some point, it's going to lead to something else and then you'll be in trouble.   

So ditch the sweet shakes to help you burn more fat and stay on track with your overall weight loss and health goals. 

If you’re on the keto low-carb diet meal plan or contemplating it, we would recommend you try Famous Keto instead.

It will likely help accelerate your transition to ketosis and, once in ketosis, it will help enhance your body’s fat-burning efforts.