Sheer Ketones Review - (2019 ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Sheer Ketones

Sheer Ketones Review
Can It Really Get You To Ketosis?

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Exogenous ketones are probably the hottest topic in the ketogenic diet world right now.

Not a week goes by where there’s not a new product available that promises amazing fat loss, instant ketosis as well as mental strength and physical energy.

Unfortunately, our test results have shown that there is way too much hype and with so many of these supplements, you won’t actually get any results.

Sheer Ketones is one such product that has been following me around on social media advertising.

My skeptical nature told me to give it a try and report back to you guys.

And I did find the benefits were a bit lacking.

What Is Sheer Ketones?

The most basic description we can give is it’s a supplement containing exogenous ketones that aims to help with weight loss, mental performance, and increased muscle strength.

By taking it during the induction phase, it’s supposed to get you to a state of ketosis quicker and with less effort.

In our experience, this is where most of these products fall well short, and you’ll find out how it worked for us below.

When you look at all the marketing material, you’re led to believe that you’ll get to your weight loss goals by increasing your workout performance drastically.

Plenty of photos of ripped models to make you feel envious as well.

My experience has been that when they rely on such fancy advertising, they generally aren’t that effective.

Before we get to that, let’s look at what’s in it.

What Are The Ingredients In Sheer Ketones?

Sheer Ketones is an exogenous ketone supplement that has beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) as it’s main ingredients.

Once the beta-hydroxybutyrate are absorbed by your body and enter your bloodstream, they function very much the same as ketones that your body produces naturally.

From a general health perspective, this keto supplement looks to be no different than any other, so it all comes down to the actual balance of the BHBs.

Unfortunately, the makers hide behind proprietary blends and you won’t actually know which concentration the calcium, magnesium and sodium BHB are actually in.

This is all too common and makes it difficult to compare products and balance with other supplements you’re taking.

In addition to the BHB, it also contains:

  • Citric acid
  • Natural flavors
  • Fruit and vegetable juice extract
  • check
    Stevia leaf extract
Sheer Ketone Ingredients

These are purely there to create a powder that can be mixed into a shake with a little flavor added.

It’s not an all-out wellness shake that provides minerals and vitamins, but it does have the important ingredients.

In theory, it should help to burn fat and fuel your fitness regime.

However, we did find some limitations to it.

How To Use Sheer Ketones

Add one scoop of powder to 8 ounces of water in a shaker and shake until fully blended.

This actually doesn’t take all that long, which is a positive note.

If you’re looking for a strength booster on workout days, then take it about 20 minutes before you hit the gym.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to improve your general weight loss efforts then taking it first thing in the morning is your best bet.

How Does Sheer Ketones Taste?

Pretty much every exogenous ketone supplement that I’ve tried doesn’t taste great.

This one is available in Blackberry Lemonade which I found to be quite sweet.

It’s definitely not as nice as Purefit, and I would actually prefer an unflavored one if it was available.

Man thinking about the taste of Sheer Ketone

Does Sheer Ketones Actually Work?

This is the all-important question, and we performed a few tests to make sure you fully understand what you’re getting before you buy it.

Just looking at online reviews, there are a few people who mention that it helped with getting to ketosis and weight loss.

But a lot of them also commented that there wasn’t a huge increase in stamina and strength.

To test it out I used it for a week while getting back into the state after an off cycle.

In the past, it has taken me about 2 to 3 days to get through induction, but with this product, it took more like 4 days and maybe a bit longer.

It definitely helped with the side effects as I didn’t encounter much brain fog and fatigue.

As for performance enhancements at the gym, again I found Purefit gave a much more noticeable energy lift.

So, a mixed experience for a product priced in the mid-range.

As the body adapts to ketosis, a decrease in energy levels and weakness are often reported, which can impair physical performance. Fatigue can last anywhere from three days to weeks as the body prepares new enzymes for the diet.

Nate Martins

Keto Writer

Are There Side Effects To Using Sheer Ketones?

When it comes to these supplements people often mistake general ketogenic side effects for health issues related to the supplement.

The only thing I can say is that BHBs can cause stomach upset, especially if you take too many and double dose.

If you do get a feeling of nausea, then reduce the amount for a few days.

Doctor with tablet in hands

Where Can I Buy Sheer Ketones?

I always say that when it comes to buying something that you eat or drink, like exogenous ketones, then you have to be on the safe side.

Stick with trusted supplement stores and Amazon to make sure you don’t get something that is a health hazard or otherwise messes with your wellness.

Before you order this one, just take a quick look at our Purefit tests.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Sheer Ketones?

Of all the exogenous ketone reviews we have done, this one is neither at the low end nor at the high end.

It will help you lose weight and suppresses some of the early ketogenic flu symptoms.

But if you’re buying it to boost your strength and stamina at the gym, then it falls quite a bit short.

I’ve been using Purefit for induction, weight loss, and energy boosts for a long time now, and still have yet to find anything else that can compete with it.