14-Day Keto Meal Plan & Menu

avocado nuts and fresh fish

Just starting out on the keto diet and don't know where to begin? Then this guide to keto meal plans is for you. 

This guide to keto meal plans is for everyone. The is a little something for everyone, including an entire section dedicated to vegetarian keto meal plans.

Meal plans are a great way to get started on the keto diet, or even learn brand new recipes if you have been at it for a while. In these meal plans you, you will find many weeks worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners perfect for the keto diet. The best part is the meals in these plans are foods you already love and are familiar with, just reinvented for the keto diet!

Two-Week - Full Keto Meal Plans

These plans are perfect for both advanced and beginner dieters. If you are just starting out or just don’t cook that often, here are some tips for your keto journey.

  • ​Feel free to cook one or two meals per day and make meals of your leftovers. You don’t need to cook a unique dish 3 times a day, so save a serving of dinner for lunch the next day if you would like.
  • Skipping breakfast is not a sin on the keto diet. Research from Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt shows that “This not only saves you time and money, it may also raise your ketone levels.” (2019)
  • Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and keep your salt intake where it normally would be, to prevent symptoms of what is called the “keto flu.” (Eenfeldt, 2019)

Week 1

  • ​Monday
  • ​tuesday
  • ​wednesday
  • ​thursday
  • ​friday
  • ​saturday
  • ​sunday

​Breakfast : Protein-Packed Pancakes

​Lunch : Asian Pumpkin Soup

​Dinner : Indonesian Chicken Curry