Safe Meds Keto Review (THE ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Safe Meds Keto Review 

It’s easy to understand why the ketogenic diet has become so popular. It’s sound science and it works. Every time. As long as you do it the way it's laid out. How can something work every time?

Simple: it leverages ketosis, your body’s natural response to carbohydrate deficiency. 

All you have to do is create that deficiency by not eating more than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day. So why is it that everyone with a weight problem isn't thin and fit? 

First, because not everyone wants to give up their carb-heavy favorite food. And second, because it takes time and effort to find new food that’s keto diet safe but still provides adequate nutrition. And not everyone has the time to dedicate to that.

Safe Meds Keto says they can recreate keto diet weight loss results without the keto diet. Can this be true? Let’s find out.

What is ​Safe Meds Keto?

Safe Meds Keto is a keto weight loss supplement whose stated purpose is to burn fat faster than ever. The name Safe Meds implies that the supplement has received some type of backing from respected medical organizations or boards. But that's not the case. 

The name needs to be taken with a grain of salt then and attention needs to be paid to the claims the makers are putting out there about their capsules. 

They state that their supplement is the “easiest way to burn fat." But actually, starvation is the easiest way to burn fat. Other aspects of their marketing campaign claim this supplement will lower the risk of diabetes and fool your body into thinking it’s in ketosis, even if low-carb healthy eating isn’t on the menu. 

"Diabetes is a personal time bomb that can go off today, tomorrow or next year."  

Mary Tyler Moore

You don’t have to have attended medical school to know there are problems with those statements. Starting with the fact that ketosis only occurs if you deny yourself carbohydrates for several days in a row. So right off the bat, the red flags are going up on the good ship Safe Meds. The fact is there’s no medical body behind this supplement and no medical basis to back up its claims of ketosis without carb deprivation.

How is Safe Meds Keto Used?

As is the case with most ketogenic weight loss supplements, the makers of Safe Meds suggest you take 1 capsule two times per day. They recommend you take it before you eat and our research indicates that’s good advice. 

Because the caffeine load here is pretty substantial. So you don’t want to take it on an empty stomach unless the possibility of an upset stomach excites you. 

Examining the various aspects of the company's marketing, we discovered that they claim that if you continue to take this product every day, your body will begin to burn fat just like it would on the keto diet. Again, this simply isn't possible. 

But, in the spirit of objectivity, let's take a close look at exactly what's in here that's supposed to work this ketogenic diet metabolic magic. 

Ingredients of Safe Meds Keto

Our testers felt a slight loss of appetite and a short-term rise in their energy levels when taking this keto diet product. So what in the ingredient list could be causing these results? Let’s look: 

●        BHB ketones - Unfortunately, the maker chooses to hide the actual quantities of BHB behind the "proprietary blend" label.

The PB label was created by the FDA to help manufacturers protect trade secrets.

When you see it used in this type of supplement, it's almost always a case of trying to hide that there isn't nearly enough of something to make an impact.

●        BHB salts - BHB salts are not like table salt. They’re just minerals that play host to exogenous ketones. In sufficient quantities, they can help ramp up your fat-burning efforts.

If you're already on the ketogenic diet. Unfortunately, the BHB ketone levels here are very low. Certainly not enough to accelerate weight loss unless you give them lots of help. 

●        Apple cider vinegar - One small Japanese study 10 years ago suggested vinegar might help lab rats lose weight. Since then everyone has been jumping on the apple cider vinegar bandwagon, but people keep putting on weight. It’s no surprise to see apple cider vinegar in the ingredient list here. But it’s nothing to get excited about either. 

●        Forskolin - Forskolin is another natural compound that its proponents claim will do 2 things: increase metabolism and reduce your appetite. The metabolic claim is one that is on very thin scientific ice. And as far as reducing your appetite goes, we did experience some reduction in appetite taking this supplement.

But it’s impossible to know if the symptoms were because of the forskolin, or because of all the caffeine.

●        Green coffee extract - Now we get down to the heart of the matter. While Keto Flux is light on BHB ketones and includes other ingredients that aren't likely to make anything lighter except your wallet, it is heavy in caffeine.

Thanks to the generous amount of green coffee extract it contains. This caffeine dose is going to have you rocking and rolling if you're not accustomed to caffeine. And even if you are a coffee drinker, you're going to need to do something to burn off all that excess caffeine in your blood.

As we said a moment ago, we recommend you work out after taking it.

Possible Side Effects of Keto Flux

If you are already in ketosis, it's possible the small amount of BHB ketones in this product might bump up your fat-burning efforts a bit.

Although our testing indicates, the difference may not actually be noticeable.

However, there's always a chance that your system is more susceptible to exogenous ketone supplements.

And if that's the case, then any side effects you experience will be keto diet side effects and symptoms such as:

●        Apple cider vinegar - This ingredient has been showing up in just about every ketogenic diet pill under the sun in the past few years. 

It’s all due to a single tiny health study done in Japan 10 years ago that suggested lab rats fed whole grains and vinegar lost weight. There’s no other clinical research to support that notion but ACV keeps making the ingredient list.

●        Apple cider vinegar - This ingredient has been showing up in just about every ketogenic diet pill under the sun in the past few years. It’s all due to a single tiny health study done in Japan 10 years ago that suggested lab rats fed whole grains and vinegar lost weight.

There’s no other clinical research to support that notion but ACV keeps making the ingredient list.

