Legendary Foods Review - (COMPLETE AND UPDATED FOR 2019)

Legendary Foods Review

Those on the keto diet often find themselves searching for any type of foodstuff that can bring a bit of variety to their table.

Not that the keto diet is bland (it’s hard to call avocado, bacon, Swiss cheese, dark chocolate and the like bland), it’s just that it can be somewhat limited in scope.

After all, you’re pretty much forbidden to ingest all but a tiny amount of carbs on keto. 

So that eliminates about half the foods found in the standard Western diet. While Legendary Foods doesn’t market its products as keto per se, they have been receiving a lot of attention from ketophiles lately.

So we’re here to put this brand under the microscope and see what they’re all about

What is ​Legendary Foods?

Legendary Foods is a brand of processed food products like Kraft, except keto. Sort of.

Like their mainstream counterpart, Legendary produces an array of foodstuffs.

Their product line includes everything from:

  •  Cinnamon Bun Nut Butter
  • Almond Nut Butter
  • Pizza Flavored Almonds
  • Wasabi Soy Sauce Flavored Almonds
  • Apple Pie and Cashew Nut Butter  
  • Peanut Butter Cup Nut Butter

If you’re sensing a trend, congratulations. Legendary Foods might want to consider rebranding itself “Nut-Related Foods” because that’s their stock and trade.

The company has a set of abiding principles posted on their website that they say drive the creation of all their products. In a nutshell (so to speak) those principles drive them to create food that is:

●        Delicious and fun to eat.

●        Good for you and able to satisfy your hunger.

●        Based on the science of nutrition.

●        All-natural  and convenient.

The fact is the company never claims to produce keto-friendly foods. In fact, they go to some lengths on their blog to dismiss a low-carb diet as a kind of passing fad. A diet du jour. So

 why are their products being reviewed here on this keto-related website? Because a lot of keto dieters have been asking us about whether Legendary Foods are okay for them to eat. That’s an issue we’ll get into below.

What are the ingredients in Legendary Foods?

There’s too many in play in all the Legendary Foods recipes to list here. So we’re going to concentrate on the most common ones.

● Nuts - These foods are legendary for being all about nuts. But how exactly did they settle on the triumvirate of almonds, peanuts and pecans?

According to the company, they submit all the potential nut candidates to something called a lipid peroxidation test. 

This test is designed to measure the quality of the fat in each type of nut. Apparently, they only choose nuts that possess a certain type of unsaturated fat.

And you know what? That would be great if they stopped with the nuts.

But, in order to make the different nut butters and nut treats they make tasty, they need to introduce other ingredients. And some of them are nothing to write home about.

●        Palm oil - Palm oil is cheap and easy to produce. But we find its inclusion here to be something of a head-scratcher. The company goes to great lengths to tout the supposed integrity of its ingredient list.

Yet palm oil is loaded with saturated fats that have been shown to drastically increase a person’s risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

Not good. Palm oil plantations in the developing world are also responsible for a huge percentage of deforestation in the world’s few remaining rainforests. 

●        Stevia - These products are basically sugar-free. Instead, they added stevia, a natural sweetener which, in terms of sweetness, is some 400 times sweeter than sugar.

 It’s a product with a decidedly checkered past, however, and has been banned by the FDA in its raw form.

The stevia you get in products like these is a highly refined version of stevia about which there are nearly as many questions and doubts as there are concerning the raw form.

●        Yeast - Legendary makes ample use of yeast in many of its recipes. For mainstream food companies, that’s pretty much par for the course.

But this company states that one of its driving principles is that all its products have to be safe. If you’re allergic to yeast, it’s anything but safe for you.

Reactions to yeast can include skin rashes, mood swings, widespread, pain and a compromised immune system. Just to name a few.

●        Salt, lots of salt - The folks at Legendary have apparently discovered the secret to making things taste great. And it turns out, it’s the same way mainstream food producers do it: salt and lots of salt.

They say it’s okay though because they use sea salt. But the fact is, there’s virtually no difference between standard table salt and sea salt when it comes to the health danger it poses.

What is Nut Butter?

Nut butter is a spreadable food created by grinding nuts until they achieve a paste-like quality.

Nut butter bears a passing resemblance to real butter and can be spread like it.

But beyond the cosmetic similarity, the two are unrelated. The most popular form of nut butter by far is peanut butter. 

Does Nut Butter Help You Lose Weight?

Nut butter may help you lose weight but you need to be extremely disciplined.

One of the principle reasons keto dieters are attracted to Legendary Foods is because they offer such a range of nut butter products.

Nut butters are an excellent source of the high-quality fats needed on the keto diet. 

That is if they’re produced without a lot of unhealthy additives.

Not all nut butters are created equal and only some of them are keto-friendly. Always read the labels and steer clear of nut butters that contain sugar.

In a recent Men’s Health article, Dara Godfrey, MS, RD, a registered dietician in New York City said, “Peanut Butter can be a part of a keto diet since it contains mostly fats and protein with very little carbohydrates.“

As to whether nut butter can help you lose weight: the answer is that it’s the keto diet that helps you lose weight. It does so because it’s virtually (not entirely) carb-free.

And that causes your body to slip into ketosis where it burns fat as an alternative energy source.

