Orgain Protein Powder - MUST-READ Review for 2019

Orgain Protein Powder Review

There’s no real mystery regarding what protein powder is. This is protein in powdered form that’s typically mixed with other ingredients intended to boost its effectiveness.

Protein powder is primarily used by those who are engaged in resistance training or bodybuilding. Because of that, the best such powders are rich in branched chain amino acids that form the building blocks of muscles. 

Orgain Organic is a popular brand of powder that claims it’s good for those who want to lose weight like those on the low-carb high-fat keto diet. But there are a lot of protein powders out there that make similar claims and came up short.

Is Orgain Protein Powder just another keto diet wannabe? That’s what this guide is here to find out.

What is Orgain Protein Powder?

Before we get too far into dissecting what’s in Orgain Protein Powder, let's see whether or not those ingredients serve any useful purpose.

So what makes this particular powder a  different?

 Orgain Powder is vegan-friendly. 

And that is potentially important, especially to anyone living a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle looking to build lean, muscular physiques.  

Those folks tend to have a hard time muscling up because finding effective, non-meat sources of protein can be challenging, to say the least.

Orgain markets itself to this often overlooked segment of the population, while at the same time marketing itself to those on the low carb keto diet.

It’s not as tricky as it seems because the needs of vegans, bodybuilders, and those on a keto low-carb diet often overlap when it comes to things like carbohydrates.

Orgain Powder uses 4 different kinds of plant based protein that have been enriched with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to power muscle growth.

They also toss in quite a number of secondary ingredients intended to bolster the flavor and effectiveness of their protein powder. And we’ll get to those in a minute.

Suffice it to say that while this is certainly one of the more impressive vegan powders on the market, there are 2 questions that need to be asked before you start using it: 

  1. Are you committed to strength training and a modified meal plan?

  2. Or is your goal simply to lose weight?

If you’re engaged in a vigorous program of exercise, it may be able to help you build larger, stronger muscles. But even so, it’s not the best choice for that. A better one would be Perfect Keto Protein Powder.

If your primary goal is to lose weight or you’re on the ketogenic diet and want to burn fat, lose weight, and stabilize your blood sugar then OrgainProtein Powder doesn’t offer much.

Although again, there is a keto product that does.

That would be Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones. But we’ll stay on point for now and take a look at the ingredients in Orgain Protein Powder.

What are the ingredients in Orgain Protein Powder?

Orgain stands out from other powders out there because it’s sourced from all-natural, vegan-friendly, plant-based protein.

 The following are the 4 types of organic plant protein used in Orgain Protein Powder as well as the other ingredients used:

●        Pea Protein - Pea protein has come into its own as a supplement in recent years as people have discovered its ability to help build strong, lean muscle.

It does such a good job of that because it’s rich in amino acids, which form the foundation of muscle tissue. However, by itself, it doesn’t fulfill all the needs of the typical bodybuilder.

●        Brown Rice Protein - This form of protein is very easy to digest because it breaks down slowly. Because of that, it also feeds your aching muscles for a longer period of time than many other proteins. 

In addition, it fills in some of the amino acid gaps left by pea protein and so you’ll often find the 2 combined in vegan-friendly products. Unfortunately, it’s also been known to cause diarrhea, bloating, stomach upset, and more.

●        Hemp Protein - While hemp occupies the same family tree as marijuana, there is virtually no THC in hemp.

So you can consume vast quantities of it without ever having to worry about copping a buzz. (But for your sake, don’t consume vast quantities of it.) Hemp is rich in lysine and leucine which are two amino acids that are crucial to muscle recovery.

●        Chia Seed - Chia seeds are a well-known source of protein and fiber. But the proteins they produce aren’t easily absorbed nor do they have many essential fatty or amino acids. Which makes their inclusion here something of a head scratcher.

●        Acacia Gum - Not a protein but a thickener derived from the acacia tree. It’s included here presumably to provide a more pleasant texture to this powder.

Since by itself, protein powder can be aggressively unpleasant. It’s also a good source of fiber, which some supplements use as a way to suppress appetite.

