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aSquared Nutrition Raspberry Ketone Review: Is it Really Natures Secret to Weight Loss?

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for quite some time, you’re not alone. In 2018, more than a third of Americans are overweight, while others are obese. Losing weight can be extremely difficult and takes a lot of determination and commitment, which is why so many people in life fail in the long run.

For years, fad diets of crazy foods, “magic weight loss pills” by “influential” medical doctors, and medicine that seem too good to be true have drifted in and out of fashion. The ketogenic diet, however, has been around for decades and its ability to promote weight loss has been known for just as long. In addition, raspberry ketones have also been a staple of the weight loss landscape for some time, although not as well-known as the ketogenic diet itself.

Raspberry Ketone

If you have already read our other articles on this website you will see, we have done some serious research on ketogenesis, but today I’m purely focusing on raspberry ketones and one brand in particular, that came highly recommended to me and that is aSquared Raspberry Ketones. Though I​ hear of raspberry ketone brands all the time, the name aSquared Nutrition has been buzzing around for some time. ​When my trainer mentioned they had released an edition of Raspberry Ketones, it couldn’t have come at a better time, because I was just in the middle of my study on that topic, so it was a clear no brainer I was testing aSquared Nutrition to review.

What is aSquared Raspberry Ketones?

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aSquared Raspberry Ketone is a pure grade raspberry ketone extract that is made from 100% natural and concentrated ingredients and is made with no fillers, binders or potentially harmful preservatives to your immune system. 

This supplement is one of the few that only contains raspberry ketones and is not mixed with other compounds. Its purpose is to help with weight loss by helping your body to burn fat more effectively. They also claim to increase levels of Adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism.

aSquared Nutrition is a company developed by a team of researchers and formulators based in the USA that conducts rigorous testing to ensure quality and reliability. All their products are manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility. This company had a good record for their customer service and shipping is free. On top of that, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase and if you experience any problems with your order, you can contact or email their customer support line and they have certified professionals on hand to guide you through any questions or concerns that you may have with their product. Check their contact and privacy policy page on their site for more details.

What Are The Benefits?

​As with every single health related supplement out there, aSquared Raspberry Ketones has some benefits as well. I could make a super long list, but the main benefits you should see from taking aSquared Raspberry Ketone Supplements include:

Maximum Strength: Their supplements contain 1000mg of pure raspberry ketones per daily intake (2 capsules), which is highly potent and concentrated.

Effective and Safe Loss: Raspberry ketones is an all-natural chemical from red raspberries, which helps speed up your metabolism as well as suppress your appetite naturally. ​​Meaning you don’t just drop weight dramatically and you won't cause any complications to your body. It’s a gradual, healthy, and safe process.

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​If you’re looking for a way to boost your energy while looking to prevent the jitteriness that often comes with a cup of coffee, we’ll save you the trouble of trying to search for this mythical product as pure raspberry ketone supplements may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Naturally Formulated: ​ aSquared Raspberry Ketones are naturally formulated, which means they use no unnecessary fillers, binders, harmful preservatives, or GMOs, which may reduce the odds of you suffering from ‘keto flu’ symptoms - don’t worry, it’s not a real disease.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian Product: ​This formula is also gluten free and vegetarian protected, which is made in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility in the USA.

How Do I Take aSquared Raspberry Ketones?

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As I mentioned before, aSquared Raspberry Ketones are made from pure raspberry ketone extract. It is recommended to take a dosage of 2 capsules per day - I prefer to take them in the mornings after having something to eat, but it’s up to you and your terms on when to take them really, as this supplement doesn't require ​the ingestion of food, so you won't feel funny taking them on an empty stomach. However, take a lower dosage of 1 capsule when starting out to see any side effects.

Unlike many other supplements they aren’t big like the size of horse tablets, so it’s fairly easy to swallow. However, I recommend you drinking water to wash it down. The best part about raspberry ketones is that they don’t taste bad and aSquared in particular taste really nice, like eating raspberry candy (no acid or acidic taste), so it's actually a pleasant experience which is a nice change. Because it's so tasty, try not to consume over the recommended limit.

Our Summary:

Raspberry Ketones work and I saw results quickly with aSquared Nutrition in particular. In about 48 hours of taking this supplement, I saw my appetite decrease significantly, and I'm telling you that’s a huge statement coming from me. I think the benefit I saw the most beneficial was the high energy increase I started feeling each day. I no longer woke up feeling tired and sleepy and, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.

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To be honest, I felt really amazing, just weeks after taking this supplement and just as they promised, I didn’t see any negative side effects from taking aSquared Raspberry Ketone... except for a case of the jitters.

This supplement gives you an energy boost, but it's a bit too much. I had moments where I couldn't hold my pen steady. However, if you like the jitters, then go ahead and buy it from the trusted Amazon store.

Other products don't go with 100% raspberry ketone extract content in their ingredient list, and it’s probably for this reason - it’s too powerful!

Which is why I switched to Raspberry Ketones Plus which is both cheaper and more effective of a weight loss pill.

During this trial, we tested almost every raspberry ketone supplement on the market and certainly ran into a fair number of questionable products, which is why we wanted to inform our community by writing these reviews.​ We hope that everyone who has access to this information will find it valuable in helping them make intelligent decisions regarding this type of product.

​aSquared does indeed ​provide a great product. It's just a bit too much jitters for me.

If you want to find more Raspberry Ketone products ​(or even buy it), then visit this link to see more product reviews:

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The Good

  • 180 Capsule supply - Will last you 90 days
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Effective & safe weight loss
  • All natural formulation
  • Great price

The Bad

  • Label on the bottle was slightly different from what is posted on their website
  • Taste can be improved
  • Price can be improved
  • Can get jitters
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