Naturnica Keto Review

Naturnica Keto Review

The ketogenic diet space is a hodgepodge of outstanding snacks, garbage recipes, high-quality supplements, worthless powders, good advice, and people who don’t know the difference between a ketone and a traffic cone. 

It often takes a lot of patience and perseverance to sift through the detritus to find those keto-related products worth buying. But if you're persistent, you can sometimes come up with items that will make a quantifiable difference in the effectiveness of your keto weight loss efforts. 

Naturnica Keto is another in a long line of pills angling for your dollar. But is it worthy of your investment or will it ultimately let you down? That’s what we’re here to find out.

What Is Naturnica Keto?

Naturnica Keto is a dietary supplement that promises to burn fat, increase your energy, boost your metabolism and more. 

Like a lot of keto diet-related products, it uses BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate—exogenous ketones as the vehicle to produce its purported effects. BHB ketones are chemically identical to the ketones your body produces to metabolize fatty tissue when it can’t get carbohydrates. 

Now, in theory, that should be exactly what you need to help you boost your ketogenic efforts. And with some supplements like Keto Body Tone, for instance, it is. But others simply don’t provide anywhere near the dosage of BHB ketones necessary to ramp up the burning of adipose tissue for those on the keto diet. 

Instead what they do is provide a smidgen of those BHBs and then drown them in caffeine to produce the illusion that the supplement is actually, you know, doing something. And in the case of Naturnica Keto, it seems that's exactly what's going on.

Company Behind Naturnica Keto and its History

The company behind Naturnica Keto is called Nutra4Health LLC. Unlike some companies in the keto supplement business, they actually have an official keto leaf theme powered website, although the “about us” page is suspiciously empty.

A bit more digging turns up a supposed business address in Delaware. However, we also further found out that there’s no such company at that address.

Instead, Harvard Business Services occupies the building at that address. And we sort of doubt that the world's pre-eminent blueblood institution of higher learning has taken to selling supplements on the QT.

So what is the history of Nutra4Health LLC? Good question. It seems that their professional looking website is actually little more than a mask they show the consumer and they’re actually just more supplement sellers who don’t want to be identified.

How to Use Naturnica Keto?

We'll put aside, for now, the fact that the company suffers from something of an identity crisis (or maybe they're just really, really shy) and take a closer look at some other aspects of their flagship supplement. 

Instructions provided on the bottle state that you should take 2 capsules once a day about 20 to 30 minutes before eating if you want to take advantage of all the magic this product has to offer. 

But there’s a couple of things wrong with that as well. 

●        First off, they don’t make it clear that the meal you eat after taking this supplement should be keto-friendly. That is, it should contain virtually no carbs. Maybe 10 or 20 grams max.

●        Second, they don’t warn you that if you take this before eating one of your normal carb-heavy meals that it won’t do anything, except make your pee ketone-rich. That’s nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. 

That’s because if your body has a choice between using carbohydrates and fat for fuel, it's going to choose carbs each and every time. And no supplement is going to change that. So if you don’t take a supplement like this as part of a low-carb diet, it won't work. Period.

Naturnica Keto Ingredients

You can tell a lot from an ingredient list. And what the Naturnica Keto ingredient list tells us is that this is a supplement with something to hide. And we’ll tell you why we say that as we look at what’s in it now. 

BHB Ketones 

The ingredient list of these keto diet pills is simple and proudly crows about including 3 different types of BHB ketones: magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Now, normally that would be music to the ears of a keto dieter trying to ramp up their fat burning and weight loss efforts by jacking up the ketone levels in their blood. 

But if you look a little closer, you'll see there are no specific quantities of the various BHBs. In fact, those quantities are hidden behind the dreaded "proprietary blend" label. Also listed as part of the proprietary blend is caffeine anhydrous. Which is a fancy way of saying "caffeine powder." 

And we'll come back to this in a minute. But first a word about the proprietary blend label. 

