Rapid Slim Review (2019) Is This Product Good For Keto?

Rapid Slim Review
Are These Pills The Way To Go?

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With obesity reaching epidemic proportions more people are becoming concerned about the quality and quantity of the food they eat. An increasing number are taking a long look in the mirror and deciding to do something about their weight before it becomes a health risk. Many are adopting the low carb diet and to aid in their weight loss efforts they’re augmenting that lifestyle with fat burning supplements like Rapid Slim Diet Pills. Rapid Slim claims to help you enhance your keto weight loss efforts or, if you are not on the low-carb diet per se, to provide keto-like effects for short periods of time in order to help you achieve the results you’re after. But does it work? That’s what we’re going to find out.

What Are Rapid Slim Diet Pills?

Ketosis is the body’s fall back method of fueling itself should carbohydrates - its default fuel - be unavailable. The makers of Rapid Slim claim their product can enhance the effects of the low-carb lifestyle or produce the same type of fat burning without ketosis.

The ingredient list is long complex and includes a number of items that will be foreign to most people but which have been shown to provide various degrees of weight loss assistance. We’ll get into those ingredients below.

How These Supplements Work?

As we mentioned, Rapid Slim contains a number of weight loss agents that will be unfamiliar to most, but which have long been known to scientists and nutritionists. While we're not thrilled by the fact that they hide the exact dosages of each behind the "proprietary" label, we can nonetheless attest what these ingredients do and how:

  • ​Cissus quadrangularis extract - Cissus quadrangularis is commonly used to treat obesity and a range of other factors related to metabolic syndrome. Bodybuilders often use it as an alternative to anabolic steroids as it helps them reduce body fat and build strong lean muscles.
  • ​Soy albumin extract - Soy albumin extract has been used for years to help treat blood sugar disorders and has been shown to have a stabilizing effect on the metabolism. Stabilizing blood glucose levels is important for those seeking to lose weight and achieve better overall health.
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  • Hoodia gordonii - Hoodia gordonii has been known as an effective appetite suppressant for more than 90 years. Its origins lie in Africa where it was used by the Bushmen of the Kalahari to control their appetite during periods when food was sparse.
  • ​Quercetin dihydrate - Quercetin dihydrate is known to reduce inflammation, mitigate the effects of allergies and burn body fat.
  • ​White willow extract - White willow is another natural ingredient that has demonstrated an ability to help obese individuals control food cravings and burn fat.

Taken together these ingredients mimic the effects of the lifestyle. If taken in conjunction with the keto diet they’ll help you ramp up your fat burning efforts and build lean muscle faster.

5 Benefits of Rapid Slim:

The potential benefits Rapid Slim are many and include:

  • ​Appetite suppression - Truly successful weight loss depends in large part on your ability to control hunger cravings. Many of the ingredients in Rapid Slim are designed to do just that.
  • Accelerated weight loss - This is especially true if you use Rapid Slim in conjunction with the low-carb diet. But even if you use it as a stand-alone supplement it will help you achieve faster weight loss then you’d be able to by dieting alone.
  • ​Helps balance blood glucose levels - Whether during periods of overeating or periods of dieting any time your body is getting more or less food than it’s accustomed to, you’re inviting fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Rapid Slim helps you achieve blood sugar stability.
  • ​Detoxifies - Rapid Slim will help flush toxins from your system that can affect everything from your mood to your stamina and your mental acuity.
  • Promotes lean muscles - By helping you burn off excess fat, Rapid Slim reveals your actual musculature. It also helps you recover faster and more completely from strenuous workouts and to build new, lean muscle going forward.

​​​​​Is it Safe?

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None of the ingredients in Rapid Slim has been shown to produce any serious side effects when used as directed. Nor are they known to interact poorly with each other when combined. If, however, you have been prescribed medications for a particular condition or conditions you should be sure to talk things over with your doctor before committing to a course of exercise and diet supplementation.

That said, there are some common sense precautions you’ll want to employ when taking Rapid Slim:

  • ​If you want to speed up weight loss, don't drink alcohol when taking this supplement. Alcohol will act to slow down your metabolism which will slow fat burning. Alcoholic beverages are also typically loaded with carbs.
  • ​Always drink plenty of water when taking this type of supplement. Our bodies are 70% water, and no good can come of being dehydrated. The fact that this supplement may help speed up the metabolism only highlights the need to stay properly hydrated.
  • Don't expect either the low-carb diet or this supplement to be a cure for diabetes. You'll still need to monitor blood sugar levels, but this supplement may help your blood sugar stabilization efforts.
  • Remember if you use this in conjunction with the keto lifestyle you’ll get better results.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy It?

All indications are that Rapid Slim should help you lose weight and keep it off. If we have any reservations about the product, it lies in the fact that they do not fully disclose their ingredient mix but instead hide behind the "proprietary mix" label. If you're like us, that isn't going to float your boat and you may want to go with a proven, fully transparent keto friendly weight loss supplement like Perfect Keto instead.

Perfect Keto provides BHB salts which have been shown to generate actual ketone bodies that won't waste any time turning fat stores into usable energy just as would happen were you on the keto diet.