●       Guar Gum - This is another thickener used to provide texture. Guar gum is known to have some unpleasant side effects we’ll get into below.

●        Inulin - Inulin is another form of fiber often derived from chicory root, bananas, asparagus, and wheat. It also has prebiotic qualities that help it balance digestive bacteria.

●        Stevia Leaf - Raw stevia is 400 times sweeter than sugar. But the raw form has been banned by the FDA. What you get here is a highly processed form of stevia, used to make the taste more appealing.

●        Organic Flavor Additives - Orgain Powder also tosses in some organic flavorings such as alkalized cocoa and 200 mg of sea salt in each serving which is more salt than we want to see.

How to Use Orgain Protein Powder?

As is the case with most every protein powder, OrgainProtein Powder is primarily meant to be mixed with water to make a protein shake.

As far as mixability goes, it’s neither the best nor the worst.

And with a little practice it’s possible you may actually come up with something agreeable.

It can also be mixed into yogurt and soup, sprinkled onto cereal, pudding or fruit, and even mixed into your morning coffee.

What are the Health Benefits of Protein Drinks?

The most obvious health benefit and the reason most people drink them is to build bigger, stronger, and leaner muscles—not to stabilize blood sugar or prevent type 2 diabetes.

If you’re intent on sculpting a more muscular physique, having this kind of shake either before or after a workout can help.

Some people do both. But that’s not really advisable unless you are into some serious Olympic grade weight lifting.

These kind of shakes are rich in BCAAs that move in and help repair damaged muscle tissue and create new muscle to handle what your body perceives as an increased workload.

Like most protein powder, Orgain can be used as a meal replacement.

Let’s face it, people are working longer hours than ever before and many folks simply don’t have enough time for a proper breakfast or lunch. 

Adding this powder to your food list can help provide necessary energy to get through the day. But using these drinks as meal replacements too often won’t produce ketosis and is likely to result in larger love handles.

Some people use these drinks as a way to help lose weight. But, as we said earlier, unless you’re also engaged in a program of vigorous exercise, this is just folly. 

While protein can increase thermogenesis a bit, it often only happens if it has been put to work building new muscle. Simply dumping large amounts of protein into your system and expecting it to burn fat is unrealistic.

That’s like just changing palm oil for olive oil and expecting to lose weight.

If you want a powder to burn fat like you’re on the ketogenic diet, you’ll need Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones instead.

A controlled carb lifestyle prevents risk factors for heart disease

Dr Robert Atkins

How does Orgain Protein Powder Taste?

If these powders have one significant drawback, it’s that they often taste like ground up chalk mixed with a glass of water. In other words, they usually taste awful.

But you don’t drink these shakes for the taste. You drink them because they’ll help you build bigger muscles and you put up with the taste.

That said, Orgain does a noble job trying to turn the essentially unpleasant taste of protein powder into something that’s not terrible. And surprisingly, they do a pretty decent job of it.

Orgain is actually one of the least offensive powders we’ve tested and we’ve tested lots. 

We found the Creamy Chocolate Fudge Powder (Rights Reserved) to be the best. Though you may disagree since tastes are completely subjective, the taste and the texture actually seemed to complement each other.

This isn’t something we remember writing before about any other protein powder shake. The other flavors they offer need some more work in our humble opinion.

Keep in mind, however, that a great deal of that not-so-bad taste is achieved by means of loading you up with sodium. They’ll say they use sea salt so it’s okay—it’s not. 

One of the great and disturbing myths related to foods that has circulated in recent years is that sea salt is somehow harmless.

When in fact, from a health perspective, there is virtually no difference between sea salt and table salt. Both have equally corrosive effects on your circulatory system and blood pressure. And sound medical advice is to avoid them both.

What do I Mix Orgain Protein Powder With?

You mix Orgain Organic Protein Powder with water most of the time. Some people will mix it with milk.

Although we have to say it doesn’t really mix as well with milk as it does with water. And as we mentioned above, it can also be sprinkled on various foods you eat or stirred into your coffee.

Does Orgain Protein Powder Actually Work?

The answer to this question depends entirely on how you define “work.” For instance, it should work if your goal is to build bigger muscles and you’re committed to a program of resistance training. 

