Perfect Keto Bars [2019 Review] A Deep Look into the Product

Perfect Keto Bars Review

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While the keto diet has been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years, it's still considered a dietary outlier and therefore doesn't have what you'd call a lot of societal support. While you can always find a fast-food joint to satisfy your cravings, it’s nearly impossible to find a place that sells keto-friendly foods.

Enter Perfect Keto Bars. Making sure you always have a supply of keto-friendly snacks like these tasty, well-considered bars from Perfect Keto means you’ll never be at a loss for an appropriate snack should hunger pangs overwhelm you.

Let’s do a Deep Dive on the Perfect Keto Bar...

As we mentioned, sticking to the ketogenic diet can be a challenge, even for the most dedicated and strong-willed among us. Since virtually all of us were raised on carbohydrates, simply eliminating all but a tiny daily dose of them from our lives takes enormous commitment and dedication to the cause.

To make matters worse, the keto diet runs contrary to the intentions of contemporary food producers who want to get us all hooked on sugar and saturated fats. The result is that if we leave the house unprepared and get overwhelmed by hunger pangs in the middle of the day, our only choices will be foods and snacks that are hell-bent on kicking us out of ketosis. 

That is, unless we have some of these Perfect Keto Bars on hand. Perfect Keto Bars are ideal keto-friendly food for:

  • ​Weekend strolls through the park or hikes in the mountains.
  • ​Trips to the gym, where you’ll want to have one before you work out.
  • Long drives where all sorts of colorful fast food signs are beckoning to you from the roadside.
  • ​Bike rides, marathons, 5k charity runs, walkathons or any times you’re going to engage in prolonged exertion.
  • ​Days when you know your work schedule is going to be jammed with meetings, conference calls or client meet-and-greets.
  • Anytime you think your keto-friendly foods are going to be out of reach.

So what is it about Perfect Keto that make them such an ideal keto protein bar for low-carb dieters? Let’s take a closer look.

What are the Ingredients?

Any keto snack bar is only as good as what's in it, and on that point, you won't find any with a better ingredient list than what you'll see here. Perfect Keto Bars are pure keto magic with no artificial fillers, additives, flavors, colors or preservatives added to the mix to muddle things up. These are genuine keto-friendly baked goods. Not some slick agglomeration of fluff, flavor enhancers, and sugar. The company consulted professional dieticians to help with the formulation, and it shows. Every Perfect Keto Bar contains:

  • ​Organic Almond Butter
  • ​Cacao Butter
  • ​Soluble Tapioca Fiber
  • ​Organic Cocoa
  • ​Collagen Protein
  • ​Sunflower Lecithin
  • ​Almonds
  • ​Coconut Oil
  • ​Sea Salt
  • ​Natural Flavorings
  • ​All-Natural Stevia
ingredients that is in keto bar

The result is a keto-friendly snack bar with only 3 net carbs, zero trans-fat, and only 230 total calories. As such, when you take a break to indulge in one of these deliciously chewy, all-natural snack bars you're going to emerge not drowsy from a blood sugar spike, but energized by the injection of high-quality fats and so satiated that you won't find yourself wandering into the pizza parlor an hour later.

We found Perfect Keto Bars particularly helpful right before a workout. Instead of making us feel bloated and sluggish like we used to feel after eating a standard granola or power bar, it made our energy levels build up during the workout.  This allowed us to discover new reserves of power at those points where we previously encountered resistance from our overtaxed system. This alone makes these keto snack bars worth recommending.

The Scourge of Hidden Carbs

While a lot of companies are cagey about revealing what’s in their keto snack, Perfect Keto has nothing to hide. That means there are no nasty surprises waiting for you after you have one of their Keto Bars. One of the biggest positives about their commitment to transparency is that you can see for yourself that there are no hidden carbs lurking in a Perfect Keto Bar.

Hidden carbs take many forms, and some keto snack bar producers can’t resist slipping them in, primarily because they make it easier for them to produce a snack bar that has the traditional taste profile that people are hard-wired to accept.

Some of the ingredients that produce these hidden carb loads include:

  • Carb-heavy sweeteners - Some producers will slip these into the fine print with ingredients that go along the lines of "contains natural and artificial sweeteners." Sound harmless enough until you realize that it only takes a tiny amount of Equal, Splenda or Truvia to produce a potentially troublesome amount of carbs.
  • ​IMOs - IMO or isomaltooligosaccharides (say that 3 times fast) are a type of fiber that at one time was believed to pass through the system without being absorbed. We now know that’s not the case. Yet some keto bar manufacturers continue to use IMOs to add texture and bulk. Because IMOs are at least partially digested by the body, they can add a significant number of carbs to a snack bar that claims to be "keto-friendly."

​​Fortunately, Perfect Keto Bars don’t use either of these sneaky, carb-heavy ingredients.

How Does The Perfect Keto Bar Taste Like?

The Perfect Keto Bar tastes like a snack bar should: chocolatey, slightly sweet with a nice balance between crunchy and chewy. They make you feel full without necessarily filling you up, which is exactly what you want from a keto snack bar. The fact that you can eat them with confidence, knowing there are any hidden carbs lurking within, just makes it that much easier to enjoy the taste experience.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Buying?

For our money, the Perfect Keto Bar is one of the easiest recommendations we've made.

There's nothing here that's going to jeopardize your keto diet, they taste great, and they will help you maintain your keto status when the fast-food demon is whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

So, if you're ready to make the purchase, you can simply click the link on the right to get the best deals for it. And, on top of that, you can also use our coupon code for an extra 30% discount on your Perfect Keto Bars.