​How do Legendary Foods Taste?

We’re not going to take exception to the taste of Legendary Foods nut butters and other treats.

Everything from the Pecan Pie flavored Almond Butter to the Buffalo Blue Wing Almond pack was without a doubt delicious. So taste is not an issue.

The issues stem from things like the secondary additives we listed above. As well as, the excessive amount of sodium in many of their products and the fact that many of their products are not all that low in carbs.

As such, they could easily bounce you out of ketosis if you got carried away with the taste and ate more than the recommended minuscule portions.

Do Legendary Foods Actually Work?

In their search for healthy variety keto lovers often embrace products that promise low-carb, high-fat nirvana.

But rather than delivering on their low carb promises they turn out to deliver high-carb nightmares that spike blood sugar and bounce the unsuspecting out of ketosis.

We also can’t emphasize enough that eating too many of these is like opening the salt shaker and pouring it directly into your mouth. 

The thing is Legendary Foods nut butters, seasoned almonds, Almond Cashew and other nut products would likely be fine when consumed in strict accord with the recommended servings.

However, as our own testing revealed, the recommended portions are tiny. We found ourselves having 2 or 3 times as much as recommended without even realizing it. And when you do that you can say adios to ketosis.

So from experience, we can say the odds of someone not having a second helping are slim.

That’s both a testament to the flavor of some of these products and the fact that the recommended portions are unrealistically small.

And of course, as soon as that happens this low-carb savior will quickly turn into a high-carb, high-sodium false prophet.

Don’t get us wrong. We appreciate the effort the company has gone to in making these very tasty alternative foods.

But items like their Butter Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cup nut Butter represent a temptation most keto dieters can live without. Lest they wind up out of ketosis and back to square one.

A better idea is to accept that the keto diet requires a bit of discipline and stick to your low carb menu, augmented by something like Keto Bodytone in order to ramp up the fat-burning process.

Are There Side Effects From Using Legendary Foods?

Any side effects resulting from these products are unlikely to take people by surprise.

After all, the company is scrupulous in its disclosures. Much to their credit. So you know exactly what you’re putting into your system. That is if you bother to read the labels.

If you don’t, side effects would be the result of things like nut allergies. Which, if you have, should cause you to give these foods a legendary berth.

As we mentioned earlier yeast, which is present in many Legendary Foods products can also be problematic for some people. The company also leans very heavily on soy which is present in most of their products in some form.

Therefore, if you have soy sensitivity you could find these products very problematic. And again, let’s not forget all that salt and what that’s going to do to your veins.

Where can I Buy Legendary Foods?

Now it could be that you are the type of person who reads every label, counts every carb and cannot be swayed by a tasty treat into having more than you should. If so, kudos. You’re stronger than most people. 

So if all this talk about Legendary Foods bouncing you out of ketosis doesn’t bother you then you can pick up all the Apple Pie Pecan Pie Almond Butter, Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Peanut Butter and more at Amazon or a slew of other, less reputable resellers.

If you want to go right to the source and get the best available price just follow this link to the Legendary Foods website.

Remember though, these tiny portions of high-sodium nut butters will require you to walk a carbohydrate tight rope.

Because just one extra teaspoon of Pecan Pie Almond Butter and you’ll be closing in on your carb allotment for an entire day.

And if you develop a fondness for the Cheddar Bacon Seasoned Almonds you’ll get nearly twice as much salt per ounce as you would get in McDonald’s French fries. You can call that “healthy” if you want. But we’re not buying.

Bottomline: Should you buy Legendary Foods?

To their credit, Legendary Foods does not market itself as a keto product. They state that their corporate goal is to produce tasty food that’s good for your health.

So it’s not like they’ve misrepresented themselves or anything. The reason we decided to take a look at them at all is that so many keto dieters were asking us whether they could be considered a viable source of keto-friendly foods and snacks.

After giving most of their products a close look, taste-testing them and stacking up their nutritional information against the needs of those on the keto diet we have to say you’d be better off giving this a pass.

Why? Because people are people.

When we’re in a state where we have to deny ourselves something we tend to look for ways we can get around the restrictions the doctor, lawyer or in this case, the keto diet places on us. It’s nothing new. It’s just human nature.

Having Legendary Foods Seasoned Almonds, Peanut Butter Cup Nut Butter and other foods legendary for their tastiness, lying around is likely to be an unnecessary temptation.

After all, the recommended portions here - the portions they draw their carb counts from - are tiny.

Virtually no one is going to be able to adhere to them. It would be like having a piping hot pizza sitting in front of you and only being able to take one bite. Right.

Listen, the keto diet is tough enough without playing games with it. The fewer salty snacks with the potential to bounce you out of ketosis you have laying around the house the better.

A much wiser choice would be to just give these foods a legendary pass and stick to your standard low-carb, low-sodium, moderate protein keto diet and focus on fat burning.

Because that’s what it’s all about anyway. You can ramp up your fat-burning efforts by augmenting your diet with Keto Bodytone

This way you’ll get the BHB ketones (best exogenous ketones) you need to melt away those love handles.

And you won’t spend your whole day trying to resist the temptation to have another couple of spoons of potentially problematic nut butter!