If you want to become more muscular and are hoping the powder by itself will do the trick you will find it does not work in that way. Nor does it produce ketosis.

In addition, if you want to lose weight like you’re on a ketogenic diet and you’re modifying your meal plan to replace your typical calorie-heavy fast food lunch with a fairly small shake, you may find it helps a bit.

Though the results are bound to be modest. But if you’re just eating a ton of shakes because you heard that they burn fat you’ll soon discover they also create fat.

Orgain Protein Powder works depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and whether you’re doing the other things necessary to reach that goal.

If you really want a product for burning fat while sitting at your desk (like MCT oil or coconut oil), you need to shift your attention to Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones.

Keto recipes include things like vegetables, sweet potatoes, healthy fats as well as nuts and seeds.

If your diet doesn't have those, your weight loss efforts will be in vain. Likewise, if you want a powder that won’t burden you with a ton of salt and depends on fewer “ifs” than a website privacy policy, Perfect Keto is your best bet.

If I exercise each day and eat the right things my diabetes just stays in check

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Is Orgain Good for Weight Loss?

Orgain Protein Powder can be good for weight loss. But only if you use it as part of a vigorous program of weight lifting and exercise.

If you don’t and you just drink shakes using Protein Powder by Orgain, your body is going to convert most of the unused protein into fat.

And when it does the only thing you’re going to succeed in doing is making your belly nice and big and round.

Seriously, these shakes don’t put you into ketosis. So if you’re not committed to a program of vigorous exercise, there’s little point in drinking them. 

Are There Side Effects to Using Orgain Protein Powder?

Protein powder, in general, isn’t one of those products that are known to produce a lot of negative side effects like keto flu.

In fact, if you use them properly (in conjunction with a vigorous workout program), the most noticeable side effect should be bigger muscles.

However, if overused, or used solely in an attempt to generate workout-free weight loss, excessive intake may cause:

●        Nausea

●        Diarrhea

●        Headache

●        Gas

●        Abdominal cramps

●        Bloating

●        Weight gain

●        Elevated blood sugar

In addition, certain ingredients in Orgain Protein Powder may generate their own side effects in some people. The potentially problematic ingredients for your health are:

●        Acacia gum - Added to provide fiber, this extract may produce flatulence, diarrhea and indigestion.

●        Guar gum - A thickening agent, eating too much of this may cause intestinal blockages and stomach cramps.

Where can I Buy Orgain Protein Powder?

If you’re not committed to a program of weight lifting and have a well-thought out diet food list, there’s very little justification for eating endless numbers of shakes.

Any protein you don’t put to work building new muscle mass is going to wind up being converted to fat as we mentioned above. This means your weight loss plan will turn into a weight gain plan. 

In addition, large doses can cause a rash of potential side effects including gas, bloating diarrhea, thirst, fatigue, and more. 

Still, if you have an unquenchable need for this type of shakes, you can purchase Orgain Protein Powder through Amazon or a slew of less reputable websites. For the best current price, we’d advise clicking here.

Bottomline: Should you buy Orgain Protein Powder?

The fact that Orgain provides a powder that’s safe for vegans is commendable. However, vegans need to be aware that just because a powder is made using plant-based material doesn’t mean it’s going to generate weight loss all by itself. 

You’ll still need to make sure you exercise and limit caloric intake. If you don’t, you’ll actually wind up packing on some very unwanted vegan-friendly belly fat.

And just to exacerbate things a bit, Orgain Powder also contains too many net carbs for the keto diet and a lot of sodium that’s added to make it taste better. It does improve the taste but it’s going to increase your risk of heart disease.

A better choice would be Perfect Keto Protein Powder or Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones. 

They have earned higher marks in our testing than Protein Powder by Orgain because Perfect Keto Powder is much lower in carbs. This makes it ketogenic diet-friendly and reduces the likelihood of adding unwanted weight, even on a high-fat diet. 

Another reason is because their Exogenous Ketones will actually help burn fat during non-exercise periods. Unlike Orgain Protein Powder, which will likely cause you to pack on weight unless you diet and exercise a lot.