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​Keyto Review
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Ketosis is a natural process that involves burning fats to generate energy rather than carbohydrates, (which is the default fuel the body uses for energy). The "keto diet" as it's known was devised a century ago as a way to help adolescents suffering from seizures bring their situation under control. And it worked to a large degree. It is also recommended for some people with Type II diabetes as a way to stabilize their blood glucose levels. And again, it is pretty effective at doing just that. Which brings us to the topic of using exogenous ketones to boost up ​the long process that is ketosis.

In this Preferred Elements Keyto Review, we're going to see how ​the brand performs in regards to these criteria that we have below. Let's get started!

How Does Keyto Work?

Our bodies generate energy by burning carbohydrates (this is why you see marathoners "carb loading" the day before a big race). However, if carbs are not available, our bodies have a built-in fallback position: they burn fats instead. The state of burning fats instead of carbs is known as "ketosis."

The natural way to achieve ketosis is to adopt a strict carb-free diet. Over a period of days, your body will realize there are no carbs to burn and begin producing ketone bodies. These compounds allow the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbs ​thus significant weight loss is possible using this method. However, adhering to the carb-free diet is not easy, and even little slip-ups can kick you out of ketosis and force you to start over.

Exogenous ketones - like those in Preferred Elements Keyto - are used to both enhance the effectiveness of a keto diet and to mimic the effects of true ketosis for short periods of time. Preferred Elements Keyto are derived from Beta-hydroxybutyrate - or BHB - salts and take effect quite rapidly after being ingested.

Does Supplementing with Keyto Make My ​Diet More Effective?

Most Preferred Elements Keyto reviews mention that you’re likely to experience a sudden and noticeable boost in energy and that was our experience as well. If you are taking this product to enhance your workout routine, the time to get to the gym is right after you’ve taken this supplement.

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Our testers reported a noticeably elevated level of physical performance in the gym immediately after taking Preferred Elements Keyto. And we would like to note that it was as good as most of the keto products that we have tried.

The energy boost was real and most reported feeling mentally sharper as well for some time afterward.

​Are There Any Side-Effects?

The transition from burning carbs to burning fats is a fundamental transition that affects the entire body, and one can't expect to undergo such a transformation without experiencing side effects.

And, we would like to point out that the product is actually engineered to fight the effects that might be caused by the transition. Although you might experience an upset stomach while taking the product which is the only drawback.

If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend you take take only 1/2 a serving on the first day and increase it gradually over the next few days to avoid getting an upset stomach.

How ​to Take Preferred Elements BHB?

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This is a question every Preferred Elements Keyto BHB review needs to address, but it's not the kind of question that has a black and white, absolute answer. It depends in large part on your current diet and what your goals are. If you are currently eating a high carb diet and want to try and offset that by taking exogenous ketones several times a day, the results are likely to be a mixed bag. 

On the one hand, your body will recognize the presence of its preferred fuel source (carbs), and yet at the same time, the exogenous ketones will be prodding it to burn fat. Not a lot of good is likely to come from sending your body such contradictory messages.

On the other hand, if you are adhering closing (or even relatively closely) to a low carb diet, you can take Preferred Element Keyto between meals pretty much every day. If this is the course you decide to take. The most important thing will be to listen to your body and perhaps ease back if you begin to experience more than one of the above-listed side effects.

Is it Safe to Take It Consistently?

When taken as directed by a normal, healthy individual ​then most weight loss product is considered perfectly safe.

Regardless, however, of what you’ve read in any Preferred Elements Keyto supplement review, you should make sure to consult your doctor before undertaking a change as fundamental as shifting your body into a state of ketosis. He or she will be able to better advise you on whether or not such a change is wise in your case.

doctor's advice i it is safe

Keep in mind that ketosis is a natural condition experienced by anyone who undertakes prolonged fasts or has, for whatever reason, been consuming a low or no-carb diet. You’re not asking your body to do anything it isn’t designed to do. You’re just asking it to do so on purpose rather than as a by-product of something else.

Preferred Elements Keyto: Our Final Conclusion...

So, after our countless testings of this product, we have found that Preferred Elements Keyto does perform as advertised. If you're looking for a safe and clean way to get into ketosis then this is your way in.

You can easily find the product on Amazon which is where we recommend buying it anyway. Also, the company has such great customer service that it doesn't make sense to get it from anywhere else.

We hope you found this Preferred Elements Keyto review helpful and good luck with your efforts to harness the power of exogenous ketones.