The proprietary blend label was created by the FDA as a way to allow companies to comply with requirements that they list what’s in their products without giving away the exact formulation and amounts. This was supposed to protect trade secrets. 

However, it wasn’t long before supplement makers realized they could hide their product’s shortcomings behind this same label. 

And that's what's been done here. Sure there are sodium, calcium, and magnesium BHB salts in Naturnica Keto. But so little it doesn't matter. What does matter is the caffeine snd to verify this, you only have to take the supplement on an empty stomach and feel the caffeine rush wash over you.

Benefits and Possible Side Effects of Naturnica Keto

We didn’t set out on this review to take Naturnica Keto apart. But this is one of the more blatant examples of a company simply relabeling a product and ascribing new benefits to it. But the truth be told this is little more than a caffeine supplement with some keto window dressing. 

But like most caffeine supplements, we can see this one having a few benefits with regards to your energy levels: 

●        It could provide you a boost before you hit the weight room

●        It could keep you alert during that big exam

●        It could help you stay awake if you’ve been driving for a long time

What it won’t do is benefit your keto diet efforts. As far as side effects go you may: 

●        Suffer from insomnia if you take these too late in the day

●        Experience the jitters if you take too many of them

●        Get an upset stomach from the intense caffeine load 

But you won’t have to worry about it producing keto flu or any of the other issues you might normally associate with ketosis. Because it won’t put you in ketosis or enhance ketosis if you’re on the keto diet.

Does Naturnica Keto Work?

To answer that question we don't really have to look much further than the bottle itself. If you take a look at that bottle, you'll notice that all the virtues of the supplement listed so prominently on the front all carry and asterisk (*) next to them. Every one. 

So that means that somewhere there’s a qualifier related to those asterisks to provide the company protection. And sure enough, if you spin the bottle and look toward the bottom of the back, you'll find that qualifier. Next to the asterisk is the following statement, "Any claims on this product are associated with the effects of caffeine.” 

And there you have it. The energy boost? Caffeine. Weight loss? Caffeine. Boosted metabolism and curbed appetite? Caffeine. 

And that’s pretty strange for a supplement that markets itself as a beta-hydroxybutyrate adipose burning ketogenic supplement. In fact, this is just a diet pill repackaged as a keto supplement. 

So, does it work? Well, it works as a caffeine pill, maybe. But it has no ketogenic boosting properties whatsoever. And that's not our assessment. That's what it says right on the label. Compare that to a genuine keto diet supplement like Keto Body Tone and the difference is easy to see.

Are Naturnica Keto Reviews Good?

Naturnica Keto reviews you’ll find online are surprisingly good which makes us wonder about them. These reviews extol the many supposed virtues of Naturnica Keto and are peppered with words like "amazing" and "incredible." Words you won't find in this review.

​Where can I buy Naturnica Keto?

If you’ve got money to burn and nothing better to do, you can pick up some Naturnica Keto diet pills over at Amazon.

It’s also available through a bushel-full of very shady looking websites that are festooned with endless pictures of smiling, toned young ladies frolicking in the surf. Maybe they’re frolicking because they can’t sit down and relax because of all the caffeine in Naturnica Keto. 

But whatever. If you're intent on picking some up, you'll get the best price we're told by clicking here.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Naturnica Keto?

We’d like to say Naturnica Keto is a solid option for someone wanting to get more out of their keto diet efforts. Sadly, we can’t. Naturnica is a standard caffeine driven diet pill that has had a few BHB ketones sprinkled over it to give it legitimacy.

 In reality, even if you are on the keto diet and sticking to your 30 grams of carbs daily limit, our testing indicates Naturnica is still unlikely to do much of anything. 

Our advice would be to ditch the phony-baloney and pick up some Keto Body Tone instead.

It routinely finishes at the top in our periodic testing of keto supplements and will provide you the robust dose of the BHB ketones you need to metabolize fat faster and more effectively than you likely thought possible.