●        Garcinia cambogia - This is a tiny pumpkin-like fruit native to South Asia. The rind of the fruit contains a compound known as HCA or hydroxycitric acid. It’s believed by some that HCA has the ability to suppress the appetite and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Our testers did feel less hungry. But it’s impossible to know if that was the result of HCA or a normal effect of all the caffeine. As for a lower risk of diabetes, there’s no way to know.

●        Green coffee extract - This is the likely cause of both the short-term energy boost our testers experienced as well as reduced appetite. You didn’t know caffeine is an appetite suppressant? Try having a couple of espressos and see how hungry you are afterward.

That aside, the makers of Safe Meds also claim that green coffee bean extract also improves mental health. Not likely. What it may do is make you feel more alert. But that’s not the same as improved mental health. 

The low-carb diet has proven health benefits. It can reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels and reduce the chance a person will develop Type 2 diabetes. 

Those benefits will also help stave off the development of heart failure and heart disease. Recent cancer studies also suggests that eliminating all but a tiny amount of carbohydrates from a diet can actually hasten the shrinking of breast cancer tumors. 

None of these benefits, however, are going to result from taking Safe Meds Keto all by itself. You’ll need to actually be on the low-carb moderate-protein keto diet for that.

Pros and Cons of Safe Meds Keto 


●        It contains enough caffeine to power your workouts and to reduce your appetite a bit

●        If you’re already in ketosis, it may help burn a bit more fat

●        It doesn’t produce any particularly odious health side effects

●        It’s not the most expensive keto diet supplement we ever tested


●        The true amount of BHB ketones is hidden behind the proprietary blend designation

●        It doesn’t induce ketosis, produce keto diet benefits, enhance nutrition, alleviate health conditions or smooth out the rough spots in low-carb diets

●        There’s quite a bit of caffeine so taking 2 pills a day could disrupt your sleep and your health

Just to be clear, there’s no medical body or medical school behind this supplement. So don't read anything into the name. It was not developed by a registered dietitian nor are the makers qualified to provide medical advice any more than they're qualified to dispense blood pressure medications.

Does Safe Meds Keto Actually Work?

Safe Meds Keto does not work to enhance keto diet fat burning. Nor is it the easiest way to lose weight.

Our research indicates that by itself, it does very little to encourage weight loss. Yes, the caffeine in it may get you up and moving so that’s better for your health than sitting around. And yes, if you are already in ketosis, it may burn a few extra calories. 

Claims that using this product will somehow enhance mental health are pretty far-fetched too. The keto diet itself sometimes makes people feel like a fog has been lifted from their brain. But a few BHB ketones in a supplement like this won't do it.

Chances are excellent that you're just going to pee those ketone bodies out. 

Of all the tips we could provide the best is this: If you want a keto diet supplement that will enhance fat burning and smooth over bad food days, try Famous Keto. It’s the keto diet industry leader for one very good reason. It works. 

“Fat is the backup fuel system.”

Dr. Robert Atkins

Are Safe Meds Keto Reviews Good? 

Most Safe Meds Keto reviews aren’t very good, unless you count the ones the company commissions itself and posts on proxy sites intended to pass as genuine reviews. They’re always great. Real 3rd party reviews though, not so much.

​Are There Side Effects to Using Safe Meds Keto?

There are and they include: 

●        Insomnia - Because of the significant caffeine dose contained in each keto diet capsule, you run the very real risk of not being able to get to sleep because your brain is racing. This is even truer if you drink coffee during the day as well.

●        Liver problems - Researchers have warned that garcinia cambogia use may lead to liver problems and may exacerbate liver disease and other health conditions. Speaking of garcinia cambogia, it has also been linked to the possibility of aggravating bipolar manic episodes. 

The ketogenic diet is not just fruits and vegetables nor is it just saturated fat. It requires a fundamental change in how and what you eat. The moderate-protein keto diet supplemented by Safe Meds may cause the following symptoms: 

●        Disruptions in a woman’s hormonal balance that interfere with birth control medications

●        Frequent urination due to the water released from fat cells being metabolized for energy

●        Short-term constipation or fatigue as your body adjusts to the new ways to eat

●      A short-term drop in blood pressure or blood sugar though this should straighten itself out in time.

Where Can I Buy Safe Meds Keto?

If you are intent on seeing for yourself whether or not it lives up to its own hype, you can pick some up over at Amazon. Although it tends to come and go from the Amazon marketplace.

It's also available through a number of very questionable looking keto diet websites. Or you can pick some up from the official website which we’re told is here

If it's our money, however, we're restraining ourselves from purchasing this supplement. There are just too many empty promises and too little potential keto diet upside. 

Instead, we’d invest in a proven product like Famous Keto. It’s become one of the most well-respected keto diet supplements for a very good reason: like the keto diet, it works.

How Much is Safe Meds Keto?

Safe Meds Keto costs $59 for a bottle of 60 capsules. That’s a lot for a supplement that’s light on performance. But your money is your money.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Safe Meds Keto?

There’s no compelling argument for anyone to spend their money on Safe Meds Keto.

It simply falls short in regard to almost every claim the company makes for it. And to us, that means we should pass. We would recommend you do too. 

We would also recommend that you pick up some Famous Keto.

It routinely scores highest in our comparative testing of keto diet supplements.

It won’t induce ketosis all by itself and it doesn't claim it will. 

What it will do, however, besides help you burn fat faster, is prevent you from bouncing out of ketosis if you have a bad carb day.

That by itself is worth the price of admission.